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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I was wondering about breaking the car in too. The manual says don't do full throttle acceleration for the first 1000 miles but the dealer never mentioned a breakin period. My car had 290 miles on it so I know it was tested before I got it. (130 of those were to bring the car down from a Cleveland dealer.)

    The FX 45 has more torque but I am not dissappointed in the power of the FX 35 at all. In fact I think it's quick in traffic; pleanty fast enough for around town. My summer driver is a supercharged 2.7 Boxster (0 to 60 5.2) so it's not like I'm comparing the FX35 to my mothers old sedan.

    Things for Infinity to improve: (Now that I've had the car for a few days.)

    Outside mirrors should be antiglare/self dimming just like the inside mirror. Other manufacturers do it.

    There should be an option to have all doors lock at a preset speed.

    Those are nitpicky items though and I am very satisified with the vehiicle.

  • If you didn't think the FX35 was fast compared to the durango then something was wrong with that FX. I you want something to be thrilled about-look at the gas gauge on the durango when you floor it compared to the gas gauge on the FX. The FX is 7.3 to 60 mph. I like to see what the durango is.
  • gibogibo Posts: 22
    There was something up with that one. There had to be. My part of the test drive was only a few minutes. I want to take it out for an afternoon. The husband has ruled it out because it's too small and he wants something Sequoia-sized. But I may trade in my Volvo for the FX35 if it behaves like I think it should.
      How can I keep the dealers from going on the test drives with me? That's annoying. I'm guessing it's because I'm young and it's obvious from my license that I'm in the military. (translation: they think I can't afford it)
      And anyone heard about the QX56? Is the pricing supposed to be like the QX4? When is that big boy supposed to be available?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The QX56 should be appearing Feb/March. Pricing will probably be $47K to $51K but almost everything will be standard.
    As far as taking the car for a drive yourself, ask the dealer about a BCC (Borrowed Car Agreement). My local dealer let me take a car for a couple of hours on one.
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    I believe that Enterprise now have FX's in their rental fleet (probably around $100/day), so you could really try one out without salesmen.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Had this feature on my last car - a 2000 Lincoln LS Manual - and it drove me nuts.
    Thank God my 45 has "manual" locking.
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Posts: 97
    That wasn't a line of bull about "breaking in" the car. As with most late model automatic transmissions, it has a computer that adjusts performance based upon the driving style of the driver. On a test drive the car will behave tuned towards the last person who drove it.

    Also, the other poster is correct about Enterprise having them for rent. They are mostly for use as service loaners but if you call your local offices they should be able to get one for you to rent for a day or two so you can give it a real test drive without a salesman.
  • Had this feature on several cars and really disliked it. If there was not a way to disable, I would never buy a new car with that feature. My last experience was with a used Dodge Caravan and it would lock and unlock on it's own every few minutes and all the chimes would ding. Just something else to go wrong that I have to pay to fix. If I want to lock the other doors, it's a matter of flipping a switch. Not too difficult. Don't want a car to think for me.
  • Could the lack of performance on the FX be that you had it in manual shift mode and then failed to down=shift it manually when you needed some power? The only time it will downshift itself is when you come to a full stop. The Fx-even the 35- will smoke most other SUV's on the market. Something is defintely not right. Hope you try it again, and don't worry about the salesman. Tell him to prepare for the test drive of his life. He'll probably enjoy it. Did you ever see the 'test drive' scene in the movie 'USED CARS'?
  • Had an appointment for an oil change and the air bag fix today over my lunch hour. When I got there, about 20 minutes late, they also advised me that the brake caliper issue also came up on my vehicle (I have an early build '03 FX45) so this would add approximately 30 minutes to my wait. Without me asking they offered a loaner which was really nice because I had work to do back at the office, and I really didn't want to be there for 2 hours. I picked it up after work, and of course it was washed and the interior was nicely vacuumed. Total cost (I brought in my own Mobil 1) was a very reasonable $26.61.

