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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218

    What kind of solutions for the ipod does Infiniti has for the older models FX, I have an '04. Thanks!
  • sphere99sphere99 Posts: 36
    I am looking to replace this myself has anyone done this?
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    I was just wondering if anyone was less concerned about the 'updates' to the newer models and were concerned about the current design flaws.....??
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    What kind of design flaws are you talking about? The only one I can think of right now is the stupid fresh air from the outside is year round hot when I use the fan not the AC, and a huge blind spot. :mad:
  • I am replacing a dodge minivan, and I wondered if others have made the transition to this (or a Lexus RX). The test drive was excellent, but I have not tested it with my two kids.

    I liked the way this drives more than the RX, and could no doubt be happy with either one (or maybe a Highlander)

    Obviously a lot less room than a minivan, and I still question if we're ready for the switch, but we rarely have more than 4 or 5 people in the car so number of seats is not too big a concern. I could see the need to put a pod on top for vacations but for day to day hauling the cargo area looks big enough. I was wondering if other parents have had any regrets about switching to an FX (or RX), and also if the kids are comfortable on long trips with the partially reclining back seats.
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    I was told by the Infinity Dealership who I bought the car from, that they contacted the manufacturer and they admitted to a design flaw with the parking brake cable. I had to take my car in numerous times after buying it for a loud rattle under the car when going over bumps. The service manager actually drove another FX on their lot and the same thing happened, which is why he called the manufacturer. So when I get my oil changed they have to tighten up the parking cable as well. Not a safety issue just a huge annoyance after purchasing a new luxury car. Haven't had a problem with warm air and the fan....yet.

    The only way to hear the rattle is with your your passenger window down, no radio etc...
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    You did not tell us your how old your kids are so I can only assume they are old enough to be out of booster or infant car seats. I am trying to do the opposite of what you are thinking of doing. I have a four-year-old and another one on the way so I am looking into selling my 2004 FX35, which I bought brand new at the begining of 2005, and possibly purchase a Honda Odyssey. I think with four adults in the FX is fine, five might be a little squeeze and then again it all depends how tall they are. However, in my case to have two children car seats in the back plus my wife and that would not work. Just to be sure, I think you need to take the normal occupants that would be riding in the FX on the test drive as well. As far as handling and the fun drive factor, the FX would beat the Highlander and RX350 any day. I know this because I have drove all three of these SUV already, but that is just my opinion. I hope that helps. :D
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    We've had our FX since 2003 when it was initially released. My twins were around 18 months then. Now, they are 5 and are both in Britax Parkway booster seats. With the 2 childseats and both my wife and I in the front, there is plenty of passenger space. With another adult in the back, it is a tight fit and would likely be a bit uncomfortable for the adult sitting there on long trips, but is OK on short trips. My wife hasn't sat with the twins since they became toddlers, and frankly, never really felt the need to. If the kids really need some parental attention during a trip, we prefer to stop and address it then. On short trips, this has never really become an issue.

    We've talked about shifting to a minivan, but with only 4 people to sit 99% of the time, we felt it wasn't really a necessity. We felt that gaining more passenger space by sacrificing the awesome ride and handling the characteristics of the FX was not worth it, to us, anyway.

    On long trips, I do have a Thule Evolution 1600 that I use and it gobbles up most of what we would need.
  • The hot fresh air aggrevates me to no end. My dealer thought something was wrong and spent many hours. Their writeup of test said: outside air 58 degrees, vent air inside 108 degrees. Corporate told them it was working as designed. Has your dealer specifically said it's a design flaw?

    Mandeville, LA
  • I have a 04 FX35. It has the same problem, which has been reported several times on this board. It is a design flaw, IMO.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    I have not had a chance to bring it in. I guess, it is bad, but I have learned to live with it and the same had happened to my old 2001 Lexus IS300. However, now that we have brought up the issue I just might bring it up on my next oil change.
  • cyruscyrus Posts: 25
    I am also facing similar questions as you are. When I bought my Fx I was single, but now I am married with a 6 month old baby, and am planning to replace the wife's car in the next few months.

