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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks so much for you answer. I will indeed bring it back to them along with this information. Let's hope they're willing to resolve this. Thanks again..
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    As an aside. Regarding their comments that 'it's normal' and 'that's the way it is', just have them take you out in a similar example of your vehicle. I am sure they have a bunch of vehicles like yours. If the other examples handle as poorly and make as much noise perhaps they are correct. I would be very surprised to find that they are all like that.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    In re-reading my reply, I guess I should clarify:

    When you're done, the right and left sides will have DIFFERENT caster opposed to setting them the same, which is what they're trained to do. The side with the higher caster will be a bit more reluctant to turn, which is what you want.
  • Hi everyone, I have a c200 cdi of 1999 (station wagon. My cooling fan was damaged so I am looking for a new one. I have been searching a lot on the web but I have found nothing for my model.
    Instead I have found this spare part on the internet (OEM Mercedes W202 Cooling Radiator Fan C230 SLK230 E320), which seems a lot as the spare parts I am looking for. My question is that does this part fit with my car as well?
  • Hi, I have 2002 C240 Classic and it has been nightmare since I purchased it in 2003. I always have this shaking coming from rear right wheel side, including brake shaking.
    I changed tires three times, changed rear springs, for some reason any tire that I install on right rear gets damaged.
    I do not know what to do anymore. Did anyone ever experience somethnig like this? Someone suggested to me to change rear shocks. Also it is always pulling to the side too. This is the worst vehicle I had in my life.
  • vivid1vivid1 Posts: 24
    Is the damage or wear on the inside or the outside of the tire? It sounds like you need an alignment bad. You can do that at any tire place. You dont have to go to the dealer. It might cost you about 90 bucks. Also are your rotors warped. If the steering wheel is shaking, you need new rotors or you can have your existing rotors resurfaced. Again, you can go other place besides the dealer. Hope this helps.
  • sirrobsirrob Posts: 2
    I can't help, but if you should locate a place that sells the manuals please share. Thanks
  • sirrobsirrob Posts: 2
    Having trouble with the ignition and or key. Key will open door, but will not work in the ignition. Key is worn, don't know if I may need new one or a new ignition. Service manager said most offen it is the ignition. Bought one, but can't figure how to take the old one off, so I can't put the new on. Looking for manual for dummies. Any and all suggestion appreciated. Thanks.
  • scbobscbob Posts: 167
    I am considering a C300, but Consumer Reports has little good to say about MB. It is the only car manufacturer that CR does not recommend any of its cars.
    If you look at a CR list, you will be surprised at what they do recommend.
    I am hoping MB will get the C series right this time. Whether it is covered by warranty or not doesn't matter if it can't be corrected or has to be taken in several times.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    We have 5000 miles and two months on our '08 C300 Lux. All I can tell you is that our car is issue-free....tight, quiet, everything works. This is our 15th MB [my 54th car overall since 1962], and probably the best car we've ever had. [Yes, we owned an '02 C240, which was not trouble-free, but was not a bundle of problems, either - this car beats it in every conceivable way.]
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Take it to a good tire shop and have them look at the wheel. It may be bent or out of round.
  • areddyareddy Posts: 8
    The headlamps settings dont make sense to me. What are the steps to turn the Low Beam Head Lamp on? I dont really understand the steps stated in the manual. When I try to set it up myself, I end up having the Low Beam on with the front fog lights also getting switched on. If I keep the head lamp setting to auto "A" the High beam indicator shows up and the light mode switch to High Beam. :mad: The dealer kind of didn't explain this to me clearly and I can figure out how to keep the lights on low beam with the fog lights switched off....can anyone help?
  • toriantorian Posts: 1
    found a 2004 fully loaded automatic 2004 MB C-230 sedan in silver. It has 67,000kms on it. They are asking $24,000. Is it worth that much, or would you not even bother thinking about it because the kms are so high?
  • I have MB C230 1997, and suddenly the SRS on dash light comes on without any apparent reason. Could someone help how do i turn it off?
  • this is the secondary restraint system (airbags;seatbelt pretensioners)warning light. You don't turn it off. You should get the codes read for it to see what's up. The technician can clear the light but if you don't fix the problem it'll come back on. Might just be a simple sensor defect. In any event, you may now be without an airbag, so that's not good.
  • daschedasche Posts: 11
    There used to be a label on most cars to check the airbags after 10 yrs, sounds like its just an indicator to have it checked.
  • daschedasche Posts: 11
    Okay, i just clocked 1,500 mls on my 2008 C-Sport and the parking brake pedal fell off... WTF? I rarely apply the parking brake so I'm wondering what may dislodge itself next? Still Loving the car but quite disappointed that this happened already.
  • With mixed feelings, I really like the 2008 C-class sport. I have a 2000 BMW 328i now and I swore off European cars, but ironically considering the MB. At least BMW took care of all initial maintenance cost within 50K miles / 3 years. So what is the MB cost like and is it equivalent to BMW? My current BMW cost are:
    1) Oil change every 8000-10000 miles = $100 (dealer) / $70 (independent)
    2) Inspection tune up every 30000 miles = $800 (dealer) / $500 (independent). I never got just a tune up because they always say this and that about to explode unless it was fixed immediately.
  • vivid1vivid1 Posts: 24
    I have an 04 240. My dealer takes care of everything until 50k. All oil changes and everything. I dont pay for anything. I'm at 42k miles and not one issue with the car.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    The so-called A service occurs first, at 13k miles or one year, and will be comparable to a BMW oil change at the dealer [the oil alone at dealer prices is over $50 - over 2 gallons worth]. The next service is the B, which occurs at the second year or 26k miles, and will cost twice as much if you let the dealer do it - say on the order of $300. That schedule continues for the life of the car, plus some fluid changes that are calendar-dependent: brake fluid, coolant, and a one-time transmission change at 39k miles.

    Over the long haul, I think $500-$700 a year is a good figure to be setting aside as a mtc reserve. For just the first 3 years, I'd figure about $800-$1000 total if done by the dealer.
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