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Nissan Sentra Problems



  • #1 My 94 sentra trunk leaked. dealer repaired it with black goo around tail lights 3 years ago. it is leaking again.#2 I have replaced alternator,starter,c.v. joints,all sorts of parts partaining to drivers window not rolling up in cold weather{electric windows},front oil seal,and front brakes,front brakes,front brakes,front brakes,front brakes!!!!!!OH and finally the rotors.105,000 on the clock. uses no oil & still 28mpg city/hwy. All in all I am very happy with it still. I do believe girl racer got a lemon.
  • rpp1957rpp1957 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Sentra 1.6 that misses off the line under a light load. It also misses when cruising between 40 and 50 MPH, or when driving on the freeway and letting off the gas. The car doesn't miss until it is warmed up. The Ignition system seems intact (new plugs, wires, cap, and rotor) even though it feels like an ignition miss. The Kicker is that when the vacuum supply to the EGR valve is removed and plugged the car runs perfect (Except for the Check Engine Light being on). I replaced the Egr valve, the vacuum control seloniod, and the back pressure transducer all with no change in the symptoms. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • You might check for a cracked,broken vaccum hose. Or one that has come loose. I have several on mine that need replacing,because they are weather cracked. Also when I wash the engine,water gets in by the spark plug and grounds out. But When it does this it is more than just a miss. I can not recall having similar problem with mine. It sure sounds like plug wire rotor D-cap etc.problem. Really look over those V-hoses though,cause there is lots & lots of them all under the hood. You have to inspect them quite closely because they will fool you. GOOD LUCK!
  • Sounds like it might be the PCV valve. The PCV valve comes off of the engine right next to the oil filler cap. It is on a line that runs to the fuel injection system. Remove the hose and take off the valve. The valve should allow you to blow air in the direction from the engine to the fuel injection system. If it doesn't, it needs to be replaced. If it allows air to blow in both directions, it also needs to be replaced. A new one will set you back about $15. I would try this before looking for a vacuum leak. Vacuum leaks can take an eternity to find. I am currently having the same problem. I am going to replace the PCV valve tomorrow and if that isn't it, I will start looking for a leaking vacuum hose.

  • Has anyone experienced this. When my 01 Sentra SE, with 28,000 miles, is at idle and the heater fan is on a strong odor of gasoline comes thru the vents. I have had the car back to the dealer on 2 occasions, but they have been unable to find any leaks. Can anyone enlighten me before the end of the warrenty period?
  • I have a 2000 Sentra GXE with automatic trans. Recently it has the problem as this: when the car is in P or N shift, there is a knocking noise either from engine or transmission, but if put the car in D or R shift, the noise gone (step on the brake, the car is not moving). When the car is in move, everything seems fine, no noise and runs smooth. Anyone had experience this or know what cause the problem?
  • Hi, I do not mean to be rude. But, haven't you heard of HONDA.

    I had my Civic Coupe EX 2000 for 72,000 miles. I drive 80 miles a day 5days/week.

    NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. Nock on wood.

    Only a flat tire once.
    Tires were slick at around 50K miles. I installed 17" wheels and high performance tires.

    Also installed an MP3 player, and new speakers.

    This car will have about 120K miles by the time it's mine. I hope to be able to enjoy it for at least 4 more years after that.

    I believe girl_racer should be awarded for her valor an patience. I do believe she got a freaking orange, not a lemon.

    Please girl_racer DO NOT GET A HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT. See, my rationale is as follows:

    If you get a HYUNDAY, you get an excellent warranty. If the rotors, or the water pump break you get a replacement for free. It sounds great, but what are you going to do when your SPIRIT and HEART break as the enginee in the little HYUNDAY does not perform?
    Listen, just test drive a 2000 Civic, or Corolla, then try the Hyunday.

    Get an older Camry. I'm getting my wife a 2000 Camry LE for $9K. (I should not say I'm getting her a Camry. She's paying for it, but I did all the homework)
    It only has 30,000 miles on it, and it drives great.

    This is a great time to get a car you though was unreachable. I never though my wife and I could afford a second vehicle, but after much research, we did.

    Well, just take your time, and chose wisely.
  • I have one and i can't wait to get rid of it. I have had the car less than a year and I have had lots of problems. First it was the brakes - got them fixed - or so I thought and now I am having problems again with them. Now the belts are going and I was told that it would be almost $200 to replace - mostly because they are hard to get at. ...and I think the A/C is starting to go. Does anyone have any of these problems ? Does anyone have any idea what I could get for my car as trade in or selling to a private party ?
  • I have a 02 GXE with about 8500 miles. Every time I park the car I hear a humming noise coming from the gas tank filler cap. The dealer tells me this is normal because I park the car in my garage. My wife who drives the car the most, tells me she also hears the sound when she parks on parking lots. Anyone else have this problem? The dealer tells me its pressure from the gas tank but I've never had another car that made the
  • Does anyone have a hole in the back seat behind the front passengers seat???? Neither the wife or me smoke in the car. The hole is larger than a pencil head, about the size of a cigarette. It doesn't appear to be a burn mark. It looks like a hole put in the material for a purpose. At the bottom of the hole is foam, before the foam is a round piece of thin metal, metal to like keep the hole round. Any ideas?????? Maybe at the factory this hole was used to pull the cover onto the foam seat?????
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