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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    edited November 2010
    Tomorrow I'm planning to purchase a Highlander base model AWD and I'm getting a price OTD of 32,800. I feel that I can do much better than this, hat dealer in NJ did you go to? Anyone has any thoughts about this deal.

  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    edited November 2010
    FWD = Front Wheel Drive; AWD = All Wheel Drive
  • jc22jc22 Posts: 17
    edited December 2010
    Dealer: Boch Toyota in Norwoord, MA
    Sales Person: Damond James and Chris Connolly (Internet Sales Manager)
    Date and Time of Purchase: Nov 30, 2010 at 9:00pm
    MSRP: $33.464
    Final Price: $28,118
    Tax (6.25%): $ 1,757
    Title: $ 100
    Doc Fee: $ 298
    OTD: $30,273

    The cypress pearl Highlander came with ash interior and had the Tow Prep, Cold Weather, and Tech Package as well as floor and cargo mats and cross bars for the rails.

    I contacted numerous dealers in the Boston area via email over a two week period and Boch Toyota had the lowest price that no other dealers could match. I spoke with the internet managers over the phone to confirm final price and to ensure no surprises when I arrived. I scheduled a time to meet with a sales person. I arrived at 7:30pm and left at 9:30pm with the exact quoted price to the cent. Overall the experience of getting the quote and purchase was easy but waiting in a large dealership like Boch, with dozens of sales people running around and customers waiting for help, I felt I would have been willing to pay slightly more at a smaller dealership. But I could not resist the price.

    Hope this helps someone looking for a similar Highlander.

  • clouds1clouds1 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    I'll be paying cash when I buy. Last week I got a dealer quote for a 2010 Highlander SE 4X4 w/ leather for invoice plus the $1K in add'l charges . . . my friend told me that the 2011 Highlander SE 4X4 w/ leather shouldn't be any more than that & I can use that 2010 quote to help me get a good quote for a 2011.

    The 2010 has since been sold so I'd like to do what he recommends and shop around some other dealers - but I don't want to be bamboozled. One dealer asked to see the other invoice . . . soooo -

    1) Is my friend's advice correct? Did dealers pay the same for 2011s as they did 2010s?

    2) Should I let the new dealer see it before I go in or should I wait until I go in and start my negotiations?

    3) If you were I, what would you do to ensure I don't let a dealer trip me up.

    I could care less about vechicle color. I do care for leather - that's the only request.
  • pilotman5pilotman5 Posts: 20
    edited December 2010

    Your MSRP is spot on according to Edmunds. Invoice for that vehicle, not including the $229 MSRP for the crossbars is $29,883.

    Can you tell me how you purchased for $28,118?

    That is $1,765 BELOW INVOICE. No offense, but I don't see how that is even possible. I called those guys you were dealing with because I'm out of state but if they are selling almost $2,000 BELOW INVOICE I will drive there to pick up my car since I haven't closed yet with my local dealer.

    I told them of the deal you just posted above, they said there is no way they could sell me the truck I was looking at for $1,500 below invoice...

    So what gives?

    What is your understanding of the deal you got? Do you think you paid $1765 below invoice, or are my numbers wrong?

    I think the dealer is lying to me, how can they ignore the deal you just got!!!!?
  • jc22jc22 Posts: 17

    I paid cash for my deal so the price was $28,618 -$500 rebate = $28,118. I believe the same rebate is available unitl 1/3/11. FYI: I was able to get Wellesley Toyota down to $28,300 and Framingham Bernardi Toyota to $28,318 but they did not have cross bars. I went with Boch because they were the lowest. Tell Boch your friend JC bought stock # 41705 and lets see what they say. My transaction was initially through the internet with Chris Connolly and Damond James (internet sales managers) about a week before month end. I did not talk to a floor sales person. I just emailed them and said I got a quote for $29,000 not including TTL and Doc Fee from another dealership, so what can you do. They just emailed me back and said $28,118. I did not even haggle with them. So I used this to get Wellesley and Bernardi down. I then called and spoke with both Damond and Chris to confirm the quote. I then went down and paid for the Highlander. It was a pretty straight forward deal from start to finish. I can forward you their email quote.


