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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    if you really want the stereo package with the sub, there must be a way to get it in the base RSX. Many people have posted here saying they don't think that much of the stock subwoofer.

    I've heard the same thing also. Many people were opting for skipping the OEM subwoofer and picking up an aftermarket one.
  • zombozombo Posts: 89
    If I'm not mistaken both the base RSX and the type S both require premium fuel.
  • bobstbobst Posts: 1,783
    My sales brochure for the 2003 RSX says the base RSX can use regular 86 octane fuel whereas the RSX-S requires premium 91 octane.

    It also shows that gears 4 and 5 in the base RSX have the same ratios as gears 5 and 6 in the RSX-S.
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    If you buy a base RSX, do *not* pay an exorbitant premium for the crappy Bose Richbass Woofer. It doesn't help the bass at all. I wound up getting an Infinity BassLink, which is a 10" powered sub, to throw some muscle in the low freq. end. :)

    The manual recommends changing the oil every 5-10 kmi., depending on how the car is driven (e.g. "severely", etc.). I'm planning on doing it every 5,000 miles to be safe. Many people swear by sythentic oil, like Mobil 1, but realize that it costs a *lot* more than regular oil.

    K&N oil filter is supposed to be good if you don't want to use Honda's oil filter. I've only had 1 oil change, and that was at the dealership, so I'm assuming they used Honda oil and filter. I'll be due for a 2nd oil change very soon, so I'm considering on using Mobil 1 at a local Firestone.

    Anyone have thoughts regarding synthetic vs non-synthetic oil?
  • I’m 26, just graduated college, have good job, own a 2001 Civic, want to upgrade to a car that I really want. Is it worth the money? How are the maintenance costs? Help! I’m also looking at the GTI, Sentra Spec V, and the Mazdaspeed Protégé. I would appreciate any any input.
  • ...but those other rides are too. I love my RSX-S, and routine maintnence costs are about what you'd expect for any new car.

    If I were looking for maximum driving bang for my buck right now, I'd probably be testing one of those Neon SRTs. Faster than a Mustang and cheaper than all the cars you mentioned. Test drive a lot of cars and see which one suits you.
  • schilke, probably not the answer you want, but you seem to be concerned about the money, so my advice is to keep your (almost brand new) Civic. Pay off credit card debts, car loans, build a nest egg or a deposit on a house, etc.

    Sorry, don't mean to criticize at all, but from a financial standpoint, upgrading/changing your vehicle every 2 years is a horrible thing to do. You should try to stick with 1 vehicle for a long tmie to make it cost-effective.
  • bobstbobst Posts: 1,783
    However, there are some things they don't teach in college. We have learned them from experience.
  • I am thinking that the black exterior and the black interior look nice on this particular car. I have never had or wanted a black car in the past. I always had red cars. But this black color combination really looks sporty and richer looking than the other color combinations (my other choice is the Dessert Silver Metallic with the lighter interior; and then the Silver Exterior with the Black Interior). Does anyone here have this combination or other cars with this combination of black on black colors? Does the car get extra hot in the summer time? Is the car more difficult to keep clean? Are you happy with your choice or do you regret it?

    Thank you so much! Susan (prelude00girl)
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I have DSM w/ the titanium (tan/gray) interior. I'm also in NJ, and despite the wicked summer we had last year, I barely burned myself. (However, my aluminum shift knob put a hurting on my hand, but I digress.) The lighter color leather was great. I can imagine the ebony (black) being warmer, but I don't know how much hotter it would be.

    BTW, DSM is probably the easiest to keep the exterior clean. White and black are by far the hardest. I am definitely happy w/ my choice of trim (Type-S) and color (DSM), and even the mods. If you think your car will be under the sun a lot (no garage), then get a good tint job and use a sunshade from the windshield. Good luck!
  • To Beowulf7: Thank you for your input. I do have a garage but if I go food shopping and have to leave my car outside I was afraid a darker color would get hot easier.

    Now I am thinking about the Desert Silver Metalic Color but the cloth interior despite the leather looking so beautiful since the car does not come with heated seats. I have a leather sofa and recliner in my living room that get so cold in the winter time. But the Titanium leather is so beautiful... This exterior color is a very unique and pretty color and maybe it would be easier to keep it clean. My red cars always looked clean and did not have to be washed that often.
  • prelude00girl, I have had my desert silver 2002 base (with leather) for almost a year, and am still amazed at how good the color looks. Just a little feedback on the color.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    DSM is probably the easiest to keep the exterior clean. White and black are by far the hardest.

