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Kia Spectra Sedan



  • It's a sort of a bummer that the North American market doesn't have access to the leather seats and the automatically controlled climate control system!

    ...or the Solar Panel Glass. It could also be that North American market doesn't have all of the sound insulation features either as featured in your link.

    But so far my experience has been that my 05 Spectra has a really solid feeling and is a very quiet car. It's quieter than my wife's 05 Acura MDX which is also quiet but her's has slightly more wind noise at higher speeds.
  • I was somewhat concerned about the temp reading..It didn't come to me that this cars heater may come in handy in the cold months, thanks alot..guys.I will do some more looking around for that thud sound ...I'll relook at the spare tire to see if thats the problem
  • My wife weighs 130 so it should work. After a few trips to dealer the light still stays on when she sits in passerger seat, sometimes. The seat cushion and sensor has been repalced once and a KIA engineer came out and reprogrammed computer and still have problem. Car is going back to dealer next week again and the engineer is coming again with what better be the last fix. If they can't fix it will have to consider lemon law and that would be a shame because I do like the car.
    I read that the Sorrento had this problem but reprogramming computer seemed to fix problem. If anyone has this problem would like to hear about it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Hyundai has just announced the recall of 240,000 2004 and 2005 Elantras to fix a problem with the Occupant Classification System (OCS) on the front passenger seat. It is likely the Spectra uses a similar system, so maybe there will be a recall soon for the Spectra.
  • Seems kinda like a bogus recall to me. Who would leave their child seats on the front anyways? That's illegal in the states from what I know. I might be wrong, but it seems like a stupid ultra-nitpicky reason for a recall.
  • I was needing to put a cruise control on this 2005 spectra . Anyone know where I could find one..and would it be easy enough to put it on myself..I have been looking over the net and I can't seem to find one...Any info would be great..thx
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    The recall has nothing to do with people putting child seats on the front seat. It has to do with the OCS not functioning as designed.
  • If the recall is for same problem I am having then not bogus because the problem is that the air bag is disabled when an adult is sitting in the passenger seat.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Most likely Hyundai and Kia are using the same seat sensor and/or computer, as the 2006 Sonata GLS my wife recently rented had the same problem. With an adult sitting in the front passenger seat, the passenger airbag was disabled - this occured on an intermittent basis.
  • I have a 2005 Spectra EX Sedan with almost 6,000 miles. It is a great little car but I noticed something odd recently.

    The rear window defrost button never shuts off. In other cars I've owned, if you turn the rear window defrost on, after 10 minutes or so the defrost will automatically shut itself off. This does not appear to be the case with the Spectra. I've let it go around 15 minutes and shut it off myself. In the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal--just curious.

    Anyone notice this?
  • Mic:

    I think this is normal behavior. My 2004.5 EX does the same thing.

    I do think that there's a timeout though.... but it's exceptionally long. Maybe like 20-30 minutes or something like that. I swear that I have had mine turn off on occasion when I'm driving a long time.

    But like yourself, I usually just flip it off when everything is clear. Why tax that quality-made Korean battery/alternator when you don't have to? (That's a humorous little dig at KIA based on some battery issues that I've read on some of the other KIA-based forums regarding the perceived short life of the OEM batteries.)

    Hopefully our batteries will go the usual 4+ years. Time will tell.

  • Kia recalling more than 70,000 LD Spectras

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Kia Motors America Inc. said Thursday it was recalling more than 70,000 LD Spectra sedans because the computer operating the air bag system could confuse a child seat for an adult in the front passenger seat.

    The recall, which will begin in late October, involves vehicles from the 2004-2005 model years.

  • FWIW my '01 Sportage 4x4's OEM battery is still going strong and I have about 104,800 miles on the SUV now. I often listen to the stereo while the engine is shut off and the alternator can't charge the battery back up and the battery just keeps going and going and going. It's not showing any signs of aging whatsoever. Hope everybody else's Kia batteries are also treating them well.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • martintmartint Posts: 12
    I just read in newspaper that KIA is going to recall the Spectra for the same problem as the Elantra had so maybe now I will get this passenger air bag sensor problem resolved.
  • What exact colors did you get? My interior is the same color's as yours. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I noticed that at least for today, you can save up to $2250 on a '05 Spectra, more with the grad program. The $1750 rebate expires today--no idea if it will be extended. That puts the Spectra at a major advantage price-wise for at least today over its cousin the Elantra--rebates were just slashed on that model.
  • What exact colors did you get? My interior is the same color's as yours.

    I ordered the Euro-Perf, with "sand" on top/bottom and "brown" sides.

    I perfed the top/bottom sections as shown in Wheelskins brochure, but KIA perfs the sides on their factory leather covered wheels. So... you need to make a choice. Wheelskins will actually perf the whole wheel for no added cost, so that's an option too. Be warned that the it takes a few minutes to install.... there's over 105 stitches on there to make!!!!

    Here's a picture of mine again, for those wondering what the heck we're talking about! :-)

    SpectraMan's Wheelskins cover on his Spectra EX

    So far I'm *lovin* the feel of a real leather wheel again. I've always had a leather cover on my steering wheel going back to high school. The factory KIA wheel offered good grip, but its surface was a bit rough on the hands. Now when the wheel snaps back through my hands, it's smooth and soft! But... the grip is still good if I latch on. The leather isn't the least bit slippery.

  • kwinnkwinn Posts: 11
    hey spectraman,

    nice steering wheel cover. Quick question is your stereo aftermarket? mine is totally diff from yours. mine looks like a double din and i was looking for an aftermarket kit to put in a pioneer in place.. if yours is aftermarket could u pls tell me what kit you used.. thank you in advance
  • Hi Kwinn:

    My radio is completely factory stock. The 2004.5 Spectra sedans came with a low profile CD player. Thus, I have two cubbies below my radio.

    Here's a factory photo of what it looks like straight on:

    Spectra EX radio for 2004.5

    So far I've had no problems whatsoever with it, and it sounds great by my standards. There's no MP3 or satellite radio capabilities though, which I know are starting to be options to look for.

  • humanhuman Posts: 5
    I did notice this problem on my 05 Spectra as well.

    Does anyone know if the dealer has the means to fix it now, or do I have to wait for the recall?
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