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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    Over the period of about two weeks, I drove about 4 different vehicles with different options to decide which one I wanted to buy. They had a black/brick tech 35 coming in so I waited to drive it--twice. Vincel Infinity started out at $700 over invoice. When it came time to buy, I made an offer of $450 over and it was accepted. I wrote a check and came back 2 hours later(they wanted to wash it, ect.)and it was ready. They handed me the title, put on the temp tag and that was it. No going from dept. to dept.or the extended warranty pitch. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. Better yet, no document fees and all that garbage. One of the best experiences I have had buying a new car. List $46145-price$42200.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    1. Adjustable or pneumatic suspension (TOP priority)
    2. Separate option packages instead of just Tech or Premium
    3. Voice-activated NAV like in Honda/Acura
    4. Front parking sensor
    5. 340+ HP for the V-8 (more is always better)
    6. 6-speed automatic or a "sport" mode
    7. Bigger glove box
    8. Chrome wheel option
    9. Standard cargo cover
    10. Bigger rear passenger space (would require major body change so unlikely to happen)
    11. Bigger cargo space (would require major body change so unlikely to happen)
    12. Quieter sun roof--too much wind buffeting
    13. Body side moldings--to prevent dings
    14. Drive-by-wire throttle control
    15. Luminescent gauges--current orange ones look ugly
    16. "Aero" package for the FX45: currently looks identical to FX35 except for ID badge.
    17. Power rear hatch
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    You probably won't see the FX with more HP than the Q45, just because it wouldn't be good for the flagship's image to be an also-ran in the power department.

    On the other hand, I still think Infiniti is missing the boat by not making the FX their leading "image" model. It's one of the coolest and most unique-looking vehicles on the road.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Because my 15000 mi. G35 for which this model is based, is prematurely wearing out brake pads to the tune of 300 unwarrantied dollars (for fronts only). The car is one year old and I was shocked when they were replaced this morning. You say it's because of the way we drive it? Well, why is it that the same service manager told us that car's tires are wearing exceeding well reflecting the look of MUCH less mileage? Others on the G35 (Service) board are reporting the same premature wear problems. This has occurred on I35s and J35s.

    Watch for this problem is all I'm saying!
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    My previous 2001 X5 needed NEW rotors and brake pads after only 20K miles! I guess it's just another way of automakers out to make extra $$$. (In general, cars today are just not as well put together as compared to cars from 20 years ago---i.e. too much plastic, weak welds, cheap imported parts, etc).
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Today, just because a car is "imported" doesn't really mean anything anymore. Many Japanese cars now are put together with parts made from other countries such as Mexico, Hong Kong, Korea, and even the US. Some Fords are even more "Japanese" than some "native" Japanese models!
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Just because it's not unique to change brake pads at relatively low miles doesn't mean it's acceptable. Moreover in a car purported to be a "luxury" car it should be covered. Was it covered on your BMW? (Well you still got 5000 more mi. than I did out of it.)
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    That's one thing I will miss about our Audi's - EVERYTHING is covered up to 4 years/50,000 miles. Although I didn't have any unusual problems with the brakes, many other owners have had to prematurely replace rotors and pads, some several times during the warranty. Still a pain, but at least they are covered (BMW's are the same in this respect, I believe). Wipers, light bulbs - everthing except tires are covered. Hopefully the FX will be very reliable and I won't end up missing this TOO much (just the free oil changes).
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    I hope you won't get the $300 "hit" on replacing brake pads every 1100-1500 mi. Just beware!

    Oil changes comparatively are a "drop in the bucket".
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Local dealer here is quoting what I feel is a high lease payment on a full-boat FX 45 (DG with Tech).
    $777 plus tax or about $840 a month total with driveaway of $2500.
    Sounds high compared to a FX35 with Tech. It's only 6-7k difference in Price so it should not be $200 more a month.
    Anyone with some #s? Thanks,
    "Frustrated in San Diego"
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    Go over to the "Lease Questions: Ask Here" thread, and ask CarMan about your deal. He can work out payments if you give him the MSRP, negotiated price, lease term (months), and yearly mileage.
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Posts: 45
    Read your post on the LX470. I own both a LX470 and the FX45 . Agree with you about how SLOW the LX is and have posted on the Lexus site about this (MORE horses in both SUV's would be a major PLUS). But you have to admit these SUV's are on both ends of the spectrum. Though , I love my FX with it's Tech, Bose, 20" rims, etc., it is not what I would drive up to the snowy mountains for a family ski trip.
    My LX on the other hand has the third row seats ( if needed in a bind for extra kids ) or I can fold them up and have a good amount of cargo room . It is smoother on the freeway ( switch for suspension setting) and it can raise and lower ( switch for height adjustment ). None of these are available on my FX. The FX on the other hand appeals to my sporty nature. It is faster, handles way better, and more of a guy's car . My wife drives the LX and loves the quality and solidness . Both SUV's are great and I feel they are best in their perspective classes but they are also worlds apart and have different appeals to prospective SUV buyers.