  • Hey all... a local dealer has an '09 Highlander Hybrid Ltd w/ navi still left on the lot. Its brand new. Sticker is ~$46,000 ...and he's offering it (without any negotiation) for $38900.

    Keeping in mind this is an '09 and '11 are already out...and end of the year... what is a good price to pay for this?!?

    Thanks so much for any advice!
  • Anyone have pricing on this? I am quoted 26200 OTD for 2010 Highlander V6 Front wheel drive dealer in Chantilly, Virginia. Any suggestion where in northern virginia good place to buy? I am interested in Highlander V6 all wheel drive, anyone bought one recently? what the OTD price?

  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31
    hey kool9999
    I am also looking for the same and living in same area as well. let me know when u make decision and tell me what price and dealership you go with.

    I have to pull the trigger in the next 2 months.
    thanks, shyboy gmail com
  • We got a fully loaded Highlander limited(nav/dvd/etc) MSRP 41,800 , sale price 35,500, 36 month lease, 15K miles, for $550 month with 1,220 down(incl all fees and 1st payment). I live in Atlanta, GA. I was told nobody would touch this deal
  • 2x4 or 4x4?
    Does the $550 monthly payment include taxes?
    Either way $6300 off list is very good.
  • Silver color
    dealer quoted me $25,500 after factory rebates. Im sure other fees or even destination are not included.
    Is this a good price? Just started researching so I have no clue. Edmunds TMV is much higher but from previous experience TMV is much higher than what I ended up paying for the car.
    This is in central texas.
  • Lorenc1,

    Your MSRP is $41,800 and your sale price was $35,000, so that is $6,300 off MSRP.....and it appears to be several thousand under invoice, correct?

    What is your understanding of how much you paid under/over invoice?
  • Just bought a highlander 2010 SE Front wheel drive for 30,500 Out the door with 1.9% financing. Is this a good price for 2010 SE? Toyothon give 500$ additional in visa card if you buy between now and jan 3rd 2011 - you have to tweet. So 30,000 OTD w/ financing.
  • I am in Seattle area and want to buy a 11' Highlander SE AWD V6. Made offer of $31888 (got the number from a previous post) to three dealers and was refused immediately. The best I got is $32500 + tax/fee/license ( MSRP $36174, after $750 Toyota rebate) = around $36000 out the door. This is way over my budget of $35000. I am willing to drive south about 100 miles for lowest tax rate which will save me close to $500, but I still need to get the dealer to lower at least another $500 to meet my budget. One of the dealer in the lower tax town has one meet my color/option preference but has higher MSRP of $36873. It's amazing how everyone here got such excellent deal, any negotiation tip care to share? Thanks in advance.
  • Lorenc,

    Could you share the dealership that you purchased (leased) from?

    Also - was this a FWD or a 4WD model?
  • Bay Area.

    MSRP 22,995


    Tech Package 1,835
    Cold Waether Package 60
    Towing Prep Package 220
    Carpet/Cargo Mat 315
    Delivery 810

    Total 33,235

    Sale price: 29,000
    (w/o tax and licence fees)

    After engaging with in and out of state dealers this is the best I could get for this configuration.

    Toyota Marin. Very nice people.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31
    edited December 2010
    Is $29159 good price for 2011 Highlander V6 base 4x4?

    It comes with TOW,Cold weather and Tech package.

    The final will be $29159 + tax + doc + registration.

    Is the price good or I should negotiate more? its in Northern VA
  • Hi all,

    I have a Costco price from a Seattle based Toyotal dealership and wanted to get some feedback/guidance

    MSRP: $38,569
    Invoice: $35,412

    Costco Pricing: $800 over invoice

    Other incentives:
    - 2 years free maintenance
    - $750 cash back or 1.9% financing.

    Based on other deals, I think I should at least be abel to get invoice...thoughts?
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