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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    The levers to release the split-fold rear seats are just inside the tailgate - maybe not the most obvious place, and the front seats need to be a few inches forward before the rears will fold flat.

    If you check the dimensions between the FX35/45 and its competition such as X5 and ML500, you may find it has more room, as well as more performance. A roof rack is also optional.

    If the lease numbers are good, I'm considering a FX35 AWD with Premium Package. With one of the rear seats folded, I expect to fit my skis and gear bag inside, so a snowboard should be no problem. With this amount of gear, any crossover SUV is going to feel cramped with more than 2 people.
  • mkarpdmkarpd Posts: 4
    Can anyone advise on what the FX35 lease would be?

    Also is it true that the QX4 is being replaced with the FX45?

    Can not wait to take a test drive!
  • wstehwsteh Posts: 8
    Car & Driver magazine wrote that the FX45 was replacing the QX4. They also wrote that the ride was very rough.

    mkarpd, please post your test drive comments. I'm thinking about the FX35 rear wheel drive.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Here is a link to the Car and Driver article. Overall they were very positive on the FX45, and it turned out to be the fastest SUV they've tested. They wrote, "The FX45 is even able to show its fat tailpipes to the BMW X5 4.6is and Mercedes ML55 AMG." ry/0302_roadtest_fx45.xml
  • The Inifinti rep at a car show said the FX is not replacing the QX4... which seems like what Lexus is doing by offering different SUVs for different purposes.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Check out Edmunds' First Drive: 2003 Infiniti FX35 and FX45.

    Host/Hatchbacks & Wagons
  • armxiarmxi Posts: 1
    Like front and side, rear too round.
  • For the record, I work at an Infiniti dealership in Kansas, BUT, I am not here to sell you anything. I just like chatting about cars, and that is what I see the purpose of this board. Last night, we received our first FX35. I got a chance to test drive it last night several times. I was pleasantly surprised. The biggest surprise was the "manual" shifting. It is the same tranny as the G, but they have improved the lag between activation of the shift and the actual shift. It is much smoother now. If anyone has any questions, let me know...I would love to chat with everyone!

  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Saw a loaded fx35 and 45 at the dealer here in texas. The fx35 had the tech package and was 44k loaded. The 45 was 52.5. They are very impressive in person. I am going to the auto show to check them out.
  • I test drove a FX35 last nite at my local dealer in NJ. The FX35 is a very nice handling crossover SUV and has potental. Unfortunately the dealer had not prepped it yet (It had plastic on the seats and white plastic on the external paint surfaces) and I was not sure if some of the noise was from that, but it was not as quite inside as a BMW X5 (which was properly prepped). The really sad part though was the Infiniti (Nissan) has really poor lease numbers on this vehicle. I was quoted a 51% residual and 0.00255 money factor from Nissan credit and 53% residual and 0.0025 Money factor from Chase Bank. I have a Tier 1 credit rateing. These leases were for 36 month 12K miles/year. Just as a comparison a BMW X5 3.0 has a 63% residual and 0.00235 money factor. This means a 51K BMW X5 leases for much less a month than a 46K Infiniti FX35. The actual quotes I have are $692/month on the BMW and $775/month on the Infiniti. If Infiniti wants to run with the big dogs (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus) they have to do something about their residuals. Quite frankly Infiniti admits that they just do not hold their resale when they place such low residual values on their cars. Furthermore Infiniti's top of the line Q45 only carries a 49% residual for 36 months....maybe that is why they do not sell more than 300/month nationwide. Infiniti has to put some supports on their vehicles or they will not sell and they will not increase their image into the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Lexus......I am leasing the BMW X5 which was Infiniti's benchmark or the FX35/45.
  • bomcq2bomcq2 Posts: 2
    Pick it up next week. Graphite with Brick interior. Rides nice, very comfortable seat. Looks great.
  • Saw an FX today on the road. Passed me going the other direction during a snow squal. We got about 4 inches today. The vehicle was black and certainly unmistakable. The only dealer in Pittsburgh, Cochran doesnt show and FX's in stock yet. Id be curious to hear from the owner about the performance, especially in the snow.
  • Hey deano67218 or Chris?? Is the FX you received red??? :) I live down the street from the Wichita dealer!
  • ch05ech05e Posts: 12
    Recently I have been very interested in the Lexus RX 330, until two days ago when I saw an Infiniti FX35 in the parking lot. I loved it! Some of the pictures I saw, made me question its appearance, but after seeing it in person I can tell they dont' do it justice. I'm going to an Infiniti dealership tomorrow to look at one and hopefully test drive it too. Does the FX35 RWD go to 0-60 in 6.5 seconds?
  • Just came back from a short test drive with a FX45, with Premium and Technology Packages. First impressions are outstanding. The V8 has a amazing torque delivery, the car is probably as quick as the X5 4.6iS, that costs another $10k. Interior is beautifully built, real aluminium inserts, good quality materials. Nimble handling, almost sports sedan like. However, this is not your typical SUV that hauls seven people and luggage, think more of a sports sedan with a little more space.

