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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    check engine light issue
    Make sure you close the gas cap properly after refueling. And if you didn't, and this light comes up, but you closed the gas cap properly, it may take a few trips before the lights go off. This must be mentioned in the user manual as it is in that of my two Hondas.

    I don't think Accord coupe looks disproportionate or Civic coupe looks disproportionate, so a four/five door RSX wouldn't either. In fact, Accord coupe is shorter and lower than the sedan counterpart, and also sits on a shorter wheelbase (105.3" versus 106.9"). Integra sedan and coupe also had the difference (atleast in terms of wheelbase). The sedan had the same wheelbase as Civic sedan/coupe at 103.1" and the hatchback had it at 101". I don't think it looked awkward. In fact, the RSX may be about as long as Lexus IS300/BMW 3-series.
    But I would rather see European/Japanese Accord as base Acura sedan in America. Smaller in dimensions than the American Accord, and lighter too.

    If you liked ITR, you may find RSX-S too refined. These are two different cars even though the power output is similar. ITR was much lighter though. The RSX-S advantage may be in ownership costs, as ITR comes equipped with performance equipment (especially tires and brake pads), equipment level (if it matters) and ride refinement.
    If you want a car like the ITR, you may want to wait for RSX-R. Once again, stripped of all fat, the new ITR (as it is called outside America) is light (<2600 lb.) and track oriented, while Type-S is more of a GT coupe. Still, you might want to test drive the S to see if it fits your needs.
  • Thanks for the comparison. That helps a little. I was completely happy with my 98 ITR and lived without the creature comforts of A/C, moonroof, leather, etc... I so I could live without them again... but my fiance didn't like the fact the ITR didn't have A/C very much. I think I will test drive the RSX-S and see what it's like. Thanks again!
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I never said the Accord coupe looks/looked awkward. It might have been someone else. dsm6 asked what I thought about the Civic sedan and I concurred that it on it, it looks OK. But I still think the Integra sedan looks horrible. (As an aside, I think a non-spoilered Integra is a bad idea, too, but I digress.) Given that an RSX is supposed to be and look sporty when compared to a Civic, IMHO, an RSX sedan would not be aesthetic.

    In the end, I think it is a combination of car length and sporty appearance that would determine what looks good with 2 doors and what is better suited for 4 doors. Obviously, it is the automobile buying public that makes this determination. The Integra sedan did not fare very well, hence, Acura eschewed the sedan for the Integra's replacement, the RSX .
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    I doubt that the 4 door version would eat into the Accord sales. It might be for a very small percentage of buyers that would cross-shop. It would not be the same dilemma as the Prelude vs. Integra/RSX. As for styling, I think if Honda can make a good-looking 4-door sedan Accord version, then they could make a good-looking RSX sedan as well.

    Unless there is a sports version of the Accord, then I might stop wanting the RSX sedan.... stay tuned...
  • It seems that Acura has been driven towards the sport side of us all with the exception to the Honda Preludes and S2000s. Acuras have "type-s" versions I think Honda is gearing towards the "family car" like the Accords in competition with Camry. Honda might me directing the new sporty cars for Acura. Still, the fact that they are the same company says that one of them will always have a car that the market is in demand of. In the recent events, Honda will most likely produce more Accords and market them as a smart buy for fuel economy and reliability. Acura will continue to produce TL's and CL's as the everyday commute car with a little zip to them.
  • eludwigeludwig Posts: 82
    Based on some of the discussion here, I thought people would be interested in rumor-mill illustrations of the '03 Accord:, and

    Speculation in the motor department is a 2.4L 4-cylinder and possibly 2 V6's.

    Who know's the truth, but I'm hoping for a very sporty Accord when my lease expires in June '03!

  • thelthel Posts: 767
    of the spy pics. I wish they still made those for sale in the US.
  • Those concept designs of the new Hondas are sweet. Honda has the resources to make such sporty cars. I hope the interior and instruments of those new cars that hopefully will come to the US will use Acura materials and interior design. But so far they look pretty sweet.
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I think it's a tragedy that Acura is not including a spoiler in the Type S trim. A sports coupe without a spoiler is just a coupe. Yes, the RSX is not as sporty as some other sports coupe, but I think it looks even more bland without the rear wing. As an added bonus, very few RSXs on the road have a spoiler, so adding one would make an RSX more unique.

