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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    #1 Do not have this proble
    #2 If I lean on the dor in a turn it makes a slight popping noise but if there is no pressure on it it is fine. Have not had it looked at.
    #3 If you have the Tech package and it was raining when you try to engage the cruise. ICC will not engage if your wipers are on passed int. I thought my cruise was busted on a long trip until I read the manual and figured this out. regular cruise will engage no matter the wiper speed.
    #5 I like this you are less likely to leave them on. I also tend to take advantage of the bose system a lot so I usually don't even hear it.
    #6 there is a bypass posted on another forum for being able to use the nav while driving. but the "I Agree" screen is there to stay sorry to say.
  • I'm considering the FX35 with all the you recommend? How's the acceleration compared to say a Lexus RX330?

    Is the interior properly luxurious for an Infiniti??

  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Bear in mind that the FX35 is based on the G35 Coupe, chassis and transmission. The RX330 is based on the Toyota Camry. The Infiniti puts out 280hp compared to 230hp of the Lexus. The AWD system on the FX is considerably more sophisticated than that of the RX. The engine on the FX is a 100,000 mile tune up free unit with a cam chain designed to last the life of the engine. As far as interiors go, the Lexus goes with the leather/wood approach whereas the Infiniti is leather/aluminium. Really a matter of taste.
    The two cars are VERY different dynamically. I would really suggest driving both. If a quiet, soft ride is your thing then go for the Lexus. If you like performance and handing then go for the Infiniti.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Based on the numbers posted by Car & Driver on their review of the RX330 and FX35, the FX35 is quicker (7.1 sec versus 7.8 sec to 60 mph) and handles better (0.80g versus 0.75g). If performance is your priority, the FX35 is the crossover for you. If luxury is your priority, I think that you will be happier with the RX330.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    How is your FX holding up. I think we got ours around the same time. I have 12k on mine and have been very happy with it despite the recalls and seat squeaks.
  • Have 10k on my FX35 with tech. The only thing it has been in for us a trim piece on the rear window. None of the problems others have had and is completely squeak and rattle free. No hatch problem either. Bought it end of May.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Our FX is holding up very well. We currently have approximately 9K+ miles on it and haven't had any issues with it aside from the squealing brakes and the recalls. I have no seat squeaks. It is a JOY to drive. The biggest surprise is how my wife totally loves driving it.
  • You guys need to get out and drive those FX's! I have 19K on mine and no rattles, squeaks, squealing brakes or anything. The recalls have been handled well by the dealer, loaner if I need it. Had the airbag reprogram and brake calipers done while I waited and was there less than 45 minutes!

    The closest thing to a problem has been one very small crack in the windshield, which was repaired before it got out of control. Other than that, one great vehicle.

    Outstanding handling, more than enough acceleration for me, and it still turns lots of heads!
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    The RX330 is more of a woman's car, while the FX is more of a man's car. (Popular Mechanics)
    Some of the leftover FX45s, sans Tech, are going out close to the 40k mark. That's a deal compared to almost anything else, especially from a performance standpoint.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Our FX is the babymobile, so it's not used as a daily driver. Infiniti service has been pretty good so far.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087

    I would have more miles but I am only allowed 15k per year since I leased. I am actually considering buying an 04 and trading my 03 so I can do the nav-tv mod and the nav while moving mod and a couple others. I'm waiting for grubbs to do another vpp special in the spring and if it makes sense I might go for it. However with them splitting out the DVD of the tech has made it about 1k more expensive than last year.

    Crikey- My wife also loves driving the FX. I had to get her another car so I could ever see some wheel time :)
  • gauntlett1, you said your FX45 "Suspension is just has stiff as my Sequoia". Are you driving the 2003 model or 2004 since the 2004 suspension is supposed to be softer.
  • "You guys need to get out and drive those FX's! I have 19K"

    I'm almost there.... close to 17K now on my 45Tech. A couple of minor fixes early on & the ECM airbag thing but other than that I am very pleased both with the car and the service. A guy in a Navigator grilled me this morning in a gas station and it's such a pleasure to be able to say that yes, I tried the Cay, X5, RX330, MDX, etc. & after 6 months I still think I got the best vehicle for my needs.
  • jamesw7: I have a 2003 FX45. It is just as rough as the 2001 Sequoia over bumps, but the Sequoia dampens it some (not much). 2003 FX45 can be had for 48K (with tech package). If you wait until 2004, it may be 500 or 1K less and you may not get the color you desire.

    I drove the Subaru WRX, RX330, FX35, and FX45, and my choice was the FX45. RX330 lean to much and dive when stopped hard. The RX330 appointments are tad better than the FX45. WRX was just basic AWD car with power, handling, and limited options. FX35 exhaust rumble is a bit louded than the FX45. When priced for a loaded FX35, it came close to the price of a loaded FX45 (after bargaining). I have a light foot, but when my foot gets heavy, it responds. The AWD works extremely well. You really can not tell when it it engaged.
  • gibogibo Posts: 22
    Curious to know if anyone has figured out how to rig the navigation so it will accept a new address while the car is moving. That has to be the most ANNOYING feature of an otherwise great car.
  • Took my Fx in for an oil change and tire rotation. Have 10k on it. They also took care of the air bag reprogram and disk brake bolt. I dropped it off about 9AM and picked it up about 1;30PM. They gave me a g35 loaner and washed and vac'd my Fx. Total cost was $54.00. Thought that was pretty reasonable. What's this cost at most other Infiniti dealers?
  • This is an easy hack. The Navigation unit is under the passenger seat. Remove the front panel at the bottom of the passenger seat & you can see the wiring to the navigation unit. There are 3 wiring connectors to this unit you will see in front. A small one with the wires covered to the right & 2 larger ones. Disconnect all 3 connectors & you'll have enough slack to pull the wires out & see them to work on them. The far left connector is white & won't be modified. The far right (small connector) is also not modified. The middle of the 3 connectors is grey & has about 20 wires in it. On this grey connector you'll see a solid grey wire, the second wire from the passenger's door,on the bottom row in the grey connector. This wire needs to be cut & have a toggle switch spliced into the circuit. When the switch is closed the Nav system works as designed, when the switch is flipped open the Nav system thinks you're stopped & will thus allow any inputs. Once you've input a destination flip the switch back & in a few seconds the system will realize you've moved & relocate the "Arrow" to your new location. I ran a wire over to the blank plate next to the AWD Lock switch & mounted a small toggle switch by drilling a hole in the empty plate.
    Ok, "X" marks the grey wire looking at it while laying in front of the passenger seat looking at the connector plugged into the Navi unit.
    000000000 = Wire location in the grey connector. (___)=no wire there.

    "X" is the only grey wire in the large grey connector.

    OK, I realize this may sound a little involved, but it took me less than 10 minutes & that included running the wire under the console. You can splice a wire into the circuit & mount a small toggle switch anywhere to make this work.
       Good luck.
  • arhfx45- I won't ask how you figured that one out. Any other useful hacks you've discovered?? And a probably un-needed caution but we all need to be conscious of making mods that may nullify the warranty.
  • I am in the market for an FX 35 and can't make
    my mind if I should get the AWD or the RWD.
    I live in Northern New Jersey.
    Thanks for your thoughts and advise.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Ionly recommend rwd for those in the south. I would think you would definately want AWD.
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