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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • gbrowngbrown Posts: 4
    ok so we all hear the air pump, but does anyone else have a severe metallic rattle from a c230k 2002 with the 2.3 kompressor engine that starts a few seconds after start up if it sits overnight and lasts about 5 seconds long......if so i would like to compare notes, mercedes ahs had my car several times, they orderd and replaced a special cam gear from germany supposed to fix this concern......guess what it did not, paul rennick the east coast mercedes parts and service regional vice president sat in my car with me heard to noise stated he could not tell me what it is and after replacing all the timing componets the 1st visit and the cam sprockett the next visit states it normal...he also has instructed the local dealer to not attempt any more repairs. this noise started at 20k miles and gets worse all the time now the noise can happen even if the car sits 45 minutes...if you are having this concern i already have an attorney working on it and have had an independant ase master tech listen to my car, who by the way said that this noise is internal engine and will cause failure in the future. don't let your self be fooled by a manufacturer who shirkes their responsabilities
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    I started posting messages about my 2005 C240 vibration problems back on February 25th.(message 165). It appeared that the problem was solved after approximately 21 days at the dealer. They determined that the rear axle needed to be shimmed. Everything was fine for three weeks then the vibration slowly slipped back into my life. I am bringing the car in next week for Mercedes to again try to resolve this problem. I am discouraged and saddened by this problem after spending $38,000. This is my second new Benz and without a doubt my last. MBUSA is burying their collective heads in the sand. The dealer is fantastic .... doing whatever is necessary to try and resolve this problem. They also happen to be a BMW dealer and because of their professionalism they will get a shot at my next car but it won't be a Benz.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Yeah, I'm completely mystified by your predicament. Considering everything they've just sounds unprecedented.

    One of the strengths of our '02 C240 is how smooth it is - I take some precautions on that topic, i.e. I jack it up at all four corners when it is in the garage, because we often don't use the car for days or even weeks at a time, and this prevents the tires from developing flat spots.

    Anyway, I can understand your disappointment and reaction. Wish I could understand what's going on. Good luck in the future - a BMW 3er might indeed be a good replacement choice.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    That is very unusual problem that I've never seen on any Benz, let alone a C-class. You obviously have a car with a serious issue that is baffling everyone. That being said you should work with the factory rep to get it replaced rather than have to keep dealing with it.
  • kcapkcap Posts: 5
    There is an audible piercing intermittent ringing noise coming from the dash area. It fades in and out. It starts about 3 minutes after driving the vehicle and intermittently starts and stops and lasts usually 30 seconds or longer each time. When I stop the vehicle and leave it in a parked position, the ringing sound doesn't fade away but gets louder! There are no warning lights illuminated on the dash. I replaced the batteries in the remote....nothing seems to work at this point. It is driving me insane. Anyone out there know what this is?!#@!
  • rsaundorsaundo Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to the problem. I'm having the same problem with my ML320. Wouldn't start this morning. I was going to change the fuel filter but saw your response. Any help would be aprreciated.
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Have you checked the air blower assembly? The bearings can wear out early and depending upon how they fail they can produce a nerve racking noise. Try turning the air/heater off completely and leave it off for a while then see if the noise continues. If not, you found the problem.

    Mine only made a noise when in the lowest two fan speeds. Once above those levels it was quiet. I could really hear the sound when shutting the car off as the blower assembly wound down the noise was obvious.

    And yes, it sounds like it is coming out of the dash.
  • kcapkcap Posts: 5
    Stopped at the mechanic. He did exactly what you suggested and you are correct, it is either the above or the air filter could be bad...but more likely a vacuum hose leak? I will find out tomorrow and post the results. Thank you kindly for replying!
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Great, glad to be able to help.

    Hope this does the trick for you. Mine was cleared up immediately and worked just fine ever since.
  • black280black280 Posts: 5
    I deal with it by applying rain-x on it, works just fine.
  • black280black280 Posts: 5
    My congrats on your purchase. You probably bought the last quality built mercedes before they went down. That model year did'nt have much trouble I understand from what I have read. They usually need just oil changes and gas. I take it you are in Austin TX ? My sister and her husband live there and they have a ML and they love it. I have a C280 94' and it is a good car. Not bad gas milage either, I get about 26-28 MPG, for a sedan and a six, that is'nt bad. I have used high octane and medium grade fuel and mine seems to run well on chevron and texaco. Shell is terrible in my car 87-89 octane is what I usually run, sometimes 93 but that was before the gas prices.
  • I have had so many problems with my c class to. Make sure your daughter keeps all records ans reciepts of any work/problems she has with her car. theres a very good book "the lemon Law Bible, by Steve Lehto if she continues to have reocurring problems with her car. It is very fustrating to buy what we think is a problem free car, as i write this my car is back in the shop again. Sincerely c :lemon:
  • This is my third mercedes, and i would not ever buy again. Words speak for its self. All i can suggest is to really do your research, good luck sincerely C
  • kcapkcap Posts: 5
    You were absolutely 100% correct. It was the air blower assembly. THANK YOU SO MUCH! K
  • airig320airig320 Posts: 4
    What kind of mileage did you get out of your tires? My 2004 C230 needed new tires at 10K, dealer says I am lucky because I should only expect 5-10K out of them. Who is crazy here? Anyone else replacing tires that quickly? I have the sport package. :mad:
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Continentals or Goodyears? Either way the OEM tires on the sport package should do much better than that depending upon your driving style. If you took the car to the local autocross every other weekend then yes, 4-5k miles would be all you could expect but even with Z rated high-performance tires and normal stick-your-foot-in-it every now and then driving you should do at least 12-15k. The new "eraser" style 35 and 40 series tires can go out pretty quickly but I thought the sport package comes with 45 series rubber and a slightly harder compound.

    Tire pressure can play a factor as well so with the new rubber keep the pressure to at least 32 psi. I tend to run my tires hard and they last longer. The sidewall pressure is just a starting point for most autocross / solo II drivers who tend to run them up to 42-45 psi for short periods of time. On my old C, non-sport, and the loaner C230 Kompressor Sport, I ran at least 32 and often went as high as 35 psi. Do drop the pressure down on long freeway trips or if in the heat of summer to 32 as extended operation at 80+ in 100+ heat can build up the tire pressure much further.

    Your ride will get stiffer, the handling will improve, and your tires should wear better.

    Next step, try switching tire brands. Go to a sports tuner or serious tire / wheel shop and they'll walk you through the options.
  • airig320airig320 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply- it has OEM Michelin tires on it. They are non-rotatable due to the car having 17s on the back and 16s on the front. My girlfriend actually drives the car and granted, she is not the worlds best driver, but she doesn't beat on it. This is a real dissappointment and MB doesn't want to do anything about it. I find it ridiculous that they think 5-10k miles on a set of tires is acceptable. Based on this alone, it will be my last MB product. Otherwise, the car is great.
  • kcapkcap Posts: 5
    Anyone have an idea of what the actual cost is to repair the air blower on the C230? My mechanic claims 15 hrs to take apart dash (at $70/hr) plus installation of the air blower.
  • sshahsshah Posts: 2
    I also own '98 c280 and have the similar problem. I leave the key on the second level for 2-3 min (i.e. just before you turn the third time to start the car). Then it starts. I am still not able to figure out why this happens....if you know, please email me.
  • sshahsshah Posts: 2
    Yup same here. I just posted my message. Please email me if there is a
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