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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vjrh21vjrh21 Posts: 3
    I researched ZAG through BOA. I'm still not 100% sure how it all works though. How does it work?
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    I didn't bother with trying to get the Toyota financing as I was already had a loan approved through Navy FCU for 1.99 - 60mos. Toyota of Morrow was able to beat that rate at 1.89 for 60mos through Capital One.
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    Pick the type of car and options you want and it should give you a price. Then you get a pricing certificate. Dealers will start calling and harassing you to come into the dealer.

    I didn't use ZAG at Atlanta Toyota as they don't participate. I just showed them the deal I was able to get at Toyota Morrow and they beat it. I was also able to negotiate a little more off of the Zag price even though the dealer act like they were losing money.
  • Finally pulled the trigger on a limited 4wd w/ nav, mats, crossbars,tow and paint protectant for 37,500, with 0% financing. Used the truecar price and emailed every dealer in the sf bay area. In the end only had 2 that would match, worked with Toyota of Vacaville to bring it to $1000 below invoice with 0%. Love it so far, and feels like we got a great deal considering how popular the highlander is in the bay area.
  • I was offered $34,128+tax&doc.fee for highlander2011SE,AWD w/navigation .Is this good deal? Should I go for it or is there better price? Please let me know your thought.
  • I got in 38253 HL 2011 4wd Limited.
    However I was told that some dealers sell at lower price if the car is sitting on the lot for good long amount of time i.e. they could be mfgd in 2010. Thats why i checked the VIN series before buying and though it sound on slightly higher side than those other deals I feel its a better buy, since I was more than impatient to take it home.. :)
    Overall so far pleased with HL, its my first SUV (upgrade from CAR to SUV), the power and feel and ease of handling is awesome...
  • Just closed the deal on a 2011 Highlander SE v4 at Longo in El Monte.

    Sandy Beach exterior
    Black interior

    Cargo Net
    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set w/3rd Row Mat
    Cross Bar

    $33,548 MSRP (though TrueCar and Edmunds listed the MSRP at $34,908)

    Got it for:
    $31,500 (not including tax, lic + reg, etc)
    $34,658 (after tax, lic + reg, etc)
    1.9% APR for 60 months (so no $1000 cash back)

    According to USnews/TrueCar, I got it at a 'great price': oyota-FWD-4dr-L4-SE-%28Natl%29-327113/

    Hope this helps someone!

    BTW, my salesperson was awesome. I told him I didn't want to haggle, as I had just bought a car from Longo the year before and had a bad experience haggling. He told me he'd make it easy for me, and I thought he pretty much carried through on his promise.
  • adam27adam27 Posts: 5

    I just received a 2011 Highlander (v6 SE AWD Automatic, tow package, running boards, carpet, cargo net, wheel locks) with MSRP of $37,424 for $32,424 before taxes and doc fees. What do you all think of this price? What should be a reasonable doc fee? I'd like to make a decision by tomorrow. Please give me your comments. Thanks.
  • ds_nyds_ny Posts: 8
    is this with the 1000$ cash back or with the apr offer?
  • I was offered a Deal at a Toyota dealership in phoenix. It is a base model crimson in color with carpet/cargo mat and cold weather package for $25,998 this includes the rebate(doc,title,reg not included). Is this a good deal?
  • thats a vgood price i think
  • Just bought a 2012 Highlander limited AWD, white with black interior- NAV-floor mats- crossbars- tow-VIP glass break sensor and a IOU to install remote start when the kit becomes available-39,045 (no taxes, doc fee etc) that is invoice------i looked on Edmunds & got phone numbers of dealers, I find that the quotes you get when you send request on the internet are higher than when you actually speak to someone--I spoke to a dealer in INDY who offered at $100.00 over invoice------the dealer in Memphis said $300.00 over, I left----they called me and sold it to me at invoice---and yes it is a 2012 with a full tank of gas----------that is a sweet deal- so far it's great, love the stereo, getting used to the NAV as I don't read manuals unless I'm in a real bind---
  • how many months?
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 66
    I live in Nassau / LI

    i am also lookiing for same car limited with no navigation.
    I do want leather, full power options and AWD.
    I drive a lot, currently have a honda CRV that I am trading.
    any ideas on how to approach this purchase.
  • Purchased at team toyota in west atlanta, msrp was 31100, paid 27300 for a silver 4cyl with tech and tow package. Got a quote via email and negotiated my trade over the phone, was quite easy to work with and got a better price than i could get in alabama. Purchased a 5 year 125000 zero deductible warranty from jerry johnson at midwest car superstore, if you want a warranty call him the dealer will not be able to match. Also when it comes to financing make sure you have a low quote from a credit union and use that to get a lower rate from the dealer. They are worth checking out if you are in georgia, talk to stinson smith.
  • How much did you pay for the extra 5 year warranty?
  • I got the following price quotes for 2012 Highlander SE (AWD ,V6) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Quote 1 : $34,513 (Options - Color upgrade , Towpackage & cargo mat)
    Quote 2 : $35,000 (Options - Color upgrade , Towpackage, cargo mat & Tow hitch)

    I feel these are well above invoice and can someone suggest a best offer for these? When I looked at NADAGuides, it is showing the base invoice as $30,905 (Without destination fee), but in, it is showing $32,229. Which one is correct?

    I gave an offer of $33,500 for the second one and they rejected and didn't give any counter offer.

    Any suggestion or comment is appreciated. What is best offer for these?
  • Just bought today... here are my numbers- thanks to all prior posts that helped with the deal

    2011 Limited/Nav with tow prep, wheel locks, mud flaps
    Zero percent financing-- $37200-- then got $500 military rebate so final price- $36700

    Live in Northern VA-- so probably the best deal. Document fees are high at $500-- in MD- could get the same car for $37450 with crosshairs ($200 doc fee)- wasn't worth the hassle for me.
  • I know the answer is probably know, but I figure I would ask the questions anyways. Just bought Highlander two weeks ago and took advantage of the 0% financing for 3 years. Just recently saw that this month's incentives include the 0% for 5 years. If I went back to dealership, would they honor the new incentive? Like I said, I know the answer is prob no, but doesnt hurt to ask.
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