    It's another tragedy that Acura did not integrate the brake lights on the optional spoiler. It looked so good on the Integra; why did Acura regress in spoiler technology? $600 does seem excessive for such a piece of plastic, but it is cheaper than the now-deceased Integra's $800 option.
  • Edmunds says that the Type-S uses premium fuel. What octane constitutes "premium"?
  • rjm12rjm12 Posts: 2
    Hi Mystery33 and sevaryn17! My check engine light still comes on and off so I am waiting on a call from the HQ. Will keep you informed. I will also check the vin.

    All the best.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Acura web site says 91 octane is recommended. It goes on to say that lower octane can be used with decreased performance.
  • jnt1jnt1 Posts: 4
    Well, after looking at the new A4, 3-series, WRX, C-coupe, Celica, Prelude, Jetta and TT I decided to purchase the type S. For the money, nothing can really touch this vehicle. The engineering is just brilliant. The engine is a jewel, the shifter is sublime and the ride/handling is superb. All other things really take a back seat in this vehicle, although the overall styling suits me just fine - it's refined and subtle. I've put on a little over 1100 miles without any problems to report. If anyone has any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask as I spent an enormous amount of time researching all the other vehicles before purchasing the type S. If you are in the market for a fun, somewhat luxurious and affordable daily rocket, this is the ticket.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Just curious - what did you think of the wrx? Why did you choose the rsx over it? I've driven both and am still trying to decide between the two. WRX fans - this isn't meant to start a flame war, so lets not go there, OK? To each his or her own.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    I put down a deposit and ordered a WRX wagon after driving the RSX-S and decided that the Acura was pretty much a minor improvement over the '98 GS-R I was driving at the time.

    The WRX offers more power, room, roadholding, rear lsd, lower insurance rates, and a higher seating position, to name a few things I liked. The Acura has a smooth (but boring) engine, killer 6spd box, slightly better build/material quality, and good fuel economy.

    I did not consider the Acura's standard leather, climate control, or Bose to be added value because I didn't like the idea of not being able to get the Type-S without them. Why pay for what you don't want, right? (Obviously, most folks would disagree with me here.)

    On the downside, both cars are fugly as hell, have big blind spots to the rear, transmit lots of road noise into the cabin, sit on McStruts, and can now be seen everywhere on a road near you.

    My WRX was 3 weeks out when, on a whim, I test drove a Prelude. Game over.
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    First of all, congrats to jnt1 on his RSX-S. I'd also be interested on hearing your analysis of all those other cars you test drove and researched.

    To all RSX-S drivers, are you using the premium (91 octane) fuel as recommended by Acura or something better or worse? What are the results? I remember a magazine concluding that in general, using a better grade fuel than what is recommended will affect neither performance nor mileage. However, by being a cheapskate (using lower grade fuel than what the manual suggests), your car's mileage and performance suffer by a nontrivial factor (I think it was ~10%). Can any RSX-S drivers attest to this, or do you all use 91 octane fuel?

    While I have the RSX-S drivers' attention, has anyone else been told by the Acura dealership that the car requires a very finicky engine break in?
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Interesting - so you chose the Prelude. I too drove the Prelude and enjoyed the drive very much.

    I hadn't thought about insurance premiums, but had assumed the WRX would be about the same as RSX, if not more. I guess I shouldn't assume. Many WRX owners would say the power advantage of the WRX and AWD is what mattered more than any ergonomic, drivability (eg the shifter on the WRX is not as nice as either of these two Honda products), comfort, quality of materials, etc., issues when compared to the RSX. Obviously opinions differ. I drive about 25,000 miles per year, so drivability and interior comfort/details matter to me almost as much as performance - hence the indecision. I had forgotten about the Prelude drive I took and will probably check one out again before deciding.
  • mtbaezmtbaez Posts: 2
    I found at Japan´s Honda site that Integra Type R (Acura RSX Type R) is being sold now. The number for the car are:

    2.0 litre i-VTEC

    in-line 4 cyclinder

    16 valve dohc

    220 bhp

    0-60mph 6.0 seconds

    145mph top speed

    Honda is offering the car with the stylish body kit available for the RSX type S and HID headlight as an option.

    You can see pictures and specs of the car in



    Does anyone knows if this car will be sold in US?

  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    I've only heard speculation from various car magazines, but the speculation is that yes, the type r RSX will be sold in the US at some point in the not so distant future. The guess is that Acura will introduce the type r around 3 years or so into US RSX production, rather than having brought it over right away, in order to keep the public interested in the vehicle.
  • mtbaezmtbaez Posts: 2
    Does anyone knows where is the RSX produced?
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