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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • JBaumgart, thanks very much for all the info. This will definitely help me!
  • Hi again,

    Thanks for the replies to my questions, but I have one more...maybe a big problem. My right thigh keeps hitting the top part of seat close to the seat adjustments. It's giving me a welt....I know losing weight would solve the problem, but that's going to take some time! Does anyone know if I can change out the seats in the front and if so, what would happen to the electric adjustments??? I know this is a funny question, but it's the only thing that is driving me nuts. I have to scoot way over to the left so the right thigh doesn't hit the top. It's actually not hitting the top, but leaning on the side of the hard bar... Does this make any sense?? Please help if anyone knows...thanks! My car is an 05 FX
  • Just a thought - have you considered buying a seat cover with some padding that would cover the controls? If you are the only driver, I wouldn't think not being able to adjust them would be too much of an issue.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    The 2006 FX moved these seat controls elsewhere. It may be possible to have a 2006 retrofitted, when the vehicle comes out? Just a thought, but I can imagine how difficult it would be to live with. Obviously, it wasn't such a good idea by Infiniti to place those controls where they currently are.

    If you complain hard enough, Infiniti might change the seats out but that would be a longshot.
  • Hi,

    Well, I actually took care of the problem with the seats on the 05 FX, I went back down to the dealer today with 300 miles on my car and they took the car back as "new", the bank hadn't funded the loan yet, so the dealer is going to use it as a demo and they didn't hit me for anything! It was the BEST customer service I had ever had with ANY dealer. This dealer is in central California and they are on the small side (with lots of inventory though) it's called Valley Infiniti in Modesto, CA. I ended up getting an 06 M35 fully loaded. I drove 100 miles home and the seats were wonderful...not to mention, the bluetooth, air conditioned seats, I'm really very happy.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    Wow, that's over and beyond the norm. Good for them (and good for you!).

    Steve, Host

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  • Although I haven't had to any vehicle exchanges, I have to say that the service from the local Infiniti dealer is the best I've ever experienced. They even beat the service we get from the Lexus dealership (wife's car) in that they are smaller and much more friendly. The Lexus dealer is courteous enough, but very business-like in their approach, whereas everyone I've encountered at the Infiniti dealer really goes out of their way to be extra nice and helpful. A good example is when I drop my car off for routine servicing over the lunch hour, they ask me if I'm going to wait, to which I reply, "I'm going to grab some lunch over at Perkins." They then invariably ask if I need a ride, and when the weather has been poor, I've taken them up on their offer. It's those little things that bring you back for repeat sales, and the new M cars are a definite possibility in a couple of years.
  • you may also want to check out the 20 in. Dunlop Grandtrek. I have about 22 K on a set & for a snow tire they are wearing well (I should get about 40 K at this rate), are only slightly noisier than the Eagles, and they look great. About the same price as the Eagles as I recall.
  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    You're very fortunate to have a good dealership. I lived in the Virginia Beach area when I purchased my FX, and the dealership (Charles Barker) was the worst I've ever experienced - from sales all the way through service. I'll admit to having high expectations, but not unrealistically so. At the same time, I owned a Durango and an M3. While the Dodge dealer clearly wasn't shooting for the same atmosphere (no free loaner, no fake hardwood floors in the showroom), they still provided prompt, quality service, and the people were very courteous - no complaints from me. The BMW dealer (Checkered Flag) was everything Infiniti claimed to be. They always went the extra mile, did things right the first time and told me up front what the cost would be. With Charles Barker, I seriously doubt there was a single service visit when they didn't try to tack on a surprise additional charge when I picked it up. Truly amazing, but something they can apparently get away with since they're the only dealer within 100 miles or so.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Awesome! I agree that this is likely the BEST customer service extended that I have ever heard of.
  • ryanm4ryanm4 Posts: 7
    I just received a letter from the dealer where I purchased my '04 FX35. It explained that they are in need to used FXs and noted that with the potential trade-in allowances and factory incentives I could basically trade-up for no out-of-pocket $.

    I'm sure this is a sales ploy, but has anyone else received anything like this?
    I'm curious if there actually is a shortage of used FXs in the market.
    Which I assume would help them hold their value; a good thing for us!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    Subaru owners tend to get those letters a lot. It's a sales pitch.

