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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • k2chadk2chad Posts: 18
    I just picked up a 2012 Highlander SE in ME. Dealers in MA, NH, and ME were all willing to go $1900 under invoice using the March special of $750 customer cash, or $1150 under while taking advantage of 0% financing for 60 months. A little better than the $500/1.9% February deals, so I bit. Lots of inventory up here to choose from. I got a white SE 4wd:
    special paint color (blizzard white)
    AW mats
    tow prep
    wheel locks
    cross bars
    side moldings
    MSRP (includes $810 destination): $37, 553
    Invoice: $34,602
    I paid: $33,452 (state taxes not inclusive, nor title fee), 0% financing for 60 months.

    Since holdback is $709, there is an additional $441 that they are pretty eager to part with so I'd say there must be around $500 manufacturer to dealer cash in there to play with on top of the holdback.

    I probably could have ground out another $150 by waiting until the end of the month, but ME dealers are limited and I'd have to pay the $30 inspection fee (mine came with the sticker) and more hassle by buying out of state. All in all I'm quite pleased.
  • Just purchased a 2012 Limited without NAV. Going to put in a aftermarket dvd/nav unit and tv's in the headrest. Toyota is very proud of their NAV head unit from the factory ($3000).

    Listed at $38,168 and my OTD price was $34,900. They also paid off the $21,700 balance on my 2009 Highlander SE. I feel good about the deal.
  • cbk125cbk125 Posts: 9
    I am looking at leasing 36 months, 12K/year, 0 Due. Dealer quoting $415/month tax incl. Can anyone comment if this is a good deal?
  • I wouldnt pay 36k for a SE.
  • cbk125cbk125 Posts: 9
    The MSRP=$36,742
    Sell price is $33,500
  • orangeman99orangeman99 Posts: 35
    edited March 2012
    I just brought home my new SE V6. So far it's AWESOME!!! I also returned my 2009 RAV4 at lease end, a week early (lease end was 4/2/12). There was no equity in that car since I had an accident, so I couldn't turn it in early. I leased a Gray/Black Highlander with Tow Prep, Floor Mats, and Wheel locks (MSRP $36,823). I also added GAP waiver. But they didn't have in stock with black interior, so he had to find one.

    He found my color but it had remote starter instead of wheel locks (MSRP $37,271). He gave me that one with not a penny more than the agreed upon price. An extra $448 in options free.

    My numbers:

    Tier 1+ credit
    36mo/12k lease
    $403 + $5 GAP = $408/mo
    Down: first month + DMV (transfer)=$533

    On my lease agreement, the selling price is listed as $35,104, but they gave me a trade-in value of $1563 for my returned car (not sure why???), so my effective selling price was 33,541 (MSRP $37,271)

    I leased from Star Toyota in Bayside (Queens), NY. My salesman was Anthony Cruz, he's a straight shooter and always stayed in touch, something I found lacking in most sales guys.
  • hxz119hxz119 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my new highlander in MD. The dealers around me could not match their price...

    2012 Highlander Limited 4WD 3.5L $34,250 + TTL

    Installed Options:

    1. JBL® AM/FM 6-disc CD changer with MP3/WMA playback capability, nine
    speakers including subwoofer, SiriusXM Satellite Radio [1] (includes 90-day
    trial subscription to XM Select Package), auxiliary audio jack, USB [2] port
    with iPod® [3] connectivity, auto sound leveling, hands-free phone
    capability and music streaming via Bluetooth® [4] wireless technology.

    2. V6 Towing Prep Package [14] -- includes 5000-lb. towing capacity, heavy-
    duty radiator with engine oil cooler, 200-watt fan coupling and supplemental
    transmission oil cooler

    3. 3T Cross Bars (PIO) - Removable roof rails

    4. CT Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo Mat/3rd Row Mat (PIO) - Carpet floor mats;
    Excludes: [CF] Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set (5 or 6-piece) (PIO)
  • cbk125cbk125 Posts: 9
    What is MSRP of this car?
    Did you buy or lease?
    You got in MD but what state are you from?
  • Great deal. Could I ask which dealership in MD you dealt with?
  • hxz119hxz119 Posts: 2
    Fitzgerald Automall in Gaithersburg. Ask for Neil Xing...
  • Hi is this a good deal? Was at the dealer late last night, and left telling them I had to sleep on it.

    2012 Highlander SE V6 FWD 5-speed auto

    Blizzard Pearl white paint
    Black leather interior
    Tow Package
    Carpet floor and cargo mats
    Cargo cross bar

    MSRP $35741

    Got them down to $32900 = discount of $2841
    Edmunds lists invoice of $32563
    Is that a good deal?

    I see people on here pay about $1000 less than invoice??? Think there is still room to come down on my deal?
  • I live in WA state. Been wanting to buy just a base 4x4 highlander with the tech package. Really feel I have not been getting a good deal by talking to dealers. Was curious what everyones thought was in regards to the Costco or USAA pricing? For me, before tax, these services both are right around $30,500 before tax and licensing which is almost $3000 below MSRP. I have researched and seen the invoice amounts as well. When talking to the dealers this is the price they basically offered WITHOUT the tech package. Just can't justify spending $33,000 out the door and only getting the base base model with nothing extra.

    Just curious on thoughts of the USAA or costco services though. Thanks.
  • kbd9kbd9 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    I am in the Charlotte, NC area and just had a dealer quote $36000 out the door price for a 2012 Limited Toyota Highlander V6 AWD with JBL AM/FM Package, Tow Package, and Cargo Mats Package. Should I keep looking a little more? Have had dealers that will match it. Is it a good deal?
  • sanah14sanah14 Posts: 1
    Did the 2012 Highlander Limited Nav+Ent System come off the lot with running boards? I'm looking to get almost exactly what you bought but can't seem to find it in a dealership's inventory.
  • kmd75kmd75 Posts: 1
    Got my highlander Limited 4X4 for $37,749. I am in NJ

    - Navigation
    - Remote start
    - Tow Prep.
    - Carpet mats.
  • edgetaedgeta Posts: 32
    I am looking for a Highlander Limited without Navigation. I notice "wumarshall82" had posted that they had bought one. If wumarshall82 sees this post, can you tell me what part of the country or what state you are in? Or has anyone else bought the Highlander w/o Navigation and where they are from. I am in California and they are telling me that I can't get it that way here.
    Any input would be appreciated.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    A news reporter would like to talk with hybrid car owners in Northern California. If you fit the description, please contact by Wednesday, April 25, 2012.
  • ml823ml823 Posts: 1
    How is this deal:

    36 month, 12k mile/yr lease
    MSRP: $36742
    Agreed upon value: $35852
    Residual value: $21979
    Down payment: $1200 (inc. first month, reg/title fees, etc)
    Monthly payment: $455
  • How is your credit? This is a bad deal if you have good credit.

    Here is my recent lease of the same car (diif't options):

    Tier 1+ credit
    36mo/12k lease
    MSRP 37,271
    Monthly: $403 + $5 GAP = $408/mo
    Down payment: first month + DMV (transfer plates)=$533

    I leased from Star Toyota in Bayside (Queens), NY. My salesman was Anthony Cruz, he's a straight shooter and always stayed in touch, something I found lacking in most sales guys.
  • tabmantabman Posts: 4
    What dealership did you go thru? I am looking for a similar model.
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