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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello,
    I have a 2001 C240 (50K)and recently in the past 4 months I noticed the following problem:
    - The first time: I got out of my driveway and stepped on the gas, The car some how stalled and I got a check engine light- The dealer checked it and said that the Cylinder # 1 has misfired and they swaped coils( what are coils ?) and reset it.. So the check engine went away but the shuddering continued.

    Since then I have had 3 occassions when, when I slow down at stop sign (typically after I have just started in the last 5 minutes) The car kind of struggles and shudders- shakes - as if the engine is shaking. When I press hard on brake to stop the car completely - The shaking stops and then It is fine...
    Any ideas on what could be causing this. It feels like when the car downshifts to 1st, it struggles until it comes to a halt.


  • We recently purchased a basic C-230 (not Kompressor). After approximately 5,000 miles we noticed blue smoke from the exhaust upon ignition. We also realized from then on our car runs similarly to a diesel truck, a freight train (including all the vibrations), or dirtbike. We only use the most premium Shell or Amaco gasoline, and even purchase the highest grade fuel from varying gas stations to make sure an additive, etc isn’t contributing to the rumbling and smoke. The Leith Raleigh service department told us a variety of excuses for the problem ranging from the ‘head gaskets’ aren’t sealed the first 10k miles…to the blue smoke is really ‘steam’ coming out of the exhaust after the car sits all night. They also warned us against using Shell gasoline (which we don’t anyway). We are just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and what the possible REAL causes might be. Please help!!! Thanks!!!!
  • Well the head gasket explanation is nonsense but if the smoke is WHITE it could very well be condensation that is burning off into steam.

    But if the smoke is actually BLUE, and lingers in the air (steam disappears instantly), then it's oil that is being burned and you have a problem.

    If the smoke is BLUE and if it goes away AFTER a few minutes, I would guess you have defective valve stem seals--which is not a big deal to fix. If the smoke is BLUE and persists all day long, that could be a serious internal engine problem for such a new car.
  • AGH! Are we all having the same problems? This evening my key fob wouldn't work and I had to use the little metal key to open the doors. Then I couldn't start the car. When I hooked the battery charger up the battery was D-E-A-D. Problem is, I just put in a new battery. Also, having a problem with the instrument panel - shows an error for the left fog lamp - which works!!!. The light on the instrument panel stays on 24/7. Is this causing the battery drain????? So what is the solution and about how much does it cost to fix?
  • renyreny Posts: 4
    Don't worry be scared when you go to the dealer and they try to rip you off. I went through the same problem but my light in the instrument dash would not stay on,I tryed every thing but the way to handel theses problem is to pay the least $1000.00 or more because I paid at least $2500.00 and I'm still trying to fix the other problems I have because every day it seems like something new is going wrong and 90% of it is eletric problems. Right now my keys won't start the car but it will do every thing eles I had it towed to the dealer in White Plains and gave me a bunch of crap so I have towed back and now it on a tow truck getting ready to go to Manhattan fist thing in the morning,I called Manhattan dealer and all they say is they have to reprogram the key and thats all. I had this problem before but I thought going to White Plains will get my car back faster guess I thought wrong. ANYONE EVEN THINKING OF BUYING A C-CLASS YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IT I PROMISE YOU AND THE ONLY REASON I STILL HAVE MY CAR IS I OWE THE BANK MORE THAN WHATS THE CAR WORTH. BUY A HONDA,TOYOTA OR NISSAN.
  • I have had my 04 240 4matic for 2 years now. I have had no problems what so ever. For the few people on here that have had issues, there are Thousands out there that have had no issues at all. When you have issues with a car, any car, you will tendency is to make a big deal out of it. When there is no issues at all, that owner usually will not talk about it. WEll, I am posting. Great car, Zero problems.

    I will buy another one when the time comes.

  • Actaully, these cars are quite user friendly. Although it doesn't use a dipstick, you can check the oil level in the instrument cluster. Also, this car has a drain plug on the bottom of the engine(as do all MB's), but I guess you didn't bother to look.
    I would like to know how you change the oil in your Nissans. Most Japanese cars have the oil filter buried on the side of engine block usually towards the firewall side and under the exhaust of intake manifolds. So without lifting the car with at least a floor jack, I don't know how you are able to work on it. At least Mercedes puts most of their oil filters on top of the engine where they are easier to access.
  • renyreny Posts: 4
    I kind of had the same problem and I took it to the dealer and they replace the fuse box located in the trunk. They also replaced my battery and done some minor work on my car it should cost you somewhere about $400.00.
  • Hi, Front right head lamp (bixenon) on my 2005 C320 was flickering and I took it to dealer. I thought it might be a loose connection. I got the car back with a feeling that it has been replaced. Now its not as bright and white as the orig one or the one on the left side. Its throwing slight yellowish light but it doesn't look like a halogen lamp. Any idea if they replaced it with a cheaper one or it might just be a defective lamp? There is a marked difference in light from the two front headlamps. Thanks
  • I had a similar problem about six months ago. Turned out to be the modules in both the drivers and the passenger seats. I was lucky and under an extended warranty so don't know the cost but probably about five hundred a seat. It is frustrating but once the defective modules were replaced I have had no trouble. Good Luck.
  • I am almost out of my Certified Pre-Owned warranty and am trying to decide if it is worth keeping. My wife and I have taken it in for warranty issues 3 times this year alone. Twice for the moonroof and once for the oxygen sensor. Have any of you had the same vehicle past warranty and not regretted it?
  • shankyshanky Posts: 36
    Good to know!