    As a long term - 2004 - FX/35 owner (who loves his FX), one key thing you should consider (with your family in mind) is that FX/35 is a "quasi-sports" car with a greater emphasis on the SPORTS than the utility (as compared to the RX 350 or any minivan). As such the FX/35 even with the 18 inch wheels has a very stiff (busy) ride with sharp tire impact on "rough" roads [[I drive 112 miles round trip with my FX to and from work in Down-town chicago and the roads up-north are riddled with pot-holes and yet my Wife's QX4 does a much better job in isolating impacts. But it lacks FX's sharp, muscular reflexes and more rapid rate of acceleration that will add to greater safety]].

    If you live in areas with smooth highways then no problem, but otherwise consider the RX, which I must say is a superb car as far as comfort and isolation. Also, If you can get passed the smaller cargo space (My Wife almost always wishes for a bit more space because even with a compact stroller for our daughter and her stuff we still need a bit more utility).

    In nut shell, If you value sports and the uniqeness (over pure family comfort) then get the fx. It is also the highest rated Cross over as-far-as the Reliability (see consumer reports). I will still buy the fx in a heart-best for myself, but I would buy the RX 350 for my wife and family.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    I have twins and I never really had a problem with the cargo space. When the kids were smaller, we never really brought things that some friends of ours constantly brought, like pack and plays, etc. We had a Combi Twin Savvy double-stroller which folded into a really compact unit and weighed only 15 lbs. On longer trips, I had a cargo box that compensated for the smallish cargo area.

    The 18" wheels on the FX are not as busy as the 20". But, if comparing the FX to the RX, the RX would win hands down for comfort. However, the FX runs circles around the RX in terms of handling and maneuverability. So, if main criteria is comfort, the RX it is. But, if you'd like some sport and handling in your babymobile, I'd always pick the FX. It is a sportscar with a backpack.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    "The 18" wheels on the FX are not as busy as the 20". But, if comparing the FX to the RX, the RX would win hands down for comfort. However, the FX runs circles around the RX in terms of handling and maneuverability. So, if main criteria is comfort, the RX it is. But, if you'd like some sport and handling in your babymobile, I'd always pick the FX. It is a sportscar with a backpack."

    We have both, and what you said here is right on the money. Another thing I would add is that the steering feel in the FX is vastly superior, thanks in large part to its rear-drive bias.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    We have both, and what you said here is right on the money. Another thing I would add is that the steering feel in the FX is vastly superior, thanks in large part to its rear-drive bias.

    Oh yeah, that too... :)
  • Hello everyone, I've been reading this great forum for 2 years now and I bought a FX35 all wheel drive last year.(2005 FX35 ALL-W)

    Driving it is fun, I love it. The only thing I noticed is: I need to adjust the steering wheel constantly, though a tiny bit, to keep my car go straight. Does it need alignment service? At first I thought it was normal for rear drive car.

    Last week, I got a flat tire on rear-left tire and I kept driving it for about 5 km before I stopped. Did that affect my alignment? Or worsen my alignment issue?

    There is a nissan dealer just 2 km away from my home and infiniti dealer is about 18 km. Could the nissan dealer do a decent alignment service on my FX35?

    Thanks very much, BTW, I am in Canada.
  • gfostergfoster Posts: 10
    The same thing happened to my neighbor and I. We've each had 2 break-ins with no alarm alerts. My car is parked just outside my bedroom window, which I would have heard if sounded. I reported this to consumer affairs at infiniti but they had not come across this issue. In both cases, a screw driver or some device was used to hold the lock down long enough for the windows to roll down automatically. Needless to say, I'm a little annoyed that a $47k car can't get an alarm to sound if someone is breaking into your car.
  • Hey everyone,

    Sorry for the long email, but I wanted to post my thoughts after seeing and recently driving the new Acura RDX at the RDX Turbobash. I drove the car on Tuesday, August 22nd, at a Dallas dealership.