    So far (10,800 miles) the Infiniti ownership experience has been great!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    How would you compare/contrast your Lexus experience (RX330 right?) and the infiniti Experience (More from a dealer/service perspective).
  • I've been waiting for the arrival of X3 and test drove the 3.0 several weeks ago and was quite disappointed about the cheap interior not even as good as my RAV4) with hard plastic. The 3.0 I test drove has the premium feature and costs around $43K. I still plan to test drive the less expensive 2.5 which costs $4K less but the brochure said, it goes from 0-60 for 9.8 seconds. So what is there to test drive? I am now looking into the FX35, my second choice, sorry guys. I plan to test drive next week and because of my company's relationship, I can get the FX35 below invoice. I read about the 2003 test report on rough ride and all, which I do not prefer, but the 2004 FX35 soften the suspension. Can anyone tell me the ride between the two?
  • Please test drive the 03 and 04 FX35 back to back and post your opinion. I've been kind of interested in this myself, but can't seem to get up off the couch.
  • Regarding the dealership experiences, between Lexus and Infiniti, I would say for us they have been equally good - they are very comparable with respect to good attitude, keeping their schedules, loaner cars, free coffee and cookies, etc. Realize however that so far we've only dealt with each of them on routine scheduled maintenance and in the case of Infiniti, on the warranty items (for which the manufacturer provides specified repair procedures). As the miles accummulate and we start to have more extensive service work done, we'll see if both of them provide the type of excellent service that they have thus far!
  • From everything that I've read the ride quality of the X3 is much harsher than the FX35, especially the sport suspension version. C&D described it as practically unbearable so I am curious to see what your opinion is, and how the two vehicles compare if you do get around to driving them back to back as micheal2003 (aka "couch potato" <g>) suggests.

    It just seems (based on the amazingly cheap plastic interior) that the X3 is WAY overpriced, even if the ride was good. Also like nearly all first-year German SUV's (Merc M, VW Toureg, and the X5 before it) that the X3 will surely be much less reliable than the FX.
  • Does anyone know if I can get the Navi only without getting the technology package?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Nope. But they have split out the rear DVD player in the '04.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Also, you don't need the sports package to get the technology package anymore. This can make a tech package FX a lot less in price. Bear in mind that a lot of dealers are also clearing out their '03s now.
  • Pick up my black loaded FX45 this week. Same day drove it to NYC and back to MA. Bakes are excellent. Suspension is just has stiff as my Sequoia, the only think is there is less up spring on the FX45. Sequoia does have a smother ride, due to more up spring suspension travel. It tracks the road as a sport car. Visibility out of there back (rear) is about the same as Sequoia when passengers and luggage are on board. 450 miles so far.

    The vehicle is listed as a truck by my insurance company and motor vehicle. That is OK with me, since if they ever classify it as a sport car, insurance would be expensive.

    DVD my kids enjoy. Wife drove it part of the way and was extremely impressed by the ease of handling and power. Getting on the highway is a breeze.

    NAV system is simple to use as well as the other controls. Average about ~20 miles per gallon on the trip as per the computer. Knowing the tire pressure is must feature.

    It is geared towards performance and get it. No issues to report.
  • Hi, I have owned an FX45 for 3 months, and I've had a few problems. I love the car, but I'm trying to get a perspective on my little problems and understand how common they are for all of you.

    My FX45 "bugs":
    1. wind noise from drivers side mirror
    2. rattles and creaking sounds in driver door
    3. cruise control some times does not engage to hold speed constant (even at over 50 mph)
    4. headlight angle control wheel buzz noise (rattles)
    5. turn signal a little on the loud side (this is a nit, but it still is annoying).
    6. some of the menu-navigation design is awkward, and the requirement to respond to the system EACH time you start your car is a real pain - but I understand the legal reasons.

    I do love this car, but Infiniti seems to have some rattle/creaking problems with their doors and "roller/wheel" switches on many models - I had same problems with a 2001 QX4.

    The headlight roller switch is making more and more noise, so I may have to take it in for repair even though it apparently requires disassembling a lot of the dash - which can lead to new noises.

    By the way, Infiniti is FANTASTIC with their service to try to fix noises and other problems, but it is costly for me wrt time (it usually takes several trips to the dealer to solve a rattle problem).

    Thanks for any comments.
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