    P.S.: Has anyone found a company yet , that makes a Front End Mask ( Bra ) for the FX45?
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92 "all-pupose" SUV. Heck, it's really not even a SUV. It's just a tall sports-wagon competing really with vehicles like the Audi All-Road, Audi S4/S6 Avant, BMW 540i wagon, and the Volvo Cross-country. People buying into the FX thinking that it'll replace their old Lexus or Land Rover or Explorer are in for the biggest shock. And it's not for the introverted either.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Being that this is the first model year for the FX, I'm sure that Infiniti will get all the bugs and kinks out by the 2nd and 3rd model years. (Won't do any good for us early adopters, though). Anyways, I'm sure it can't possibly be worse than my last BMW X5 which had 3 recalls, bad rotors/brakes, blown bulbs, bad transmission, 2 blown tires, vibrating steering column, failing power windows and other electrical problems at 20K miles.
  • psu1983psu1983 Posts: 24
    Agree with you on all points...the LX470 and FX are clearly on different sides of the spectrum. I was looking for something on the sportier side of spectrum, with high performance, recognizing I was sacrificing space and a smoother ride. In their respective classes, they're each at the head of the class IMHO. My other vehicle is a 2002 Suburban Z71, so we really don't need 2 full-size SUV's (and I had no luck convincing my wife to keep the Lexus instead due to the extra space and room w/ the Suburban).
  • psu1983psu1983 Posts: 24
    Just my opinion, but I don't consider the cars you listed as the direct competitors to the FX, essentially because I don't look @ the FX as a wagon. To me, it's a true crossover with heavy lean towards the sport side of spectrum, with primary competition the X5, Volvo XC90, Acura MDX and the Cayenne.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    It's almost all Sports and very little utility.
    At least with the FX 45, with all-wheel drive to 13 mph, the purpose is to put all the power down to all four wheels for maximum acceleration.
    Anything else you can do with it is strictly a bonus.
    Bionic Cheetah maybe, X5 Eater for sure.
    I'm buying one because it handles and goes like a G35 but it doesn't look like everyboy's car OR SUV. The only people that I want to think it's an SUV are the Highway Patrol.
    It's really the wolf in sheep's clothing.
    SUV Buyers need not apply.
    They belong in the right lane.
    Hey, no pimpmobile chrome wheels!
    This is not mobile jewelry!
    The FX has function. It's not a chromed appliance, or a rolling coffin for the elderly.
    Stick with a Buick Rondevous, and stay in the right lane please!
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,484
    You're getting a G35 with all-season capability, more utility and a nicer interior. And compared to the sedan, much more aggressive styling!
    This is the first "SUV" that has caught my eye and is on my list to (eventually) replace my current ride (wonderful Chrysler 300M. No, really. It's a great ride!)

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I am sure a G35 in capable hands will have no problem showing tail lights to an FX in the twisty bits. The FX may have more sport than a Ford Explorer but it ain't no sports sedan.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I see you are coming over to the darkside huh
    :-) You will not be disappointed by the fx. After driving the FX for a while you will completely forget about the 300. I do think the 300 is a better highway cruiser to the tech package FX just because it soaks up bumps so well while still being able to handle competently but the fx is a definately a "step up". after driving used jags, new bmw 5 series, lexus es300/rx330 the fx was the first car I felt justified the price difference over the 300. The jag was nice but too low to the ground. The bmw 525 and 530 were rather pokey and offered way less room. The lexi were just spiritually dead (probably the only car I would fall asleep driving). The FX however was just right and I have just completed the best 2000 mi in any car I have owned. I am thinking about keeping my 300 and modding it out but I think the wifey wants an armada this fall and she usually gets her way :)
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