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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • toeknailtoeknail Posts: 5
    Because this will be our family vehicle, I went with the Premium package only. Don't be fooled because it doesn't include the "sport package"... this thing is incredibly sporty as is. Drives very much like a BMW. I have no doubt that the Sport Package is that much better handling, but the premium is no slouch.
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I have a FX35 AWD Premium and don't feel that I have had to sacrifice anything in handling by going with the Premium instead of the sport.

    4300 miles, no problems, no complaints. This is one sweet machine! It is everything I expected and more. The engine just gets better the more it is driven.

    Try it, you'll like it!
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I have a black FX, I tried the CA duster. I was skeptical at first, but it works well. I have noticed no scratches from using it and it keeps it looking good.

    Like their instructions say, do not use it on a warm vehicle or the wax will transfer from the duster to the vehicle. big mess! I also noticed the first few times I used it, I did get some small deposits of wax on the finish, but that has since disappeared. No problems anymore. Make sure you let it sit on the newspaper, like the instructions say to leach out the excess parifin wax.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Thanks for the info - do know if they sell these pretty much everywhere, and are there different types/models that are better than others for a black car? Any specific recommendation based on your experiences would be appreciated, also where best to buy.
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I got mine at Walmart for about $10.00. It is probably about 18 inches long, plus the handle. I didnt do much research when I got it, just seen it and brought it home. I think the only differences in them is size. Haven't seen it, but I think they make a bigger one, for truckers.

    Once a day and it looks great! Now if i could figure out how to keep the bugs off that easy.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    I remember seeing the California duster at Costco also. It was a 2-pack -- one big and one small. I think it was at least $10.00 for both, if not more. I think I'll get one also on our next Costco trip.
  • knockoffknockoff Posts: 72
    Please share any info you have about going off the paved road w/your FX. 18" or 20" wheels? I love this car but like to do light off-roading and afraid I would damage wheels and/or tires. thanks.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I don't think the FX is well suited to go off-road at all, in either configuration. It's design is to maximize performance on the street. When you first drive it you think you are piloting a sports car, except your driving position is a lot higher. The suspension in the Sport Pkg in particular is very firm, and would not be well suited to traversing boulders and streams, for sure. The most I hope to use mine for will be going down unimproved gravel roads to the boat launch, which in itself will require care and lower-than-normal speeds. For real off-road use, however infrequent, I'd look elsewhere.
  • hootspahootspa Posts: 11
    I wouldn't take this vehicle off-road except on a smooth dirt road for a short distance. Why damage the beautiful tires and wheels and body? The AWD is meant mainly for superior traction on regular roads. This holds for most SUV's except the real heavy-duty models with good ground clearance and skid plates and a low AWD mode. I can't imagine anyone taking the new $100,000 TT Porsche Cayenne off-road.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Buy a FX premium then go buy a 1990 jeep cherokee to toss around the stream and such. The FX is NOT an off road vehicle at all. You MAY be able to jump a curb or two to get out of traffic. If you really want a high dollar boulder crawler look at the 4runner/gx470, LR Disco or Range or maybe the new toureg. I prefer taking high speed corners then low speed ditches thats why I bought the fx. I think you would be very unhappy if you actually bought this vehicle for off road use. On road however is a totally different story :-)
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    The whole purpose of the FX is for ON-Road dominance: 20" wheels, sports suspension, no low-range gear. The FX is really just a tall-wagon with all-wheel drive. (Even in the FX brochure, there is not one picture of a FX anywhere near dirt!) Even my dealer refuses to call it a SUV. The only Infiniti w/realistic off-road capability right now is the soon-to-be extinct QX4.
  • fxfan03fxfan03 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my new FX35 AWD Premium Package last Friday. I love it! I have never gotten more looks in a car then I do in the FX35. Everyone that I have shown it to loves it. Nothing out there compares to the style and performance!

    I drove a FX35 AWD Sports Package before deciding on the Premium Package, I couldn't tell much of a difference in the two.

    I have been searching all over the internet for the 0-60 times on the FX35 AWD, anybody find anything?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,916
    All I've seen is a guess of "around 8 seconds" for the RWD drive version.

    Congrats on the new ride!

    Steve, Host
  • fxfan03fxfan03 Posts: 2
    I found a bunch of info on the 0-60 times on and all the numbers were in the low 7 seconds.

    Here is one of the tests:
    I put my G-tech Pro in my FX35 AWD Sport and got the following figures on 3 different runs:
    Numbers are 0-60 (sec.), 1/4 mile time (sec.) @ speed (mph)
    7.11, 15.55 @ 91.9
    7.08, 15.34 @ 93.4
    7.18, 15.60 @ 92.0
    Pretty consistent numbers. So 0 - 60 averaged about 7.12 sec. ... a little faster than i expected.
    This was done with a little bit of power-braking and leaving the trans. in auto so it shifted itself.
    For those of you wondering "what is a G-Tech Pro?", see:
    G-Tech Pro Website
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    "This was done with a little bit of power-braking and leaving the trans. in auto so it shifted itself."

    Nice times!

    How many miles did these FX35's have when then did these obviously full throttle runs?

    Is there no break in procedure for Infiniti's?
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I like to see what the G-Tech Pro would produce on a FX45 from 0-60. I know Car and Driver and Automobile magazine both rated it about 6.3 sec but it seems faster than that. I recently dragged-raced my friend's '02 540i Sport and I beat him by about a car length to about 100mph.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    It is also rumored that the FX35 RWD will challenge a FX45 0-60 and that is why the 35 has not been tested by any mags. They don't want people to just buy the 35 instead as there is more markup in the 45. Also on FA there is an article supposedly from nissan that the rwd will run 6.93 to 60 if so that is dang fast and will blow the doors off of a X5 4.4 or ML500. I wonder when a magazine will have the guts to test the 35 RWD and AWD to get published times. The 45 even if it is close is a very sweet machine and doesn't have to rev like the 35 does so there would still be a market even if the times are close.
  • toeknailtoeknail Posts: 5
    The breakin period is 1200 miles... supposed to keep it below 4000 rpm until then.
  • doc64doc64 Posts: 2
    Thanks fxfan03 for the link. As I wandered around it I saw the link about the possible supercharger for the GX 35. I never really thought about aftermarket stuff like that before but that could be really intriguing for an FX35.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I highly doubt a FX35 will "challenge" a FX45 0-60. From all indications, the 35 will do 0-60 in the low 7 sec's and 45 will do that in the low 6's. I test drove both models before buying the 45. The 35 does have decent pick-up and from 0-30mph, both cars are about equal; however, above 30mph, the extra thrust and torque of the 45 makes it pull away much stronger. BTW, the BMW X5 4.4i is actually techically faster 0-60 than the FX35. Motor Trend/Car and Driver clocks it at about 6.5-6.7sec. I'm sure if Infiniti offered a manual for the FX, the 35 and 45 will be quite a bit quicker.
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