    Bottom line: I liked it a lot! Much more exciting than an MDX or RX3(3)0.
  • sunilbsunilb Posts: 407
    I took a test drive in the FX35.... I found it to be a great handling car, given it's size. The body roll was minimal and a refreshing attribute when compared to other SUVs. I also liked the interior a lot, but was suprised at the limited cargo room behind the back seats (particularly due to the way the roof slants down).

    The aspect that I didn't like was the application of the 3.5 engine. I found it "wanting", primarily due to the weight of this vehicle. It most noticeable going up an incline (of course, it could have been slow to downshift, as I wasn't playing with the sport-shift/manumatic mode).

    [As an aside, I also test drove a G35 sedan and due to the lower weight of the vehicle, the engine felt much more responsive.]

    Bottom line: I thought this was a great vehicle, but would have to recommend the 4.5 engine (I didn't get to test drive that, but it should be beefier).
  • wstehwsteh Posts: 8
    I took a very short, less than 10 minutes, test drive in a FX35 2WD today. It did not have the sport suspension - 18" wheels.

    I was absolutely amazed at the handling. I've driven an Acura MDX and the Acura absolutely wallowed in comparison.

    I'm considering the FX35 but will have to order the Technology Package as I want the active cruise and DVD navigation. I'm sure that the dealer would trade the 20" wheels from the sport suspension (included w/ the Technology Pkg) with a standard FX35 on the lot, but I'm concerned about the ride quality of the sport suspension.

    Does anyone have any comments about the sport suspension (standard on the FX45)? Car&Driver commented that the ride was very rough. :-(
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    I drove an FX35 yesterday. I was impressed! I purchased a G35 sedan earlier this year. The last Japanese car I purchased was a 1960's Datsun 510.
    The G35 is just fun to drive. The FX35 is slower but it is fast enough (much quicker than an Audi A6 I replaced with the G35) and handles like a car. I spent alot of time sliding around on a parking lot covered with snow. It was hard to get the "vdc" to kick in ...... the AWD is great! I didn't feel the ride was rough at all. Head and leg room are more than adequate (6'4") and the seat is OK but could be a couple of inches wider (250 pounds) When I bought the G35 I drove most of the other SUV's on the market and decided on a sedan. Previously owned a Range Rover Discovery which turned me off on SUV's for a few years. I will purchase the FX 45(35) unless something better comes along before this summer.
    The tech package is a must for me but it's too bad that they make you buy the DVD package ... who sets in the back seat to watch movies?
    Exterior A
    Interior B+
    Handling A+ SUV B+ Car
    Performance A SUV B Car
    Braking A
    Ride B+
    Technology A

    It's a fat and heavy sports sedan! I love it ...
    maybe I won't wait until the summer?
  • wstehwsteh Posts: 8

    Wow, if you're coming out of a G35 and still like the FX35/45, that's impressive! You know they are based on the same platform, right?

    The Technology Package includes some options that I wouldn't pay money for either, including the rear seat DVD screen and the key less entry. But since they are included with some other things that I want, and overall the package seems to be a bargain, I'm happy!

    I think that the FX35 has enough acceleration and I don't plan to drive the FX45, so that I'm not tempted! ;)
  • Just took a test drive myself of an FX 35 and came away very impressed. Currently drive an Acura TL Type S and was considering a G35 up until I drove the FX35. Excellent ride and impressively tight handling. What also impressed me was the quality of the materials inside - I really felt like I was in a luxury vehicle - a feeling I didn't necessarily get in the G35 (I think the materials are cheap). The leather, alluminum, plastics and workmanship in the FX all felt first quality. When you consider a reasonably loaded G35 is about $34k and a well equipped FX35 is about $38k (non-nav), the FX35 seems like a fantastic deal and the G is a good deal to begin with. Based on earlier postings, the only thing that concerns me is the residual if you want to lease - if it is as bad as 50% and you can get a better deal on an X5 lease, Infiniti might have a hard time. Also very anxious to see the VW Tourag when it comes out. Nothing wrong with having a lot of choices.
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