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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I used truecar to get the quotes from 2 bay area dealers for a 2012 Highlander Limited with Nav , Tow pkg, cross bar and a carpet cargo.
    Dealer one is quoting 37614 ie 41.1K OTD. {1st preference color available}
    Dealer two is quoting 37400 ie 41K OTD.
    Is there some scope for haggling for me here.
  • I'm from bay area as well. Just got the 2012 2 months ago using truecar. The car has the same specs you describe plus the rear entertainment package. Color is of my choice. Price is 500 off invoice. You should be able to do better than that. Dealer is sunnyvale.
  • lsyylsyy Posts: 2
    hi, I am looking for the same highlander,
    was the $750 rebate included?
  • I'm also looking for similar vehicle in MN area, pls advise of best offer!
  • Pulled the trigger yesterday. 2012 SE V6 4WD silver on black with tow, floor mat, vip glass and wheel lock. 33,500+TTL. I did fight REALLY hard. Dealer is in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Got one on 12/30. Black with grey leather, navigation, roof rack, 1.9% for 60 months. Probably could have negotiated harder and got them to compete against a few other dealers but I'm sure it wouldn't have saved us more that $500 or so. We were ready to pull the trigger.
    $38,400 +TTL. Got them to include running boards ($995) and winter floor mats ($250).
    What do you think?
  • sixth_gearsixth_gear Posts: 5
    edited January 2012
    I was able to close the deal near to my home for 38K+TTL for limited highlander on my color/option choice. The standard MSRP on it was $41216. I know it could have been better, but there were very few with my preference, out there in NorCal.
    As for Sunnyvale dealership, they had my preference, but my experience there was very bizarre. First off, the sales guy tries to sway me away (with barrage of unsolicited advices) from highlander by trying to convince me that Sienna or Rav4 was better for me instead. This convesation discomforted me, and threw me offtopic. Then when I mentioned truecar, they went into a tizzy. I tried to negotiate, the dude went and got his boss (who looked and behaved like a mobster). He rudely refused to negotiate and did not even take my name/number for further discussion even on my suggestion. I left there with a very odd feeling.
    I am sure I got unlucky with that duo, and there are good people working there too, but I ended up with talking to these bozos. Overall a terrible experience.
    Eventually I got the car of my choice and I was glad those rude sorry excuse for salesmen did not get my business.
  • What dealer in Brooklyn did you use? We are not having the best of luck in Long Island. Are you enjoying the Highlander?

  • Plaza Auto Mall. They still owe a running board and I am supposed to get it this weekend. I can send you the sales manager information after this weekend.
  • I visited a dealership here in NYC yesterday to test drive a Highlander SE V6 4x4. Afterwards, they had me wait so they could “run the numbers” for a lease (36mo/12k). It took them 20 minutes to come up with a lease payment. Funny, I could calculate a lease payment in less than 60 seconds using a regular calculator. They have computer programs that do the calculations for them. They take the other 19 minutes to see how they can screw you.

    Anyway, I know the residual (61%-not verified, but it’s either 61 or 62) and the money factor (.00065-verified), so all I need is the sales price to calculate a lease payment. But I let them give me their offer. He comes back with a number that I kind of expected from them. $529/mo. Based on my calculations, that is using STICKER as the sales price plus $650 acquisition fee added on. I must look like a real dope if they thought I would even consider that. It was kind of insulting actually. Obviously, no deal was made, even though they were willing to come down almost $100.

    But what was really insulting was them looking me in the eye and lying. I told them that I wasn’t interested in their deal because I had offers for $500 BELOW INVOICE. The manager tells me this is impossible, nobody would sell at that price because they would be losing money. When I said that they still make money because the dealer’s final cost is not factory invoice. This is a fact. So he keeps trying to convince me that they pay dealer invoice and it has to make “business sense” for them to sell the car. Typical dealer bs. NEXT!
  • Does your INVOICE include $500 TDA?

    for 2012 SE 4X4 V6, it is 32,229 + 810 + TDA = 33,539
  • Yes, it includes destination charge + regional ad fees for a total of $33,765. But I added some options. My invoice is 36,032 (MSRP 39,303). I'm looking to get this for about $415/mo, with $500 due at delivery.
  • nikon5400nikon5400 Posts: 4
    edited January 2012
    ~15.5% under msrp or ~9.5% under invoice

    not a bad deal I guess
  • They told me the car I wanted was in stock and they guaranteed $500 below invoice.

    When I got there (drove 30 miles from NYC), I was told that they didn't have the car I wanted (didn't have the color I wanted, the options I wanted, and a bunch of options I didn't want/need). And was told straight up that if I wanted the price they quoted me, I would have to take the one in stock. And they came back with a lease payment that they must have calculated on a broken calculator because they came up with $529/mo for 36mo/12k. The invoice was under 36,000; so the payment should be around $425/mo. I got up and said "I think we're done here and just walked out"

    Classic bait & switch.
  • I thought I'd try and help by adding another data point. I just purchased a 2012 Highlander SE V6 with 4WD for $31,100 + $810 freight + $389 "processing fee" + TTL. The total came in at just above $33,400 after TTL. So far I couldn't be happier with the purchase!
  • shahaishahai Posts: 4
    Plinyman...I am in northern VA and was wondering which dealer you got this deal from?

    What options you got?
    What was the MSRP?

    Thanks for your help!
  • We got the vehicle from Springfield Toyota. It was a HL SE 4WD V6 with tow package and carpet floormat package. The MSRP was $35692.
  • who are these dealers? looking for HL limited, with nav, tow and cross bars. Im talking to toyota palo alto and they've quoted 38,300
  • Hi- we are considering purchasing a 2011 Limited in Blizzard Pearl- it has NAV, JBL audio, running boards, and a couple of other small incidental options added on to it. 6500 miles, certified. Sticker price is $38,900, "special" internet price is $37000. I know they can do way better than this, even though they say they can't. What would be a good starting point with them? Edmunds says around $34,000. Thoughts on this? It's almost worth it to pay a few extra thousand and get the 2012 Limited with 1.9% financing! Thanks for any help.
  • sudkumsudkum Posts: 2
    Negotiated the price for 2012 HL Limited with almost all features (Nav+DVD, Tow, CT, 3T, WL, RB, MF, Exhaust Tip, Door Edges) for 39875, is it a good deal? Getting 1.9% for 5 yrs (or) 0% for 3 yrs. I wish they would give 0% for 5 yrs.

    What do you think of the price? Is it good deal? Getting what we wanted in terms of Exterior color and interior trim. Pls let me know.
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