    My 2006 C-350 is at 18k miles now, and simply going great...there was one minor scare regarding fuel level sensor which had to be replaced.

    No other issue to is a solid car, and feels super!

    It is obvious that no one can beat the Japanese in reliability, but that was not the only criteria I had when I purchased the C ! Other things matter too!
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    zoocosmo, we have an 02 C230 that came out of warrenty last October. We purchased the extended warrenty and I'll test out its coverage in a few weeks.

    Under warranty we had the entire heater core replaced (smelled very moldy while first starting up the A/C). Also the OX sensor had to be replaced.

    Now we have several things going on:

    -the electric seats won't back up when exiting the vehicle anymore. So, my wife who's quite short leaves the seat up against the wheel so I have to press the preset button on the door panel in order to get the seat to back up so I can sit in the car.

    -one of the front turn signal bulbs went out. I removed it to look at it, and it looked OK, filament still in tact, no sign of flame out. Just to check, I removed the other working bulb, put it in place of the bad one, and now BOTH lights don't work. And of course one has to look at this warning notice on the dash everytime you use the car. So, I went out and bought two new bulbs, put them in, and they still don't work. Frustrated!

    On my last dealership visit, they charged me $45 to change a bad rear turn signal bulb. So I fully expect them to charge me $90 to fix the front bulbs, even though they are now new bulbs (1152A's)

    My .02
  • I also had the front turn signal go out under MFG warranty. I also did the switching out of bulbs. In the end that had to re-wire it. I don't know if I can justify paying Benz maintenance all of the time. I should have leased for 4 yrs and now I would be getting into a new one. Thanks JJPeter
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    What do you mean, "In the end that had to re-wire it." ?

    The dealership had to rewire something just because a bulb burned out??? That's insane!
  • vivid1vivid1 Posts: 24
    The dealer didnt "rewire" anything. It was probably a defective dongle/clip. They are like 59 cents each.

    Seriously people, most of this stuff is NOT HARD to fix at all. If you want a car that will never break and nothing ever go wrong, go buy a bicycle. No matter what car you buy, you will have some sort of issue at one time or another.

    Go register on a Mercedes forum. Search for your problem and you might find an easy solution AND you might actually like working on your car. Driving a car is more than just stepping on the gas.
  • Sorry vivid,

    I do not own a pair of coveralls and I am not going out anytime soon to buy some. I actually work 6 days a week at present and know that I will not give up my one day off so that I can work on my car. And yes they did re-wire the blinker (per MB service adviser). I actually did test the wire as far as I could with a voltage indicator and there was no current running through the line. I think that I will end up selling this mechanics fixer-upper and get myself a Camry Hybrid.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I have a garage full of tools and have worked on cars most of my life. However, I've NEVER seen a system fail because of changing a couple of bulbs. That is a manufacturing defect or worst, an easy owner fix, rigged to fail unless you have some eloborate, dealer only setup.

    I've owned VW's, Nissans, Fords, Hyundai's, Geo's, Mazda's and this one MB C230. The C230 seems to be a money sponge once it hits the out of warranty mark. If doing even the most rudimentary repairs requires an expensive trip to the dealership, I'd offer this word of warning to anyone considering purchasing a benz.

    Get ready to pay a premium for maintaining it.
  • tony24tony24 Posts: 15
    If you are able to please do not keep this car you will regret it in the long term. I own a C240 and I've had to pay a lot for repairs.
  • OK,

    I think I have read enough to know that I will need to sell and purchase something different. Funny thing is that I am a car salesman for Toyota. Toyota is a great vehicle but I just wish that they had TRUE employee pricing like the domestics. Bang for the buck I am going to go with that Hybrid Camry. It's not the most luxurious of the line-up but I think that a good responsible vehicle with everything my wife and I need.

    Thank you for the answers and will let you know how my sale goes.
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