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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sdmcamrysdmcamry Posts: 2
    I am looking at Highlander 4Cyl, 2WD in and around Sacramento area. One offer I got was at $26750. Its just Plus version. No fancy. Is it a great price???
  • sdmcamrysdmcamry Posts: 2
    One salesperson was telling this year it hits in Jan'14 only. not sure.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 183
    edited July 2013
    Right. I was told the same thing by my dealer. He said Toyota has scheduled the first build date of the 2014 HL's as Dec. 2013, with them hitting the dealers one month later, Jan. 2014. So it looks like ~ 6 months from now. Something else to keep in mind is that the completely revised 2015 Honda Pilot is sceduled to be revealed at the Jan. (2014) Detroit Auto Show and hit the Honda dealers shortly thereafter (Q1/Q2) as an early release. The new Pilot redo will supposedly incorporate many of the new features of the just released 2014 MDX, so it may be worthwhile to wait for the new Pilot and compare it to the new Highlander before making a purchase decision.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 183
    Continued from pevious post (having difficulty editing prior post).

    I own a 2010 HL LTD AWD (purchased new) and like it alot, but I am seriously considering upgrading to a new 2014 HL, or one of it's competitors, with all the new tech and safety features now or soon to be offered. I previously owned a 2003 Honda Pilot (purchased new) before I traded for my current ride, but became frustrated with Honda for not addressing the well documented and anoying road noise issue (RNI), which was one of the major reasons I traded the Pilot for the much quieter HL. Apparently Honda has finally gotten the message from owners of Pilots (and other Honda products) and Consumer Reports negative comments about the RNI and are addressing it in much improved soundproofing in new releases (ie, 2013 Accord and 2014 MDX), and reportedly in the 2015 Pilot.
    Other Competitors:I recently test drove the completely revised 2013 Nissan Pathfinder, and found it to be a nice ride but was surprised to find it did not have many of the tech and safety features that most of the new mid-sized SUVs/CUVs now offer (for example, it does not have Blind Spot Warning, Lane Change Warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, even in it's highest trim levels---Platinum and Platinum Premium, nor will these features be offered for perhaps another 2-4 years); additionaly, leg room for the driver and front passenger is quite crampted for long legged folks like myself in the Pathfinder, whereas I have no problem in the HL, so the new Pathfinder does not pass muster on several levels. I also recently test drove the 2014 Kia Sorrento LTD AWD which does have all the tech and safety features the 2014 HL LTD AWD reportedly will have, but it doesn't ride as nice as my 2010 HL LTD AWD, AND the driver's seat is was VERY uncomfortable compared to my HL, even on a short test drive, so it is out of the question for me.
    I also recently test drove the newly revised 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD AWD (6 cyl gas, and 8 cyl), and the 2014 MDX Tech AWD and was very impressed by both of these competitors to the 2014 HL LTD AWD. The main disadvantage of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (JGC) is that it only has 2 rows vs 3 (but I rarely use the third row in my HL), whereas the JGC is a super off road (one of the very best, in fact) and very well behaved on-road performer, has superior towing ability over the HL, AND will soon be available with a 6 cyl diesel that will give maximum grunt (torque), while being able to deliver impressive fuel efficiency (28-32 MPG). The diesel JGC LTD AWD will probably cost ~ $3-5K more than a loaded 2014 HL LTD AWD, but that price disparity should go away after 2-3 years of Jeep ownership. I have not yet test driven the 2014 (diesel) JGC LTD AWD, but the reviews in the automotive press are full of praise. I plan to test drive the diesel as soon as they hit the dealers in my area (reportedly Q4/2013).

    The 2014 MDX Tech AWD disadvantage compared to the 2014 HL LTD AWD is cost (estimated $6-8K differential, after discounting in 6-12 months) and premium fuel (MDX) vs regular (HL), but this is really only ~ $170/yr/15,000 miles/yr @ 22 MPG for each vehicle.
    The advantages of the 2014 MDX Tech AWD over the 2014 HL LTD AWD is the much nicer exterior body/interior appearance/design, and performance (better road holding AWD system, and acceleration).