    Sounds like it may be working. :-) Have fun shopping!

    Steve, Host

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  • dantedante Posts: 92
    I just got back from my Infiniti dealer, was testing an M35x for a client who needs a new company car. The dealer told me that he does not expect the 2006 FXs in until February which means that 2005s and used ones are in high demand... so, could be true? Jon B.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    It is likely that they have a glut of 2005s in their inventory that they need to clear out. With the high cost of fuel, the demand for the FX has likely gone downhill. I think the delay in launching the 2006 model is because there are too many 2005s unsold.
  • I have the "cargo area protector" that came with my FX35, but I'm looking for a good cover for the back when I transport my muddy/sandy dog. I've seen some cool ones from and Canvas Back, but they don't make them for the FX. Has anyone found a good one that covers the sides of the cargo area and seatback to keep hair and slobber off my new vehicle?

    BTW- If a lot of us request the FX pattern at the site, they might start making it. :shades:

    Thanks for any suggestions on where I can find this needed accessory.

    Oh, and my wife and I love love love our new Infinity. We traded in our BMW 330CI coupe because we're having a baby in January and we just couldn't make the switch to an SUV that didn't include the sporty ride. The RX was just too bland for us and the X5 didn't have room in the back for the dog. :D
  • nmp,

    My thoughts are very similar to yours (re..V6 vs. V8, Toureg, etc..). We switched from a BMW Coupe which, I think, is why we took to the car so well. We're almost through the break-in period so I'm looking forward to giving it some gas soon!! :D
  • nmpnmp Posts: 19
    Congratulations on purchasing your FX. I am taking my wife for a test drive next week. We have two kids (6 and 2) so we won't outgrow the FX for a few years. I really would like to get a 2006 as I like the rosewood option and the standard back-up camera (a must for downtown Chicago parallel parking). However, the financing deals are attractive for the 2005's....I'll see how low the dealers will go.

    In the meantime, be patient during break-in :-)
  • dimakdimak Posts: 1
    because you never drove rear wheel drive car before... fx35 has rear wheel drive - that's why the pads on rear wheels go away faster.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    "60 and 90 percent of a vehicle's stopping power comes from the front wheels"

    That's for any car (unless hybrids do something different with their regenerative braking systems), according to one of our Tech Center articles.

    I don't understand why the FX would be any different, especially in view of the bad rear shocks and bias switch comments as possible causes?

    Steve, Host

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  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    Steve, that was a very polite and subtle reply, and a great example of why your presence is always appreciated...

    dimak, kudos for not letting a total lack of knowledge and/or understanding get in the way of responding to a 5 month old post.

    Just to reassure those few folks out there who may not have immediately thrown the BS flag, having a rear-drive car is no reason to expect the rear pads to wear out significantly quicker than the fronts.

    For the record, my OEM pads survived somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 miles, and exhibited about equal wear front and rear - probably around half pad thickness left (before a day on track, but that's a different issue...)
    I wouldn't think there would be much support for replacing pads under warranty at 29k unless you could demonstrate that something was clearly malfunctioning.
    Some possible explanations that spring to mind:
    - Front brakes may need to be bled. If they've got air in the lines, the rears could be doing the brunt of the stopping work. Since the rear pads and rotors are smaller than the fronts, they would wear very quickly if they didn't have any help.
    - If you're using the traction/stability control a lot (either by driving in slippery conditions or really pushing it on pavement), the brakes could be seeing heavy use just to keep everything pointing the right way.
    - This one's a little more speculative, but could it be from braking too lightly? I would assume the front/rear brakes are sized to see approximately equal wear under moderate braking, with a fair amount of weight transfer, so the fronts see the 60-90% of the work as referenced by Steve. If you're "riding" the brakes, all four would see approximately equal load. The fronts are much larger and better able to dissipate heat, so the rears would probably wear faster. I'd be interested in opinions on this one (preferably from someone who knows a bit more than me, and hopefully more substantive than "You've never driven a car with an orange interior before - orange interiors wear out rear brakes.")
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