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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hptampahptampa Posts: 1
    I am in Tampa and looking to purchase a 2012 Highlander Limited FWD with only a couple of options (floor mats and running boards). Email quotes from dealers are adding tow prep package and SE Distributor dealer fees and stating that they are unavoidable. Obviously most items are negotiable, but I have read about the issue with the SE distributor fees. Are there dealerships in Florida outside of this arrangement? I now have quotes just above invoice but looking for at least $750 below. Also - does anyone know when 2013s come out?
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    edited June 2012
    Tow Prep is a standard "Option" on the V6.
  • johnsy1johnsy1 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    Is this a good deal - Boston Area
    2012 Highlander SE V6 AWD (Crimson RED Exterior / ASH Leather interior)
    MSRP: 36725
    Final price from Dealer: 31000
    Registration + tags = 529
    Tax:6.25% = 1937.5
    Total OTD: 33466.5
    standard SE specs + All weather Floor mats
  • madriver1madriver1 Posts: 2
    2012 Highlander SE AWD

    MSRP $37,145
    Price Paid: $31,700 ( 0% financing) $30,950 ($750 cash back)

    I opted for 0% financing!
  • madriver1madriver1 Posts: 2
    I paid $30,950 for pretty much the same car today. My MSRP was about $400 more but it sounds like what you paid and what I paid are pretty close. I bought over the border in NH as the dealer in MA wasn't as willing to negotiate.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    My wife just had an accident in our 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited...we have totally enjoyed this car from the time we purchased it brand new in is 8 years old and we had 187,000 miles on it and never one problem. Now, we are thinking about getting a hybrid SUV and naturally looked at the Highlander. Since we keep cars for a few years and put lots of miles on them, we want the luxury one, the limited. However, I also don't want to buy one now knowing there is a redesigned one coming out next year which I have been reading about is coming out next year. Anybody know any info on when it will be coming out and what it will look like...maybe a pic of a spyshot or something? The timing for us isn't great as if my car is considered totaled, we have to act sooner than later or rent something until the new Highlander hybrid is available...that being said, I'm thinking they don't sell that many hybrid Highlanders in the limited package so maybe the deals would be pretty good on a current 2012 model...again, any help you can provide would be appreciated.
  • oshuklaoshukla Posts: 3

    Can you post the information about the dealers, As I am looking for Base Highlander with V6 Engine and Tech package. Most of dealerships in Rochester and Buffalo are giving closer to MSRP or above invoice. Could any anyone suggest anything from your experience in dealing with these dealers.

  • elbeto77elbeto77 Posts: 7
    Does anyone one have a copy of the dealers true invoice for this model? What are people paying in Texas?
  • riley678riley678 Posts: 4
  • elbeto77elbeto77 Posts: 7
    What prices have you been getting from Toyota sales counselors?
  • riley678riley678 Posts: 4
    The best deal is from Costco- $33,720 at Vandergriff Toyota contact Steve Dewitt
  • elbeto77elbeto77 Posts: 7
    I was offered $33,263 + TT&L which they said was a Costco discount.
  • riley678riley678 Posts: 4
    I think you could do better IMHO...I am holding out for $31,000 plus tax etc. no more than $33,500OTD.
  • blueniketxblueniketx Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    Everyone has experience of buying 2012 Toyota Highlander SUV Base 3.5L V6 in Houston, TX. Please share.
    Price + TT&L
    Or OTD price.
    Thanks in advance.
  • 2012 Highlander SE v6 AWD does this Price Paid: $31,700 ( 0% financing) include TTL
  • hyspeshyspes Posts: 2
    Does anybody know good dealers around at upstate New York?

    I'd like to buy my wife's new SUV (Highlander (AWD) SE or Limited). Can anybody share what target price range will be acceptable at upstate New York area?

    - Limited (AWD): $35,000~37,000
    - SE (AWD): $33,000~33,500

    The above prices found on Fitzmall and are they reasonable prices? Can any dealership beat the price around NY, PA, MA, OH area?

    Also, can anybody what trim I should go to? AWD is deifinitley required in here because of long, cold, and feet high snow winter.

    Please share your thought, buying experience, and driving experience.

  • doc92doc92 Posts: 3
    i bought a new AWD highlander limited at 0% APR. it included

    1. navigation
    2. tow prep
    3. cross bars
    4. tow hitch & wiring harness
    5. remote starter
    6. carpet mats

    i paid 37,991.00 plus tax. title, tags.
  • does anyone know what good dealer to get SE (AWD): $33,000~33,500+ TTL in NJ area Can any dealership beat the price around the area.
  • advan13advan13 Posts: 6
    Heads up. There is a rebate from autotrader.
  • mgoldsteinmgoldstein Posts: 47
    Looking for numbers for a 2012 Highlander V6 Limited AWD:

    Tow Package
    Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mats
    Wheel Locks
    MSRP $41,218

    What is a good sales price?
    What is the current money factor on a 36 month/12-k lease?
    What is the residual factor for a 36 month/12k-year lease?

    Narrowed search to Highlander or Murano LE. Excluding the 3rd row issue, anybody have preference comments?
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