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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    What should a "Service B" include and how much should it cost? After paying $122 for a simple oil change at my dealer, I'm thinking I may go to an independent mechanic.
  • Usually around $500.00
    I reside currently in the Illinois area but previously lived in kansas city Mo. and both MB dealerships charged approx. $500.00
    I stopped taking my 2000 C230K to an MB Dealership in 2005 and take it to a Bosch authorized independent repair shop.
    When I was in Kansas city, Mo 2005-2008 I went to star motors.
    Now,2009 I go to Edwardsville Auto Inc. near my current residence in Illinois. Much more reasonable and same person services my car so he knows what is going on with my car and I like dealing with the same mechanic.
    you can find a bosch independent mechanic at
    hope this helps.
  • My engine coolant light is on and my coolant is full and clean. The fan in the engine area began running high when that sensor came on. Does anyone know or have an idea as to what we should check to correct this fan from running high constantly. The fan runs high all the time the vehicle is on.
  • Coolant service indicator states to visit shop. The Radiator fan is rotating twice as fast and loud. Coolant level is normal and clean. I have also cleaned all the wire connections and fan will not stop. Does anyone know how to reset the coolant sensor indicator, so that the fan will turn on only when needed?

    NOTE: The temperature on the car engine is normal at all times.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Thanks for the advice. I'll start looking around for an independent.
  • rpi67rpi67 Posts: 3
    Anyone find a non dealer supplier for C300 wiper blades

    The rain X laditute and Anco sb24 blades do not fit and the bosch site does not list any.
  • A friend has the same basic problem with the Coolant Indicator - visit shop indication. Not sure about the fan I Will have to check with him.
    Any info on what the fix would be?


  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Does anyone know if the radiator and heater hoses on the 2002 C230K are regular rubber, or the long-life silicone rubber? Our C230K was manufactured in April of 2002, so will soon be seven years old. I am trying to decide if the hoses need to be changed.

    I know that I also need to clean and repack the front wheel bearings with fresh grease, so will probably need to go to the dealer to buy the grease seals.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Is this thread dead? Twenty days with no reply seems odd.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I'm here. but simply don't know the answer to your question.

    If it were my car, I'd think that we're certainly getting close to the time when new hoses would be a good idea. Frankly, I don't think the materials matter much - it's how the car is used, and the miles [you don't say how many miles are on the car]. Heat is the enemy - if you live in a warm climate, or do a lot of hot weather driving, then replacing the hoses would be a good thing, period.
  • 2000 C230K MB metallic silver exterior/blk leather interior. 4 door sedan. I have a rust problem starting. Driver's door rust starting at middle of door along the trim about six months ago. Passenger door on same side has a nickle size rust spot in middle of door just below trim, Upper area of rocker panel. I had one auto body person tell me best to get a new door rather than do body work on that spot and paint. He said he has seen these type cars with rust problems and I'd just be chasing rust breakouts. Do these cars have alot of problems with rust? What is the best way to deal with rust on MB? Is replacing door best way to go if planning on keeping the car. I've had this car since 2003 and love it!! Bought it with 85,000 mi on it in 2003. Extremely reliable engine wise. Very few repairs I've had to have done even though it has 136,000 miles on it, these repairs were suspension related due to wear of mileage. Best car I've owned. So I want to keep it as long as possible. thanks for any suggestions.
  • kufukufu Posts: 14
    I had the same rusty spots on my C-230 1998 as you described. I went to the body shop where both spots was fixed. That was back in 2004. Even today nobody can say where the rusty spots were. Who ever told you to get a new door(s) is wrong, because it is cheeper to do a body work. The best way to deal with rust is early detection, which means you won't spend much to fix it. Every good body shop can do a good job on it. My suggestion is to start looking for body shops and compare the prices. Keep in mind that you can still make lot of miles on your car. Enjoy the ride.
  • thanks for quick reply on rust issue. That is great news. I will take your advice and check with other body shops. I plan to keep the car a long time. Best car I've owned.
  • notme1notme1 Posts: 2
    hey guys, am new here, just got a used 2007 c280, my first mb,

    still getting used to moving from compact hondas to german builds so getting accustomed to noises,

    its a great car because sometimes i have to check if she is even running,

    but sometimes she is temperamental, moans like an old lady,

    i have never known much about cars and having new ones does not help either,

    a first used car experience is sure educational
  • thanks, I did just as you described and it fixed the connection now the tail light works perfectly.
    I am glad for this website sure helps alot.
  • notme1notme1 Posts: 2
    the garage guy told me in sports drive it starts on 1st gear and on comfort 2nd gear. since driving in the city is slow, the first gear and sports drive may be a better option. any thoughts ?
  • joo8450joo8450 Posts: 2
    The ignition switch will not turn after fixing squeaky noise on driver side seat.
    I should disconnecting battery cable prior to unplugging electrical wires.
    I think that it has open circuit in feedback system had to reset.
    Anybody had a similar experience on this matter?
  • rnugentrnugent Posts: 8
    The driver's power seat stopped working, again, on my 2004 C240. This happened last fall and turned out that a fuse needed to be replaced. I suspect same is true now. I am wondering what might cause this to happen every 6 months or so? Anyone else having this issue? Advice?

    Thanks, Raymond
  • mlongarmlongar Posts: 1
    Have 1997 C230 which loses power for a few seconds at all speeds on an intermittent basis. Power returns by itself. Not a transmission problem, but seems like loss of fuel to engine? :sick:
  • Hey Raymond,

    I too have a 04 C240 and have had the same problem with the drivers seat fuse going out. I was told that the weight of the person in the seat was causing the seat motor to pull more current and that was causing the fuse to blow. I have an issue too, my A/C from time to time has a whinning noise that seems only to be noticable inslde of the car, to me its like a cat whinning noise. Ever experienced this with your C240?
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