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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The Limited edition include pretty much all options except DVD Rear Entertainment option such as Nav, heated seat, 19in alloy wheel, etc... Some of the accessory options are excluded.
  • I just bought a 2013 Highlander Hybrid with Blizzard Pearl exterior, black interior, and the Leather Premium Package, along with all weather mats and cross bars.

    MSRP: $44,064
    Invoice: $40,490
    True Market Value®: $42,094

    I agreed to add on 3M Chip Protection package for $995, which the dealer essentially discounted by 50%, yielding a base price, with options, of $44500.

    I also agreed to add
    Extended warranty (7 year / 125K miles): $2575
    Gap insurance: $795

    I originally signed up for 3.4% financing through Toyota.

    I've decided to cancel the Extended Warranty, pay cash (and cancel Gap Insurance) and hope to cancel the chip protection package.

    I go back to the dealer tomorrow, hoping to renegotiate a new deal. In the worst case, I've paid $500 over MSRP for a Chip Protection package I don't want and probably won't install, but am hoping to find a new, happy midpoint closer to the True Market Value ... or at least below MSRP.

    The salesperson said that the color + leather package in the Hybrid were pretty rare around here (Bellevue / Kirkland area of Washington), and since I need a new vehicle within the next 3 weeks - giving my soon-to-be-former car to my daughter - and this one had exactly the color & leather package I wanted, he said it was unlikely that another model like this could be found in that time period ... which is why I moved forward in uncharacteristic haste in signing the deal.

    I'm wondering if anyone else might be able to comment on the rarity of the Hybrid + Blizzard White + Leather package, and whether those typically fetch such a premium ($500 < MSRP ... assuming I can renegotiate at least to that level), or whether something closer to the True Market Value is reasonable to assume.

    Any other tips on renegotiation after purchase would also be welcome. I'm chalking all this up as a multi-dimensional learning experience, and will be happy to share the outcome here (if it is of interest).
  • jtoejtoe Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm in the market for 2013 Highlander Limited and was wondering what prices everyone has been paying? I live in the Chicago land area, but welcome all prices. Negotiation tips are also welcome.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 122
    I suggest you call the Phoenix area dealers (internet depts) and get them to quote on desired HHL (color in/out) + options. You may find their prices lower and either get a one way flight to Phoenix and drive it back, or the dealers frequently can pay a reliable driver to drive it to Seattle for a nominal fee. Their prices are usually considerably less than those in Puget Sound area, even when adding in flight and/or a driver to deliver your HHL. Anyhow, it's worth a try.

    Good Luck.

  • f00zf00z Posts: 1
    Model: 6951 SE V6 FWD
    Options: Mud Guards, Premium Carpet Mat Set(5 pc), Cross Bars, Glass Break Sensor


    What do you guys think of this price?
  • For everyone's reference, recently purchased a 2013 SE V6 FWD in Southern California
    Black exterior, Gray Interior
    Navigation, Carpet Mat Set(5 pc), Trunk net.
    Price $32,490 + TTL
  • fotoguy4ufotoguy4u Posts: 3
    edited March 2013
    A crackhead got a title loan on his 2005 Highlander. They were going to confiscate it today, so I offered him an extra $200 to let me pay the loan and get the car, rather than just letting them take it. He did that. So I got the $12,000 car for $3,000! It's in Very Good Condition.
  • Hi,

    Would you please give me the name of the dealer so I can visit them and take one home myself? I want to buy 2013 Highlander Limited but not sure which dealer I should stop by. If you can help that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Looking at a V6 Plus in the Raleigh area, best price I've been quoted is 3K below MSRP = 29287 + TTL fees and no 0% financing, I am trying to get down to 30k OTD with the financing but none of the regional dealers are ready to go that low. Any good experiences in this region with dealers willing to negotiate?
  • jlittle78jlittle78 Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    Ended up buying on Saturday from Fred Anderson in Raleigh. They were the lowest in the area, I got a slightly lower quote from Greensboro but did not trust that they would honor the verbal price or give me the 0% when I got over there. I got an OTD price of $30100 which was a couple hundred lower than they were willing to go the night before. Most other area dealers were $1k or more higher.
  • "crack head" or not - you basically stole that car from that person.
    coming on here a bragging about it? good luck with your Carma
  • amo5amo5 Posts: 1

    Got a quote for $36,200 for the 2013 Highlander Limited (including the destination fee) + TTL in NJ. Is this the best or have anybody got it for around $35K.
  • Purchased my 2013 Highlander Plus V6 with carpet mats for $29697 + TTL & 0% financing in SoCal. MSRP of $32825.
  • doudadouda Posts: 3
    Hi Jlittle78,

    I have been to over 10 dealers and no one would match your price. The best i have received thus far is $32,225 OTD for a V6 Highlander Plus with $32,925 MSRP. Can you share any additional info on how you got such a great deal. Taxes in Illinois are at 8.25% which means that the Highlander price has to be around $27,500 to get a $30,000 OTD. Thanks!
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I got a quote for $35699 for 2013 Limited AWD (includes dest. charge) with cross bars and mudguards + TTL in MA a few months ago.
  • Got this offer recently with 0% at Toyota South Austin, think it's a pretty good price but not really sure. The car is basically fully loaded, the following are some of the highlights:

    - Limited AWD V6
    - Blizzard Pearl/Ash (special color)
    - Rear Seat Entertainment
    - Carpet Floor and Cargo Mats
    - Cargo Net - Spider
    - Body Side Moldings
    - Running Boards
    - Mudguards
    - Tow Receiver Hitch and Wire Harness
    - Cargo Cross Bar
    - Paint Protector Film
    - Exhaust Tip
    - Protection Package

    There's some stuff in there I didn't care about, but the stuff on the lot is only configured certain ways. Interested in any thoughts.

  • I bought a limited 2011 new in 2011 using They priced out the car with options and I got the best deal around, with no haggling. Check out that website before committing to that price. You can do better. I think I pad $39k
  • Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I checked a bunch of calculators, including

    TrueCar lists the Limited V6 AWD with the options above at MSRP $46,744, a "deal" price of $42,215, and an unusually low price of $41,086. They have dealers who will give me $42,151, so this beats that by about $400, and TrueCar is including the $1000 cash rebate (which you can't get with 0% financing, which I would take instead).

    I think it's a pretty good price, I'm pretty sure it's actually at or below invoice on the car, not sure though...

  • andynycandynyc Posts: 7
    Looking to buy a new 13 Highlander in NYC metro area. Lolooking for SE with leather nav, moonroof, or limited. Any recent experience? Not getting great results from different reputed buying services (e.g. Truecar, USAA, Costco). Any suggestons?

  • andrewst01andrewst01 Posts: 2
    Recently bought a new Blizzard Pearl '13 Highlander SE with mudguards, side body moldings, protective film on hood, carpet floor & cargo mats, cargo net, exhaust tip, remote engine start for $32,949 + sales tax, docs fee & registration at Toyota of Cool Springs, Franklin, TN. Includes free car washes and Toyota Care 24 mos. program.

    Excellent experience with salesperson (Barry White) and the dealership. Both seem very customer-oriented.
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