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Suburban Tahoe Owners Meet the Members



  • Just moved here from the desert and I have been taking my tahoe to a Chevy Dealership for service. I have had trouble locating a Chevy specialist in the West LA/Santa Monica area that is reliable and fairly priced. The guys at the dealership are very overpriced and I have found them to do shoddy repairs. Does anyone have a suggestion for a mechanic???
  • I bought my Z71 suburban (white) for 34K listed for 43K. It was an end of year (02)and had some demo miles (4000). I have dealt with demos before and never had any problems. Some folks dislike demo's but I like a good deal. Have had zero problems to date.
  • We were on vacation 600 miles away from home and had engine trouble. To make a long story short the Chevy Dealer told us we had a cracked block and it would cost between 5300 and 6300 for a new engine. We had 68,000 miles on it and were told there was no warranty left. We had pretty much always serviced it at our local dealer and are stunned at this happening.

    Now that we are home I am wondering if anyone knows where we can go for factory assistance. I prefer names over just calling in and complaining.

    Any assistance would sincerely be appreciated.

    Thank you
  • We had an incident today where control of our Tahoe was lost with an initial veering to the left. When the vehicle came to rest the left rear hub assembly was folded under the vehicle. Has anyone seen any similar failures? Thanks!

  • finns1finns1 Posts: 2
    What kind of gas mileage does 2wd Suburban get for 02-03
  • iblyniblyn Posts: 1
    OK.. Got a problem. My car dealer went out of business about 1 year after I bought my Tahoe.(He lost his dealership!) Did have one recall on the driver seat, had that taken care of. Now I see that there was one for the windshield wipers. Never got a letter or anything. What do I do ?? Help needed here. have about 120,000 miles on it now, still love it and runs ok. Just needs a minor tune up. Any ideas out there that can help me? Also, reading the TSBs on 1996 Tahoes' and have no idea what all these problems are?? Are these recalls ??
  • kylnjkylnj Posts: 7
    I just got a 96 Tahoe, 5.7L, 107K mile, with Tow pkg. I wonder what is the max tow capacity? How often should I change transfer case oil? Do I need a ATF change or a ATF flush?

    I got a problem of: if I dont drive it 3-4 day, the battery is going low and need a jump. Anyone have any idea?

  • jimmyp1jimmyp1 Posts: 640
    it's definitely past due for a new one. Short of that (no pun intended) there may be something draining it elsewhere. Anything been done to the car electrically lately?

  • kylnjkylnj Posts: 7
    Hi jimmyp1,

    thanks for response, for the past 3 yr, i saw 2 replacement. so I assume it is the 3rd, counting the original 1st. I took the current battery to pepboy to test. they say it is good. test hole showng green. no electronic job lately.

    Also should I change transfer case oil?

  • Does anyone know if a third row seat can be installed aftermarket? I have a 2001 Tahoe that did not come equipped with the third row seat, and I find that now that my wife is pregnant with twins, I need a third row seat, but I don't want to go out and buy a new Tahoe! Any suggestions?
  • kylnjkylnj Posts: 7
    I think I found the problem draining the bettery.
    It is the driver side, vanity mirror light.
  • jimmyp1jimmyp1 Posts: 640
    good to hear. Good luck from here forward. I am in the market for a Z71, so I hope to join the group soon.

  • kylnjkylnj Posts: 7
    I got a good one to tell everybody: sunday i found out that even you remove key, quite a few of accessory still working. i notice that the driver side sun visor is very hot, the vanity/mirror light are on all the time. the light has a spring switch. when not used the cover of the mirror will keep the switch off and shut the light. there are 2 hinge hold the cover in place and the one close to switch is broken. so the light is on all the time. what a relief.

    when the battery is constantly charging and discharging all the time when the hinge fail about 3 years ago. this is the reason within 3 year this is the 2nd battery.

    on 2nd thought, ironically, GM sure have something to be proud of "the 2 vanity light bulb is on for about past 3 yrs and still working"

    i use a metal plate and taped against the spring switch to keep it off and hope i correct the problem.
  • kylnjkylnj Posts: 7
    i forget to mention. this tahoe is for the wife of the household carrying kids around. she must have use the vanity mirror/light a lot while on the road. i guess i can say its all woman's fault

    now i got another problem and hope someone can help: during trouble shooting, i remove the battery and had it tested at shop to confirm it is good. after connect it back, the radio is locked 'loc'. i guess seller give me the wrong passcode, while i am trying to unlock it, i try 2 many time and the display is changed to 'InOp'.

    anyone had similar experience can help ??
    thanks much
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    As per the instructions in the owners manual (I assume you've read that) you'll need to take it to a dealership to have the radio reset.
  • kylnjkylnj Posts: 7
    I, check into the manual again and it say keep the igination on for over an hour, it will reset and I try again with the correct passwd and it works.

    thanks anyway.
  • Where can I get good pricing on seat covers for my 03 Suburban for front seats, 60/40 and bench? I'm looking for basic material that will keep the kids from runining the leather.
  • Where can I get good pricing on seat covers for my 03 Suburban for front seats, 60/40 and bench? I'm looking for basic material that will keep the kids from ruining the leather?
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Lookin your yellow pages under auto 's then trim ect.. should be a listing for the supplier that the trim shops buy the material from .
  • The interior lights started to come on when they shouldn't. Had to use the dome override to keep the battery from draining. I was told the switch was bad, so I replaced it. The switch lasted about a month and now the same thing is happening. Also, when the dome overide button is not on, I can hit any auto window swtich and the interior lights will blink. Before I take it to my mechanic to try and track the problem down, I am curious to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Any advise would be appreciated.
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