    I beg to differ...White is actually one of the easier colors to keep clean. I have the white and it always looks pristine. Of course, walking up next to it will show all of the dirt as it would on any paint, but from 15-20 feet on, it looks immaculate.

    I couldn't decide between white or DSM, I ended up going with white because it's a solid color, and it is easier to touch-up down the road if you get scratches.
    If you're deciding between Black and DSM, then I would go with the you said the black interior will be nasty in the heat and without the seat warmers, chilly in the winter.

    On a similar note:
    There are a couple of aftermarket companies that make seat warmers for the RSX if you are interested.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Here is a link to directions on how to install them.

    and a link to one of the companies that sells them.

    I'm actually thinking about doing it this summer before the winter comes.

    The heated mirrors are much more complicated...just in case you get any ideas.
  • rbkern1rbkern1 Posts: 1
    I have been looking at new cars for a while and have narrowed down to the RSX Type S and the Hyundai Tiburon GTV6 (Pkg 3) 6 Speed. I see the price difference and the warranty difference, but what about performance, deprec., etc.? Any ideas?
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    The Tib's value will drop like a rock the instant you drive it off the dealer's lot. Acuras are known for retaining above-average resale values. Hyundais are not. Belive it or not, the 10Y/100K Hyundai warranty does not help in this respect.

    What the RSX gives up to the Tib in torque, it wins back in terms of workmanship, reliability, performance and refinement. Drive 'em back-to-back and you should notice an immediate difference.

    And nobody builds a 4-cylinder engine like Honda does.
  • I would love to know how satisfied versus not satisfied are those on this list that have purchased leather seats without the heaters for their RSX. I would also like to know why you are satisfied versus not satisfied The same question for cloth seats ... please since I have to decide if I go with the Acura RSX about this decision. Is there much maintenance involved in keeping leather seats nice? Do those with leather seats cover them with seat covers? Did anyone's leather seats crack? I always wanted a leather sofa and recliner, so I purchased a taupe set for my family room. I love how comfortable it is when the weather is not too cold or hot outside. But I dislike how I usually keep the sofa covered since it is cold in the winter time and cold with the air conditioner on in the summer time. I love the classy look of the leather but now I wish I got a velour or some other comfortable fabric. I always bought my prelude with cloth comfortable seats despite having a choice to exchange them for leather. I love the way the Titanium leather looks in the RSX but I want to make sure I will not regret it like I do my sofa. I read about the seat warmers you can buy and install. I think they look like too much work is involved since I am not handy at things like that.
  • scipio1scipio1 Posts: 142
    I'm one of those idiots that keeps switching out of a car every 18 months, and I can tell you for a fact that I've lost a small fortune in wasted cash lost on perfectly good, very minorly used cars.

    Not only that, you'll miss it later. If my wife wouldn't send me to the asylum, I'd consider throwing a wake for the '98 GS-R I gave up with only 9,500 miles on the odometer and the 97 M3 I traded away for a pittance with less than 10,000 of my miles on it. Every time I think about it now, I just want to kick myself. If only I could go back in time...

  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I would love to know how satisfied versus not satisfied are those on this list that have purchased leather seats without the heaters for their RSX. I would also like to know why you are satisfied versus not satisfied The same question for cloth seats

    I have the titanium colored cloth seats. I refused to get leather because of the lack of seat heaters (I live in the Northeast)
    I love the cloth seats...very nice quality. They are made of two types of cloth, one being a micro-fiber that looks and feels almost exactly like split suede. (This micro fiber cloth is also found on the door panels) Cloth seats also hold the butt better when cornering. I've had leather seats before that allowed me to slide around some when cornering.

    ...although I still want to get some seat heaters
  • Mark (Nitromax),

    Thank you for your input again! I am so glad you are happy with your Titanium cloth seats. That fury portion on the seat is throughout my Honda Prelude's plush seats which is the best part of my Prelude. I always loved my seats. The RSX's seats were nice but not as comfortable as my car but maybe they would be once sat in for a few months since the seat was not much different in styling than my Prelude.

