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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I have a FX35 with tech (20" wheels) the ride is fine with the proper tire pressure you go over 35 psi and it does get a little harsh. My car was delivered with 40+ psi. take a tire pressure guage on the test drive and make sure the pressure is right when you judge the car. I doubt most magazines do this.
  • arhfx45arhfx45 Posts: 27
    My FX was delivered with 41#-43# all around. I dropped the pressure to 32# before I picked it up. Many dealers may not address this issue & may have people test driving FX's with 40+ lbs on them.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    I, too have an FX35 with tech. I first drove it before it had been prepped and the ride was much harsher than the other sport suspension FX's I had test driven. After dealer prep, the ride quality was much improved. I suspect the air pressure was in the 40's. To me the ride quality of the sport suspension is very acceptable and the loss in handling to go to the softer premium package was unacceptable. I am used to a BMW sport type suspension and would not have it any other way. This is my wife's car and she has never had even the slightest complaint about hard or harsh suspension. Keep in mind her previous car was a BMW 540i sport and my current car is a 98 BMW M3. We think the ride is right in line with the sporting character of the car.
  • hootspahootspa Posts: 11
    with 18 in wheels and sport suspension, I think the suspension on both the FX35 and FX45 with either wheel setup is stiff or "busy". I don't think you should equate stiffness with better performance; Infiniti just needs to do a little more work in the suspension dept to get it right. I agree that an adjustable suspension in all FX models would be the way to go. By the way, you will get more rattles over time with excessively stiff suspensions since all that road irregularity is being directly transmitted to the car's chassis and not damped (absorbed) by the tires and suspension.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Yep, it's been described in mag articles as having a "popcorn-popper" ride, but when you take a corner at .87g and keep going until the "slip" light comes on, you'll realize that this is an elite teritory that few sports cars can reach. And this is an SUV?
    If you don't like the ride, you probably don't like amusement parks either.
    I'm only 55 and I'm not ready for a "rolling coffin" like the RX330 yet.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I'm 54 and actually my wife's RX330 w/Performance Pkg. is pretty nimble for an SUV - much more so than most traditional SUV's and the RX300 that it replaced. But still, when faced with the choice of which car I'm going to drive when I go somewhere after work, I always seem to hop in my FX45...must be a reason.
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    I have a rx 330 and it has the cornering power of a forklift. It loves to go straight. That is with the air suspension even set on low.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    On a previous post I seem to remember that you thought the suspension setting on low improved the handling. Why would you have bought an SUV that handles like a forklift? Although I haven't had extensive experience with my wife's RX, I did aggressively drive it around cloverleads and corners during two test drives, and thought it handled pretty darned well - again no FX but pretty good.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    RX330 handles like a forklift...or...

    (post #895 by skip30 in RX330 board, Jun 29, 2003)
    "The coolest things about my RX 330 are the air suspension and the power liftgate. Actually I probably like the way it drives at freeway speeds the best...and I have bought over 25 new cars."

    Goshes, you'd think someone that bought over 25 new cars would know the vast difference between driving a "forklift" versus "the coolest...air suspension...I like the way it drives at freeway speeds the best..."

    Guess not.
  • carprepcarprep Posts: 8
    I don't see any contradiction in Skip's recent posts "RX330 handles like a forklift" vs. "The coolest things about my RX 330 are the air suspension and the power liftgate. Actually I probably like the way it drives at freeway speeds the best."

    I drive cars for a living. Personally, I'd take the forklift over the RX330 any day! There's a BIG difference between "handling" and "driving at freeway speeds." But if you understood that Jeff, you would not be caught dead in the "rolling coffin" RX330, unless you're a soccer mom or over 65. I'm sure you fit into at least one of those categories.

    By the way, why are you still posting on this board Jeff? Did you pick up a copy of the latest Motor Trend FX35/ RX330/ MLB350 comparison? Guess which one was declared the winner? Goshes! Experiencing buyer's remorse now Jeff? Why don't you go back and join Willard and the soccer moms on the RX330 board.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    FX may win on performance, but that's where it ends. No manufacturer beats the RX330 in sophistication and class. If you want a fast car, with soso looks and a bunch of useless toys, get an FX. If you want a slower car with lots of class, and the Lexus touch get an RX330. The saying, "The one who dies with the most toys", isn't true with automobiles.
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    The RX handles great on the frwy. The air suspension does help with general feel. The cornering limits are very low. The car just does not like to turn. The front tires feel like they are doing all of the work. This is when being pushed fairly hard thru the twisties. I drove a non air car and I still think the air suspension is way better. It is a very nice car but it is more of a cruiser. Nothing wrong with that. since most of the time in Los Angeles you are going nowhere, stuck in traffic. Skip
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    Motor Trend is and has been the worst rag in the auto mag business for decades.

    As the poster mentioned above, the FX series has good handling properties, whether or not the suspension is too hard for some. But that's where its claim to fame ends for many that test drive it.

    People vote with their dollars - and everyday I see the FXs piling up at a large Infiniti dealership in the area and yet directly across the street the Lexus dealer struggles to keep one RX330 on the lot as a demo unit.

    Speaking of cross-posts, your post #382 months ago in the RX330 board (referring to me):

    "...guess you're just a little sensitive having to drive around in your wife's ubiquitous car. And talk about depreciation, I hope your're in a short term lease, because you're not going to be able to give that thing away otherwise."

