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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • I just purchased a 1998 c280. It's my my first benz and so far am pleased with it. I was wondering if anybody knows about a high pitched whistle that comes from the climate control. It doesn't happen all the time but it is quite bothersome. It is not caused by the fan because it does not get loud when I turn the fan on high. It lasts about 2 to 10 seconds. Some times it lasts only about 1 to 3 seconds. It seems to die down after the car is warmed up . If anybody knows anything i would appreciate some help with it.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    I can only speculate....and my speculation is that the whistle comes from the system trying to close off the outside air [recirc mode] and not getting a good seal. To find out, try hitting the recirc button when the system is otherwise quiet, and see what happens. This would be independent of fan speed, as you've already noticed. Otherwise, I'm clueless...
  • donp4donp4 Posts: 2
    The air conditioner often comes on when it completely off.
    Sometime when I used the automatic, it would run about a minute or two then stop.
    Mercedes Benz has changed air conditioner relay and air conditioner blower it still doing the same thing.
    I need to know if anyone of you has ever experience a problem like that C240 03.
  • This week I took my C230 MB to the dealership for tune up it was due for. Car runs great, never problem. I was told the front coil springs were broke and lower control arm bushings are well warn. Which does not surprise me the car is almost 8 yrs old. The MB dealership mechanic said not to be concerned with them right now but they will have to be fixed eventually. How long can I wait before fixing them and what will happen if I wait too long? Will it ruin something else on the front end of the car? :confuse:
  • The front coil spring (strut spring I presume) is BROKEN? Really? That's something that needs to be yesterday. You could snap a strut.

    Control arm bushings may not be urgent, but they could eat up tires if they were really bad.
  • Does anyone know how to reset the computer after an oil change or service on a 2002 Mercedez C240? I also need to know how much oil these use. I am changing the oil for the 1st time and do not know how to reset the computer, please help this newby.

  • directions are listed in your C-Class owner/operators manual.
    Under the category Operation: Flexible Service System
    I have a C230 yr 2000 and my directions are listed on page 84
    here is the directions for 2000 C230,since yours is two yrs newer than mine it may not help you but it may help someone with same yr as mine:
    1. turn electronic key in steering lock to position 2
    2. within 4 seconds press button "0" twice. "located on dash just below +,- buttons"
    3. the present status for days or distance is displayed.
    within 10 sec turn electronic key in steering lock to position 0.
    4. Press and hold button "0" while turning electronic key in steering lock to position 2 again. The present status for days or distance is displayed once more.
    Cont. holding button "0".
    after approx 10 sec a signal sounds, and the display shows 10,000 miles for approx 10 sec.
    FSS now is reset.

    It took me a couple of trys to get it to work and reset my FSS.
  • Thank you very much, I will sure try this out.
  • My C230 '97's, third break light and one of the tail highlights doesn't work. Bulb are OK, fuse seem to be OK. Does anybody knows what could be happening or how to trace this lights wiring.
  • Hello and Happy New Year to all!
    My 2003 c230 coupe is scheduled for another B-svc. I'm no longer under warranty so I'm considering going elsewhere instead of the dealer to get it serivced. What does a b-service consist of and do I need to get everthing done or can I just get an oil change? Thank you so much!
  • (I posted this in the GL area but am doing so here as well. I assume the MB-tex interior is the same in all of vehicles)

    My '08 GL with Macadamia MB-tex interior is experiencing severe discoloration on the seating surfaces. A friend who had the same interior on an '07 experienced the same problem, although I incorrectly assumed it was unique to his. Now another friend with an '08 model is having the same problem I am. In all cases, complaints to our dealers were met first with denial that there's any problem, then advice to use a dry cleaner strength solvent (which apparently is now difficult to obtain).

    My dealer told me the problem is blue jeans. The rubbery nature of the seating surface apparently picks up the dye in the jeans, darkening the material. It's only taken 3 weeks for mine to look awful. This isn't from new, unwashed jeans either. Just my and my wife's regular duds that have been through the wash plenty of times.

    I'm interested in hearing if any other owners are experiencing this problem. I think it should be considered a defect and a remedy should be provided at Mercedes' expense.
  • I agree, I dont own coveralls either, and I am a female !! (not a tomboy) I read on the internet and learn about my 2000 MB c230 kompressor, when I hear an odd noise or a lightbulb burns out. My car is now 8 yrs old and had very few problems. I've purchased my headlight replacement bulbs at the carparts store and with the help of my brother in law changed them myself. Front headlight bulb cost me $14 and changed it ourselves. (trust me he isnt a mechanic either but we got it done) I dont do any major repairs would not know where to start, nor want to get dirty, but can do minor things like that. So
    The only thing major I had over the 8 yrs to have fixed on my car was a feul gauge sensor $400, I did learn at my recent oil change at the MB center that the front flex disk has some play in it and I will have to have that replaced within the yr ($370) but overall no problems here with my 2000 c230 kompressor MB and it has 130,000 miles on it.
    I agree with one of the previous posts, every brand of car will have some cars that are made that have problems but not all. :)
  • I have a 2007 and have the exact same problem. They have replaced transmission mounts, moved exhaust pipes and reset the programming in the transmission. Nothing has changed this issue. I have taken it back to Mercedes 4 times for the same problem and they cannot resolve it. I am also a bit disappointed that this cannot be resolved on such a luxury vehicle.
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    I've been thinking about purchasing a 2007 C230 with 19k miles for $23000 (tax and fees not included). Is that a good deal? Its not a CPO so should have a independent mechanic check it out before purchasing? Carfax reports show no issues.

    Anyway, from reading up on this car, it seems there are lot of problems with this line. They also seem very expensive to maintain. How reliable are these vehicles?

    Are folks compromising just to have that Mercedes name?
  • Wow...which dealer did you go to? I have 2008 C-300. All i know is at 13000 is my first oil change, and my dealer did not say anything about spotting the cost.
    Did the dealer offer this to you when you purchased your vehicle?
  • Just want to know if anyone had experience any problems with the windshield wiper. My issue is that when the passenger wiper swipe to the left, it left a vertical strip of water beading (where the blade stopped), as if it did not wipe out the water. Even when the driver's wiper swipe to the right, it did not clear up the water beading. The dealer replaced the blade the the problem was not resolved. When i drive in the rain, it is frustrating to see the vertical strip of water beading in the near center of the windshield. Please advise. Thank you
  • vivid1vivid1 Posts: 24
    I go to Knauz MB in Lake Forest, IL. I didnt even buy the car from then and all my scheduled maintenance was free of charge until the warranty is up.
  • alpogialpogi Posts: 2
    I'm contemplating on either buying a 2003 C230 K ($17,988 with 41,700 miles) or 2003 Lexus GS 300 ($18,995 with 57,549 miles). Which one should be the better car, reliability-wise, comfort and overall luxury handling capability? Thanks for your input. :)
  • the windshield wiper works fine but when I turn it off it wont turn off it stays on intermittent. Does anyone know what this might be going on? Is there anyway to reset it. The only way to turn it off is when I turn the engine off. When I turn the engine on the windshield wiper comes back on intermittent even thought it is off. It started today. It was raining and I had to use my windshield wipers.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    If you have the rain-sensing wipers, they will turn on automatically, regardless of the switch setting.

    Or....the sensor is out of whack...
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