    I want to a new dealership today to test the Acura RSX Automatic on a highway and on the back roads. The ride was very nice and I felt very comfortable in the car at all times. The dealer was very patient and let me sit in the car with cloth seats since the one we tested had black leather seats. I found the cloth more comfortable on my short legs. He gave me a very fair price with no pressure. The lighter seats are very nice. The Desert Silver Metallic was to me a similar color to my pretty Taupe sofa. The white was very nice. The black was stunning but I am now worried about it always looking dirty. I am starting to lean toward the DSM exterior with the lighter colored seats since my current Prelude and the previous 3 Prelude leases all had dark seats. The Silver is nice also but I am beginning to think that the RSX looks best in White, black or DSM in the base model.

    Now should I get the spoiler added on for more sportiness or will it block my view? All four of my Preludes had spoilers to make the look more sporty and to help me see where the end of the car ended. The RSX had a short back so I am not sure I need to see where the car ended. There were no cars in the show room that had spoilers on them for me to see what an Acura RSX would look like in person with a spoiler. Some cars look better with them and some without them.

    My dad still feels I should buy my car but I am leaning toward having a new car with a 4 year warranty and putting only a little bit down with the same payment I have now but in 5 years I will own the car. Yes, the Prelude is a better car but my car is 3.5 years old and it costs over $14,000.00 to buy with sales tax. I would have to paint the car if I kept it due to some deep scratches in order to avoid future rusting problems. If I buy my Prelude, I will have to lay out a lot of money all upfront now (I am self-employed and would prefer the money in my bank account right now until I see where I stand in October) or try to find a decent used car loan that will lend to me since a few places already told me they will lend to me to buy a new car or a used car from a dealer but not a lease buyout. I could always extend the lease until October and then buy the car which will have a much lower buy back or buy a 2004 model of the Acura RSX then. But each $375.00 payment I make only lowers the buyout by $250.00 so I lose $125.00 per month which is bothering me.

    I liked the shorter length of the Acura RSX's body than my Prelude's body and the fact I would be starting over with ownership right away in my mind. I do think my Prelude's seats are a bit shorter and softer so a bit more comfortable.

    Does anyone lean on the headrest when driving? That was one negative about the RSX. Due to my petite height the back of the head rest would be good for only protecting my head but not for resting on it since there is a hole at the top of the headrest where my head hits when resting there. I never thought about this until tonight. Tomorrow when I am driving I must see if I lean on my head rest.

    The hood of the car is so low that I do have a wonderful view of the road but I can barely see what color it is and I can't see the end of the hood at all. I wonder if this would be a problem parking the car? I know I did park beside my Prelude and I was straight but needed to be closer. I wonder if I can learn to judge since I do love the controls of the car and the fact my payment would be the same with only a small down payment.

    I am going to let the dealership look at my car on Thursday to see if they will buy it from Honda and give me money towards it to lessen my down payment since I have less than 17,000 miles on my 3.5 year old lease. I guess it bothers me to return my car with such low mileage so it can be sold at retail for a lot of money after they touch it up and wax it. I should have leased it for 4 years. I really had planned to buy it but it would be easier on me right now to start over again with a similar payment than to take time away from doing extensions for clients so I could finish my own tax return to apply for a bank loan that would accept my lease buyout as the collateral.

    I wonder if there is a rental place that would have the Acura RSX in automatic to rent to test out such a long-term 5 year commitment? I have never had a car beyond 4 years due to leasing and to a lemon car I bought years ago (was a purchase and not a lease) that I exchanged after 2.5 years since the warranty ran out in 9 months (I used to drive a lot) and the repairs were so much every month on such a cheap Chevrolet Spectrum. After that I had a Toyota Corolla (the two door sporty pop-up lights model) and 4 different leased Preludes after the Corolla. I guess I never wanted to break down all the time like I did in my Spectrum so I felt safer in a new car. I would love that I enjoy this car so much that after I pay it off, I have no payments for awhile or at least a trade-in.

    Sorry so long. It helped to write this all out since now I know where I stand with my thoughts. I guess a car that I like means a lot to me so I am trying to make a decision that will be best for me financially, as well as make me happy.

    Susan (prelude00girl)
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