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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    door moulding can be found here:

    The ride is rougher in the Type S due to the stiffer suspension...I'm surprised you feel the opposite.
  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    > Honestly, I heard about the strut issue but it doesn't bother me.
    > If you go to the internet and search you will find something
    > wrong with every car on the market.

    True. What I look at is how widespread a problem is and how the manufacturer and dealer respond. The strut problem is common enough that some dealers are trying to find their own fixes, though others aren't. And Acura acknowledges it, but refuses to issue a TSB on it, or to help owners solve it. No argument, problems may occur in even the best cars. But I would be mighty unhappy if my nice RSX developed the loud knocking sound from the strut and I had no choice but to put up with it.
  • dpuetzdpuetz Posts: 2
    thanks for the molding link, nitro. I also found some generic ones at Pep Boys, black/chrome, that should look good...just worried if the adhesive will be strong enough. Going to look into a stronger adhesive for more permanent bond.
    My S ride is good except over RR track crossings...have to go real slow otherwise a real shake. No strut or noise problem here with 7,000 on it already.
  • Guys,

    I am buying a 2003 RSX-Automatic. The first owner says that only one set of key/Fob is available and he lost other keys/fob. He also does not have any details like key# or key code. Any ideas if it is still possible to get a copy made of the existing key? I just want the key copied as one fob is enough for me. What are my options?

    Thanks a ton.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    The dealer should be able to do it, but it won't be cheap. I did exactly that with a 98 Mustang and just the key and programming by the dealer cost me $125. With the Mustang, only having one key required the programming to be done by the dealer. With two keys, I could do it myself. The key cost $30 then an hour or so labor by the dealer.
  • gps_007gps_007 Posts: 2
    #1 complaint on my car is the door is very exposed to the grocery store minivan. No matter where I park it, somebody always pulls up a few inches from me. So far no dings (although I still have less than 400 miles). We also have a TSX in the family, same thing; no door molding. I've got a few dings on that car that stick out like a sore thumb.

    To respond juicymoose: RSX took 3 months to arrive.
  • slayslay Posts: 1
    What is the size of the steering wheel (millimeters or inches) of the RSX Type-S '05 and newer?
  • I'm a little concerned that my acura dealer is trying to take me for a ride, and would like some honest feedback from the group. I just took 2002 RSX-S in for a 45K checkup - really just an oil change, tire rotation, and brake fluid flush. Dealer came back and said coolant needed to be flushed (although manual says it is required at 120K), 2 tires are bad although I rotate all the time, tire replacement requires alignment, front brakes are shot (back are ok), oh, and my windshield wipers need to be replace. Altogether, they want $1,200, with the understanding that eventually my back breaks and tires will need to be replaced at some point in the future - think another $800. What am I hearing here? Your thoughts are appreciated.
  • Here is one man's opinion:

    - coolant flush at 45K, I call BS on this one. Ask them for an explanation, and ask to see evidence. I plan on replacing coolant before 120K, but 45K seems way early to me.

    - 2 tires bad, check the tire thread - you should be able to tell if they are telling the truth. P.S. if you do need new tires I urge you to do some research and buy a better tire than the stock Michelins, there's a lot better out there.

    - Front brakes shot. Can you be more specific? Brake pads? Replace rotors? Machine rotors? What are they recommending? I would tend to take their recommendation on brakes - it's the most important part of your car.

    - Wipers. Bought and replaced them myself from AutoZone. No big deal.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Coolant should be fine at 45K

    Tires are probably nearing their lifecycle. Get them on your own someplace else...ditto for the wipers

    I had my brakes done around 55k for about $400 at my Acura dealer.
  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    No coolant required ,or brake pads or rotors. If you do get a brake job replace your rotors,it's just a few dollars more.
    My car was in for30k service. I did need new Michelin's My Integra was hard on sport VR tires also.
    Eyequick is right on, go to VP and do your own wipers ,or air filter for that matter.
    Unless you ride the brake you should get 50k . I think the front brakes tend to wear quicker.
    I don't know this is my last RSX. I love the car,but my GSR was easier on the eyes. Also, I'm using 89 octane with the price of gas. No problems so far.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,118
    It's official, the '06 model year will be the last for the RSX.
  • piper04piper04 Posts: 2
    Now that Acura has officially discontinued the RSX (after 2006), what do you think that will do to the value of your RSX? Do you think repairs (parts actually) may be more expensive in the future? If you are trading in in a 1-3 years, do you feel you will get less money? Or, do you think this will increase the value of your car (relatively) when doing a private sale? Any thoughts out there?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    been a fairly steady market for the Integra, then RSX, and there remains one now. Honda is only discontinuing the model for marketing reasons.

    The point being, all those people who want one and will continue to want one in the next few years will have to settle for a recent-model used one instead. I think demand will be good - this thing has never been a lame duck selling 1000 a year or something, not at any time. I don't think it will damage resale that it's being discontinued, in fact it might boost it a bit. And resale is already VERY strong, as we all know.

    As for repairs and parts, they won't be noticeably more expensive in future than they would have otherwise been. If you go OEM for parts and dealership for repairs, they were no bargain to begin with. But this is no NSX, it is a volume model that shares a lot of stuff with other Hondas.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • czpczp Posts: 15
    I've had my '03 RSX (base, automatic, cloth seats, 40K miles, good condition, original everything) for over three years. My husband has been driving it ever since we had our baby last November, but quite frankly, we could use two baby-friendly cars around here. After much consideration, we have decided to buy a more baby/kid-friendly Honda Pilot. My question is what kind of price do you think I could fetch for my little RSX in a private-party deal? I have had two dealers offer me $13K for it, but I think I could get at least $14K private party. Also, I am wondering if the RSX's discontinuation will help or hurt the sale of my car. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    If you have two dealer offers at $13K, then you are right: you could probably get $14K in a private party sale. But there is certainly some hassle involved in taking that route, and with the baby, do you really want to hassle with it?

    Just remember, this is the hottest time of the year for car sales. If you want to take either of those dealers up on their offer, don't wait too long.... :-)

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • see now RSX is being discontinued. Price will proabably fall lkie a rock. That is unless you think it will become a collector's item
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    RSX is being discontinued as part of a marketing decision to move the Acura brand upmarket, not because it didn't sell. Depreciation should be slow and gradual, as is typical for this model.

    Even now, the only real competition the RSX has is the Civic SI, with boy racer "DOHC i-VTEC" stickers all over the place and the weird two-tier dash. There are lots of buyers that don't want that stuff, and they will seek out the used RSXs so they don't have to take it.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • see now RSX is being discontinued. Price will proabably fall lkie a rock. That is unless you think it will become a collector's item

    The(American)Acura Integra, which stopped production in 2001, is still quite popular even though it's now 5 years past it's last run. It maintains high asking prices.

    Why would the current Integra (called the RSX in America ONLY) be any different?
  • Hi nippononly,
    my RSX base/auto'03 is approaching 90K miles, bought new.
    Second set of tires (ContiExtreme), second set of brake pads, new battery. Car is a joy to drive, sorry for Acura decision to do away with it.
    shouldn't we start new topic, "Life after RSX"?
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