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Ford F-Series Accessories and Modifications



  • hd82hd82 Posts: 13
    Any one heard or know of converting a F-150 crew cab 6' bed to an 8' bed. It seems stretching the frame, wires, brakes lines and drive shaft is all that is involved? Then set the 8' bed on it and you are done. Why isn't this available from dealer?
  • On ford f350, 18k miles installed k&n air filter. 6 months later, white smoke with engine popping then later black smoke. Mechanic changed out turbo and said THE K&N filter is the problem so must re-install the factory original. I don't believe it. Any comments???
  • Hi everyone. please let me know your opinions on these two brands. which ones do you have or prefer to use. i am not sure which to look into please let me know what you think
  • Has anyone installed a chip on a 6.0 with a 6 speed? If so what brand and what were the gains? I have an 03 with this config and am thinking about adding a chip. I dont do a lot of towing but when i do its usaully just the Quads and a 16' tandem axle.
  • fordz1fordz1 Posts: 24
    Does anyone have the factory navigation system in their 08 Super Duty? If so, what are the likes and dislikes of the system.
  • I have the system in a 250SD King Ranch and it is touch screen and very user friendly. System is same from the Lincoln's and works well. could be a little larger screen, but overall very good.
  • I also have the nav system in my 08 250. It is user friendly and works pretty good. Likes are the ability to set numerous addresses in the address book and store them for latter. This works real well with your home address so no matter where you are you have a map home. Dislikes are the when the voice tells what street to turn on it sounds like a drunk talking. It will let you choose between fastest route and shortest route. The shortest route is not always the shortest. I have found when planning a long trip it is a good idea to check a road map and compare it with the route on the nav system, for the shortest route. You may need to set small towns as wave points to get the shortest route. The manual for the radio and nav system is over 60 pages and can be down loaded off the ford web site. also the nav system is no better than the data that is on the disk. A lot of small towns do not have all of their streets in the data base. Another like of the system is under points of interest you can find resturant, gas stations , hospitals , and shopping within 20 miles of your present location. Real nice on a long trip. Over all I like the system and believe it is worth having. There are after market systems that can be bought cheaper but I like built in the dash look over a add on sitting on top of the dash. Hope this helps.
  • wesbuck4wesbuck4 Posts: 7
    I have a question about improving the sound of my exhaust. I have a 2005 F150 4x4 that I love, but it is missing that mean loud truck sound that I hear from many other trucks on the road. I have a side exhaust that is factory from Ford, but I want to know how I can inexpensively make my exhaust system louder without completely changing out my system. What products are best for loudening my Ford's exhaust, or what changes can I make to give me that good rumble that I hear from many other trucks?
  • tfoster2tfoster2 Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 f150 4,6 v8,i installed a cat back exhaust system .which installs behind muffler,new system muffler has dual outlets and tail pipes mine is magna flow with great sound,but you can get flow master or many others .i got mine at ebay store called madhatter mufflers for 169.00 with chrome tips ,but they are on ebay for as low as 117.00,you will feel the difference,you might also look into cold air kit .from kn,airaid and others ,it gives real horse p[ower kick. hope this helps
  • xtrukkerxtrukker Posts: 1
    New to the forum...hope I'm not opening a can of worms.
    I'm thinking about putting open exhaust (OPEN) on my 02 f250 with the 5.4L, 6spd, 4WD, 3.73's in hopes of improving my mpg. Any thoughts on that (besides the EPA - there's no emissions testing in my state). If I do it, I plan on keeping the OEM system if I wind up having to put it back on. I've been having trouble finding any info on whether this engine needs a certain backpressure reading. There's no sensors in or after the cat, so I'm thinking I could run straights off the manifolds (if I can stand the noise) and the ECM wouldn't know the difference. Right now I'm getting 12-13mpg in town. Have a K&N filter, otherwise truck is stock.
  • darichdarich Posts: 1
    My neighbor needs to drill tiedown holes through the railcaps on his short bed pickup, and would like to know if anyone knows the measurements so when he drills he comes through flush with the pre-existing holes on the rails themselves. He has a bedliner installed and thus can't tell from beneath where the holes are located. Precise measurements from the cab/front end of the bed would help him immensely.
  • djm12djm12 Posts: 1
    i have a 99 ford f250 standard cab long bed .... im trying to install air lift brand air bags on it... the problem is where they are sopposed to mount the frame has an indentation.... it almost looks like the brackets need to be an inch longer... i checked with the manufacture and its thr right model for the truck.... any suggestions or a picture would be great... thanks dustin
  • Hi everyone I'm new to this so I'm a little uncertain how it works? My question is I have a 2006 F250 diesel fx4 lariat 4dr short bed can I put 35' tires on it w/o a lift?...or if a lift is needed what would be the smallest I can get away with?
  • dbcambodbcambo Posts: 1
  • what can you do if you purchase a 2007 roush f-150 stage 3 and you want to inhance the horsepower. After all roush racing is all about speed and performance.
  • I have a 2008 F350 I recently put bigger tires and rims on. The low pressure sensor stays on all the time as these tires use less psi. Ford dealer says there is no way to change pressure sensor to work with these tires, Please help or send electrical tape.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Use the tpm tool that came with the truck, looks like a keyless entry remote.
  • I tried that tool, but it only calibrates between two different pressures. Will not work for my new tires. Thanks for replying though.
  • Hi gang,
    I have a 91 f-150 that I have been working on for about a year. I am interested in putting a turbo on it. Can anyone give me imformation about this? Like the size of turbo to use, waste gate?, working with the ECM, what about the brakes, can I put a vacuum pump on it like a diesel has. Has anyone ever heard of anyone doing this? Or should I just forget the idea? Any input would be appreciated.
  • How do i pullout the entire headlight assembly off of the truck 97 f350, i need to drill 1 inch holes in the back of the directional lenses to put strobe lights in , i see the two screws in the top but cant find anymore.
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