    I am currently in the market for a new, sporty SUV. My wife drives an Acura MDX owner and don't need another mid-size SUV with 3 row seating. 2 rows are fine, but I am looking for something with great performance and handling. My current car is a 2-door Mazda MX-6 with a 5-speed manual, and it is fun to drive. I just need a real backseat and some practicality with a growing family.

    The crossover SUV at the top of my list was the Infiniti FX35. Great handling vehicle and I LOVE the styling. However, the amount of features (at the price) left a lot to be desired. I am looking at a 2006 RWD model, with Touring, Sport, and Hands-Free.

    On paper, the RDX looked like a real winner. Even paying full MSRP, it was cheaper than the FX35. For that price, it also came with a Navigation System, an iPod jack, Paddle Shifters, and a much better Stereo. The RDX looked pretty good, inside & out, from the brochure I had. We were also Acura owners, and had confidence the Acura brand.

    Unfortunately, I left the Acura dealership disappointed.

    First of all, the exterior look simply didn't do it for me. The "proportions" were off and so was the "stance". Hard to describe, but it just didn't look right to me. My wife didn't like it all. The FX35 simply blows it away, in terms of appearance.

    I was also disappointed with the interior. It looked good in pictures, but when you sit inside it feels a little cheaper than the Infiniti FX. Infiniti uses real aluminum for example. Flipping the 2nd row seats down was not as easy, as you have to first flip the lower half of the seat forward, before you can flip the seat back down. Otherwise, the 2nd row does not fold flat.

    The Stereo was great and the Nav with Traffic was cool. But the paddle shifters felt very cheap and plasticky to me -- like they would break easily.

    And to top it off, we got a "Brake Malfunction" warning message during the test drive. We were able to clear the message by turning the car on & off, but that was cause for concern. My wife and I are already wary of buying a car, ANY car, in its first year of production. A 2006 FX would be in its 3rd/4th year, and the VQ engine seems to be very reliable. As oppossed to a brand new, TURBO engine from Acura.

    But I was willing to take a chance on reliability, for the trade-off in extra features and gadgets. Ultimately, it was the mediocore exterior and interior styling that turned me completely off.

    Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and styling is very subjective. The dealership said they had sold 10 vehicles and had only delivered 2. Full price, MSRP. Plus a $595 "Protection Package". No room for discounting, and people are putting down deposits sight unseen. So, I have to admit the RDX is popular out of the gate.

    But I can't get over the exterior and interior and am very disappointed. I had wanted to like the RDX, so that it could be a contender with the FX35. But it has been officially crossed off my list.

    At this point, I am hoping that Infiniti will offer an APR special as I am ready to buy now. If they don't have an APR special for a few months, I will have to also consider the 2007 G35. This car is beautifully curved, like the FX, but also has up-to-date features and technology.

    Either way, I'm hoping to be an Infiniti owner soon. Thanks.
  • A good morning:

    Responding to the poster comparing the Acura RDX - in Canada I saw the 1st add on the "end of season sale".

    2.9% PURCHASE financing on all Infinity

    4.9% LEASE financing on the FX's
    2.9% LEASE financing on the G35

    So, one can see they have a larger inventory of G35 than FX's.

    I too will wait until the FX backlog at NJ pier is cleared and I see more inventory at the Ontario, Canada dealers. Right now, there are not many FX's on the lots - even though not many seem to be selling.

    Gas prices are much higher in Canada - so likely makes FX sales worse.

    Interesting - a recent review of the new Mazda 7 noted this vehicle takes PREMIUM gas - wow! Betcha lots of folks miss that one in the rush to get this very popular vehicle.

    I love the Mazda MX6 - I have a 1988!

  • I had driven 2006 G35 twice when I brought my fx35 to service, not sure what they will improve on 2007 G35, the current interior of G35 is not as good as that of fx35. FYI,
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