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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • Thinking of getting the MB C230 and am wondering how it handles in the snow. I live in Ontario, Canada where we get some and have had a few close calls in the past. I wanted to check this out as far as handling goes before I sign on the dotted line...Comments?
  • I have a 6 month old Mercedes C230. Since I have owned the car, it has been intermittently dropping out of cruise control. On one instance I got a malfunction message and my dealer did some work on the car, but it did not fix the problem. I am wondering if anyone out there has a similar problem and was successful in getting it fixed. If so, I would like to hear from you.
  • My 2002 C230K with 1900 miles has creaking noises coming from the windshield's bottom/far-edge of dashboard. It starts out quietly and gets quite loud as you drive on. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  • Glad I dropped in...Seems some of you need some reassurance. Snow.. dusting.. drive in a lower gear, that is what the sports shifter is for...tap it to the left, down the gear range. Snow...deep.. don't they plow the roads where you live? Just kidding. Like all rear wheel drive cars with traction control, the idea here is to go slow. Sometimes letting the car go without any pressure on the gas pedal will get you started. As your momentum increases, small amounts of pressure will bring the car to speed.
    Noise...from the engine... If it is a 2002, that supercharger does make noise when first started. Get used to it. If it is a 2003, with the loss of one horsepower and a significantly smaller engine ( 1.8 ) have the dealer check the balance shafts.
    Let me know if this helps.
  • Before you invest, check out the 2002 car issue of Consumer Reports. The RELIABILITY section has some interesting info. If you're looking to buy a $35,000+ MB, you will be smart to check these ratings..........
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I'm interested - can you give a web link?
  • retguyretguy Posts: 3
    Mine is a C320 with 1200 miles on it. Orion Blue is a knockout color esp with Oyster Leather interior. I find the steering effort high when attempting quick turns from a start. What up with that? Why does the recirc light go out on it's own with the auto temp on?
  • berrillberrill Posts: 3
    Hi I purchased a new C Class coupe in 2002, it’s the new spec 1.8 litre compressor motor, evolution spec.

    I purchased the car from new; it now has 8,000 miles on the clock. Due to my frustration I have given the car back to the dealer and they are giving me a new 2003 model, unfortunately I have to pay in an additional $ 4,000.00.

    It seems as if most of you are extremely happy with your cars, so this gives me faith that my new one will give me years of trouble free motoring, I would love to hear your comments on the problems I have had.

    Here they are, remember this is a new car.

    EPS failed
    ABS failed
    BAS Failed
    The boot has to be slammed to get it to close
    Starter motor replaced
    Ventilation control knob ceased
    Sunroof wind deflector jammed.
    Ineffective air conditioner
    Doors unlock whilst driving
    Occasionally when pulling off the engine idles roughly, as if it’s operating on one cylinder, pressing the accelerator has no effect, the engine works fine after turning it off and on again
    Seatbelt sensors failed to detect the passenger was not wearing their belt.

    The worst problem must be the constant rattles that emulate from the sunroof and the hatch back where the drawstrings attach to (Please e mail me if you have managed to solve these problems)

    Fortunately after reading your comments it seems as if there are many happy customers out there hopefully my second Coupe will be better please feel free to e mail me on with your comments
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 350
    You have quite a long, bizzare list of problems there - - if I were in your shoes, I think I'd also choose to drop the $4K to swap cars.

    Insofar as diagnosing the problems, the most common theme is electrical/electronics. Its not really normal for so many subsystems to fail independently, so I'd suspect it to be something more basic. For example, a bad alternator could be putting out "dirty" power which then fries the other sytsems.

  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    I just bought my first benz this week- a c230 coupe. I know that I am responding to posts that are months old, but my salesman explained to me that the reason you have to be so close to the car to operate the windows is that it is mandated by safety requirements. Since the windows work in both directions (up AND down), you must be able to see them so that no one (i.e., a small child) could be in the way while the windows were going up. Hence, your door locks can operate on radio frequency over longer distances, while your windows MUST be controlled by infra-red, which only works within a very few uninterupted feet. Try doing your windows once and while they are in motion, put your other hand in between the key and your car. The windows will stop.

    Hope this helps you.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    I've had my '00 C230 for almost 3 years and did not know this. Thanks very much!!

      - Paul
  • I have a 2002 c320 with 21k miles and seem to have a fair number of chips in the paint on the hood. Also, the windshield, which I had replaced last February after taking a small stone, chipped again while on the freeway in Massachusettes. Is it just coincidence or do these cars chip more easily than normal?
  • No matter what car brand you own everyone is complaining about the new water-based paints that are environmntally friendly but chip easily. The old acrylics and enamels that were solvent based have been legislated out of existence and until someone develops some type of "new" coating that is more chip resistant while still being environmentally friendly, we have to put up with what is currently available. Some people feel that paints colors with more pigment in them are more chip resistant. The most popular Mercedes color (silver) has less pigment than other colors. I own 3 different Mercedes (2 silver, 1 white) and the white does not seem to chip as easily as the silver. White has more pigment than silver so this theory may have some credence.
  • I purchased the vehicle brand new this January. No problem yet. I've got 4k miles on this baby. Anyone out there experienced any problems with this vehicle, pls let me know. Thanks.
  • I recently purchased my Kompressor and have gotten several dead batteries after leaving the car sit for a couple days. The dealer has replaced the battery twice with no success. They're now telling me I need a built in charger (that they want to charge me $300 for) and I'll have to plug the thing in every night. They tell me that this is a common problem in Mercedes of every class. (They actually don't call it a problem, according to them everybody who owns a Mercedes plugs their car in). For some reason I find it hard to swallow that you can spend so much money on a car and have to plug it in. (especially since they never told me this when I first had the problem).
    I'm just wondering if any body else has had this problem. Are they telling me the truth??
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    They have got to be kidding. I never heard of such a thing. If your battery keeps dying, something is draining the current. Insist they find the fault, especially if it is under warranty.
  • My wife owns a 2003 C230K coupe and has approximately 9,100 miles on the odometer. She NEVER has had the battery drain issue and has at times left the car sit for 2 weeks without using it. I find it hard to believe that a Mercedes Service Department thinks their customers are that ignorant! It is either time to call the Mercedes zone representative or take the vehicle to another dealer for warranty service. Do not put up with this level of customer service. It is one of the reasons that Mercedes is sinking rapidly in J D Powers customer satisfaction surveys.
  • You have a dealership that is trying to screw you. I can't think of any car gas engine car that would require overnight charging. I would call the district manager for Mercedes and report this dealership.
  • I have a 1999 c280 with 64500 miles. The engine warning light indicator comes frequently. I have replaced the gas cap which didn't help. I visited dealer who informed me that a diagnostic had to be performed at $150.00. Is there a "reset switch" on the engine. I had one on my Lexus. What could this problem be? Any suggestions
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi sgsutn - Sometimes disconnecting the negative battery cable (for a minute), and reconnecting it, will clear any trouble codes the computer has stored. This has worked for me (different make/model though). Be sure to turn off the radio/electrical accessories in your car before doing this. If the code is cleared but problem is still there, then the code/light will probably return after a few drive cyles.

    Btw, some auto parts stores (like AutoZone) will pull the codes for free and decipher why the check engine light is on.

    For more discussion on warning light & trouble codes, check out this discussion. "Check Engine" light. Also, here's another discussion that you may find helpful: MB C-Class Owners: Care & Maintenance Good luck.

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