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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    On my FX45 w/Tech Package, I have a tire pressure monitor which is really nice but the display is confusing because it does not label which reading belongs to which tire--which I find rather odd...can anyone explain? Also, during stop-and-go driving I find that the readings fluctuate anywhere from 32psi to this normal?
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    On my FX45, according to my trip computer, my average MPG (mixed city/highway driving) is about 14.9 (w/about 2000 miles on my car), and I drive pretty aggressively. That's pretty decent considering that a BMW X5 4.4i gets about 11-12mpg.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    The allroad does have some features that I do miss which includes the adjustable air suspension, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, a deeper cargo area, neat map reading lights for all passengers, and the beautiful wood and interior finishing. It also has a real solid feel to it all the way around with no squeaks or rattles in the 34,000 miles that I drove it. I'll also miss the included free maintenance that Audi gives you for 4 years/50,000 miles, and my dealer's service was consistently outstanding.

    When I first sat in the FX the first thing I noticed is the much higher seating position (like a SUV) but as soon as I took the first turn I was amazed at how well the vehicle handled, especially considering its added height. The next thing I noticed is the power, expecially from a dead stop the thing accelerates like crazy (and the allroad is not exactly slow, especially with the chip that I had in it). Once you are underway, the performance of the two cars is very similar - the twin turbo six in the allroad (especially chipped) provides some serious thrust, as does the FX. The exhaust note from the FX's V8 is definitely meetier - I find it to be intoxicating and very cool. And last but not least is the FX's braking feel - much smoother pedal feel than the allroad, which does have a well-known problem with their rotors that some have had to replace about every 10,000 miles. Toward the end mine were going bad and there was noticeable vibration when braking.

    Looks are subjective but I think most would agree that the FX's styling is several years ahead but of course some might prefer the less-flamboyant look of the allroad wagon body. I like the lines of the FX and it sure does attract a lot of attention on the road, whereas the allroad blends in more.

    As for reliability it's too early to say but my allroad was very reliable with only one unscheduled problem, other than the above-noted brake rotors. If I had not learned that Audi plans to discontinue the allroad after the next model year - at least that's the strong rumor - I probably would have gotten another one. But I guess in a way I was ready for a change, and the Infiniti really grabbed my attention. So far it hasn't disappointed.
  • trragtopstrragtops Posts: 7
    I have 1,100 miles on fx45 prem and I'm averaging 15-16 mpg with about 50/50 city- hwy driving. My calcualtions are close to the fuel econ calculator. This compared to my 01 Chrysler Grd Caravan that gets 17 mpg. and SAAB 900 that avgs 21. I will soon switch to synthetic oil and also raise tire pressuer to 35 and see what results I get
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Considering that the FX45's V8 is the same engine as in the Q45, anyone have any ideas as to why Nissan/Infiniti limited the hp to just 315 in the FX? Any ideas as to how to possibly get that extra HP (and torque) back? (chip? exhaust modification?)
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    They say it was because they wanted the engine in the FX to have more torque as opposed to peak HP but I don't think the torque rating is as high either. I would like to see the HP and torque curves of the two vehicles plotted out to see how they compare. Maybe the FX has a flatter torque curve? Not sure.

    I'm sure there will be aftermarket stuff put out by some tuners real quick. I doubt that a chip would do much since it's a non-turbo engine. I have no plans to mess with it myself.
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I had read that the Q45 has a different cam to give it the extra 25 HP. I also have not seen torque curve numbers, but heard the reason for the reduced HP in the FX was to give it more torque at lower rpms.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Giving the FX HP equal to or greater than the Q45 flagship wouldn't have done much for the Q's image or sales.

    Strictly a political decision.

    Personally, I think the FX45 should be Infiniti's flagship model. It's a prime example of a vehicle that plays by its own rules and doesn't apologize for it. You've got to respect that.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Hello everyone and I hope that you are having a great day. As I am in the market for a new vehicle and considering seriously the purchase of a new FX35 non sport.

      The Orlando Infiniti dealership and Scott Infiniti in South Florida both have approximately 40 FX models.

      It seems that the initial demand is not what Infiniti expected. Hopefully this will translate into big savings come negatiating time. $500 over invoice anyone?

      Maybe it will take time for the market to respond to the FX dramatic styling and lack of practicality relative to the competion.

      It is ok with me because I like to drive something that few people have and the quality of the vehicle should be great.

      Let me pose my question one more time regarding ordering a 2004 with cloth as opposed to leather. Will I be able to sell the vehicle eventually? Living in Florida Leather really makes my back sweat in the summer.

      Hopefully for 2004 Infinity will allow you to get the brick interior without the bone crushing ride of the sport package.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    I can't answer your question regarding the resale value of an FX with cloth. However, I can definitely say that you can get better than $500 over invoice by taking advantage of the Grubbs Infiniti VPP pricing offer.

    Seems that Grubbs Infiniti can now ship anywhere in the 48 states for only $250 additional shipping cost. Wow!

    BTW, I bought my FX35 AWD at Orlando Infiniti for VPP price (benefit of my employer) and those guys are great. One of the best buying experiences ever!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Not having leather will kill the value and market of the vehicle. Only make this move if you keep vehicles 5-7 years as then the extra depriciation won't amount to much. Remeber your no option vehicle will compete with tech package vehicles that may only be a couple thousand more. So therefore more desirable to a used car buyer. those looking for a vehicle in the same market as the FX will definately want leather. just my .02
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Just my opinion...
    But cloth as standard equipment on a $35K+ car is just plain ridiculous to me. If you're leasing, that's fine but way. BTW, couple years back when I leased my BMW X5 3.0i, vinyl-covered seating was standard! Even a cheap CD player was optional!
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Could you please explain what VPP pricing is?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    It stands for Vehicle Purchase Program similar in concept to ford x-plan and gm's GMS pricing. It is a prearranged price usually 1-2% over/under invoice available to suppliers, employees families and such. Grubbs Infiniti is offering this same nohassle pricing to memebers of "another" website. On my FX35 RWD with tech it worked out to $434 over invoice. Pre April 1 I think the VPP price was actually under invoice. Right Crikey?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    clpurnell, you got it. More info on the VPP is at The best part about the program is that there is no stress-inducing negotiation (well, maybe a little if you want to get the unwanted dealer fees removed). Hope that helps.
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    Any favorites?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I'm partial to Black with Brick/Black. Maybe thats cuz I bought it :) However I saw a red with black interior and that is a hot combo.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    "I'm partial to Black with Brick/Black. Maybe thats cuz I bought it :)"

    That's what I bought too. How are you doing keeping it clean? Looks beautiful after a wash & wax job, but it's a dust magnet! It's the first black car that I've owned since a '83 VW GTI, and I forgot how hard they are to keep clean! So far it's a "labor of love" though. Sure getting lots of stares around town.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I am wiping it down every day and wash once a week. This is my first black car and it is a pain to keep clean. I will probably buy a "California Duster" to help get it clean in between washes. It is very eye cathing. I saw a twin to Crikey's FX when I went to see X2 with my daughter. It was pretty nice also.
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