    So, going into 2014 my short list is: 2014 HL LTD AWD, 2014 JGC LTD Diesel, and the 2014 MDX Tech AWD; I will need to compare/test drive these guys some more over the next 8-12 months + 2015 Pilot before I make a final decision.

    Please offer your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

  • nautica906nautica906 Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    So my wife and I have been going back and forth with a local dealer on a 2013 Highlander SE. I figured I would post and see how our deal was in comparison to what some others have paid. According to the dealer, the MSRP on the model we looked at is $35879. I'm not quite sure what the invoice price is though. As for options, this particular SE has all of the standard SE options with the cargo cross-bars and all-weather floor/cargo mats included.

    As it stands right now, we have currently worked the price of the vehicle down to $34000 OTD. In other words, the actual cost of the vehicle would be around $31577 plus tax, tags/title, and dealer fees again making the total $34000 OTD.

    This is our first time purchasing a brand new vehicle so I'm hoping that we got a decent deal.
  • Today I want to car dealer check the highlander SE! Window price is $37364,I am not sure how much I can cut down,First time buy car no experience ,need help! Tax is 8.75% .Can somebody tell what price I can get for out the door price!I know the 2014 is almost coming, so old model will easy to cut price down,isn't?Thanks a lot!!
  • alpha123alpha123 Posts: 15
    I'm also considering a 2013 highlander base/2x4/4cyl/pearl/grey/cold weather package/floor mats. 28300 OTD with cash financing.

    Any thoughts?
  • 34000 OTD including 0% Toyota Finance ?
  • Bayarea, California
  • Yes sir. We paid $34000 OTD and also got the 0% through Toyota.
  • ppkeappkea Posts: 3
    Sounds like a great price to me.
  • Bought ours yesterday for $33,647 before taxes, etc.

    Added options were 3M window tint, cross bars, mud guards, and premium carpet mat set (including cargo mat)

    Got the price at or below Edmunds and Truecar, so pretty happy with it.

    Purchased at All Star Toyota in Alexandria, LA. Salesman and finance guy were great to deal with, didn't push us on extended warranty or GAP, we told them we didn't want it, they said are you sure, we said yes, that was that.
  • ap2013ap2013 Posts: 3
    Folks, I need your help.

    So far I have received $37800 OTD (With 8.75% Tax & Fees) for 2013 SE AWD with Navigation, Carpet Mats & Cross bar from one dealer in Northern California.

    Do you think its a good deal? If not then what will be the best number I can offer to dealer.

  • What's the best rate for awd se model
    . True car shows invoice rate 32500 no tax incl but dealer says it does not account for floor carpet etc so we cannot give that price
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    The car at the dealer may not match the specs you got from Truecar. Make sure the options on the site match the options at the dealer. Watch out for dealer add-ons.
  • Does anyone know when the 2014 Highlander will be in dealer stores?
  • brady314brady314 Posts: 3
    edited November 2013
    I bought this SE AWD w/Navigation and Carpet Mats for $32,000+ including destination fee. Spent $79.99 from the same dealer for mud guards. Very happy with the deal.
  • can you post which dealer and msrp on the car..this seems great deal
  • The msrp is 38165.00
    The dealer is Prime toyota route 2, Lancaster
    will send you more if you have e-mail.
  • srikpsrikp Posts: 7
    Hi Guys - this is my first lease experience and wanted your suggestion/opinion. I am trying to get a base highlander (4 cyl/FWD) but trying to add Leather and DVD Entertainment as add-on. The quote I have is $1999 cash down plus taxes/title/registration etc. The monthly payment is $338 for 36 months (12k miles per year).

    Is this is a good deal?

    The total comes to approx $4k OTD plus $338 monthly = $16168 over the 3 year period.

    What should I consider when leasing?

    Thanks y'all!
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