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Oldsmobile Aurora: Care & Maintenance



  • love9love9 Posts: 3
    I have a 01 Aurora i just bought. The check engine light keeps coming on, I have had an EGR vale replaced. It seems to shift while driving like from first to second. I took it to a Transmission place and they said it isnt the transmission. Whew!!! It also seems to jerk real hard when i come to a stop sometimes ( as if im putting my foot on the brake and gas at the same time) does any one know what this problem can be
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Are you saying it is stuck in limp home mode, only have gears one and two?
    Knowing that it is not the transmission is a plus since one thing that can cause that is some solenoids that can break which are located in the bottom.
    Which engine/transmission?
    What is the code for the check engine?
    How many miles on vehicle?
  • love9love9 Posts: 3
    the codes are showing P420 and P410 and it has 133,000 miles
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    You still have not said which engine.
    I suggest you find a chart specific to the Aurora. Those codes from general charts indicate something going on with bank 1 oxygen. Depending upon which year, you could have as many as four O2 sensors and just below that mileage is when I had three of them puke codes.
    I found that none of the aftermarket had as many flutes on the sensor and if you look through the forums you will see that aftermarket parts did not work out well for combustion related issues.
    If it turns out to be a code more specific to sensors, and it is not a heater issue such as blown fuse, I'd replace all of them and get them in AC/Delco brand.
    I have used Rock Auto and GM parts direct. There are likely other sources as well that give a hefty discount. Definitely read the info at GM parts direct before placing order there.
  • love9love9 Posts: 3
    im sorry. its a 3.5L V6
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I had to ask because of the year. Earlier models only had the more common 4.0 Aurora engine by Cadillac, V8.
    What I said about getting appropriate OBDII chart still applies. Some of those numbers mean slightly different things for different vehicles, even though it might have same engine because of how the computer was programmed. I don't know that engine is as fussy as the 4.0, but there are slight differences in aftermarket parts.
    I took a chance on using a Borg-Warner fuel pressure regulator on the 4.0 because I knew they made a lot of such parts for GM. They admitted that though they designed per information they got from GM, for aftermarket, it might not be exactly the same and it seemed to me that I lost some power. The main reasons I would accept an aftermarket would be that I know it is exactly the same part or the GM OE is having a high failure rate and I know that something else is likely better.
    One such part I tried a few times was the common Throttle Position Sensor which was under $30 bucks aftermarket and the GM was 76. The OE''s had lasted nearly 100K. The aftermarket lasted 6 months. One of them was even replaced under warranty, but still the time involved with changing it and recalibrating the fuel system to it, the cheap one ended up costing me 2 to 3 times more.
    good luck
  • twlv21twlv21 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Aurora.

    Does anyone know how much new pulleys will cost me. I've been on the road the past month (nearly 3000 mi). After my last trip, there was some noise coming from under the hood. Someone told ,e that its was my pulleys. He said it was a easy fix. Just trying to figure out how much this will run me.

    Also after I had my altenator replaced my lights randomly flick on and off. No clue what it may be, and no one else seems to know either. I tried taking the battery off, and it worked for a little while. They come flicker randomly through out the day draining my battery, and causing it to die.

    Any solutions?
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