    Sold the "wife's ubiquitous car", a 2001 RX300 FWD, just this week for 73% of it's new price 3 years ago. Our new RX330 has exceeded our expectations in every way. As always, YMMV.

    Since you were so wrong about the RX's resale value, I trust your current opinions are just as worthy.

    Ya pays ya money and makes your choice. Beyond that, your hostility is a sure sign of pure locker room bravado but at least its humorous - keep up the good work.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    The FX not only crushes the RX in terms of performance but is a much more stylish car and the build quality is right up there with the Lexus. I had a 2000 RX300 which had a myriad of problems like failing tansmission, bad alternator, electrical problems, blown tires...all within the first year! Infiniti's quality has improved immensely and I would say it rates right up there now w/Lexus, BMW, Mercedes. (Is it any wonder Infiniti is now ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction!) Those who dismiss the FX like kdshapiro really has no idea of what he's talking about since he has never really owned a FX ("useless toys?"---last I checked, the RX also has same "useless toys" as the FX like rear-view camera, laser cruise control, DVD player, etc.) If you want to be pampered like a 50-year old soccer mom, fine, get a RX. Just leave the FX for us real drivers.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "kdshapiro really has no idea of what he's talking about since he has never really owned a FX ("useless toys?"

    Laser guided cruise control. Nope! Roads here are way too crowded to even put on cruise control, much less laser guided. Remote starting. Never used it wouldn't need it. I know exactly what I am talking about. More electronics to break as time goes on. You may be one of the few RX owners that had problems with their vehicles. Generally they are absolutely bullet-proof I have first hand experience multiple times with them. You need the FXs rear view camera, cause you can't see out of the back. You "real" drivers can have your FX and I hope you're getting great mileage with these sky-rocketing gas prices. I'm sure the RX330 doesn't get the great mileage the FX does. :) Now back to our topic.
  • RX330 fans : please read previous post and you will understand why I own a FX45 over a RX330 . It is the same reasons why maybe one my own a Porsche Carrera over a Lexus SC430. And as to "jeffmust2" statement about the # of FX's are on the lot over the RX330 . I own a Lexus LX470 and when I took my SUV in for service the dealer gave me a LOANER CAR . The loaner car was a RX330 ( no lic. plates, brand spanking NEW ). I also saw about 5 to 6 other RX330's in the loaner car lot ! Kinda says something , huh ? When I took my FX45 in for service , I also got a loaner car .
    It was a G35 sedan with dealer plates on it .
    I did not see any FX35,FX45, Q45, M45, or G35 coupes for loaner cars .

    I drove the RX330 for a day. I did like the auto. rear hatch opening and wood trim steering wheel but I did not like the lack of power and poor handling . In closing , these are two different SUV's and both cater to a different crowd . I would never own a RX330 but if you do , I'm glad for you . You wanted something else in your vehicle then I did but please stop comparing "apples and oranges" and who's better the whom !
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    "The loaner car was a RX330 ( no lic. plates, brand spanking NEW ). I also saw about 5 to 6 other RX330's in the loaner car lot ! Kinda says something, huh?"

    Actually, it says nothing. Having RX 330s in a loaner fleet says nothing about how well the car is selling. Lexus corporate works with dealers to place RXs in loaner fleets. The cars are delivered from Lexus for use as loaners only. The Lexus loaners are NOT cars that go unsold, which is what you are implying.

    Jeffmust2 was saying that most Lexus dealers have few, if any, RX 330s on their lots. Infiniti dealers have tons of FXs sitting there. I'm not saying this is good or bad for either Lexus or Infiniti, but at least where I live that is a fact.
  • I agree it seems most of the posts here see more FX's on the dealers lots then RX330's. But I can only go on my experience when buying my LX470 . When I went to my local dealerships in the SF Bay Area, all told me that they couldn't keep this SUV in stock and I would have to wait 6 to 7 weeks after ordering it from them . I did a little research of my own and come to find out some of these dealers had another lot located in a different location and would only keep one or two of these SUV's on the main lot making it seem they were in high demand with few in stock . I am not implying this is done everywhere but it is another sales technique to inflate the price and possibly make you want the vehicle more .
    There are other factors also , as you well know, from advertising to what does the consumer want from the vehicle will contribute to sales differences . Some are valet and some are mute . As to some pointing to the fact that the RX330 is out selling the FX35/45 must make it a better vehicle is a misstatement of the facts . If this were the case then the Ford Taurus would be considered better then the RX330 , and you know that is completely wrong !

    I do question the fact that Lexus uses there RX330 ( which as posted is a very popular SUV and are having a hard time keeping them in stock ) and not the IS300 or LS300 as loaner cars since the demand is far less right now for those vehicles . You may feel that it says nothing but I respectfully disagree for all things mentioned above .....
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Why are you Lexus/RX fans here on the FX boards? Are you that bored with your vehicles to come over here and start criticizing our cars (or you just plain jeolous)? I could care less about how many RX's have been sold....blah,blah,blah. The fact is, there's nothing like the FX on the road today. There's no vehicle that come combine the power, handling, styling, and utility for its price like the FX. If you want just another vanilla SUV and want to be pampered like an 'ol lady, please buy a Lexus.
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