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Dodge Avenger



  • jacky2jacky2 Posts: 1
    I bought 98 Avenger w/ 75 K last month,
    and I've faced the problem of stalling for 2-3 weeks.

    Finally, I went to mechanics to x-ray transmission.
    If transmision is o.k, ask them to delete old data records.
    The problem was fixed for my car.

  • babumbabum Posts: 1
    My horn on my Avenger sounds like someone is dying a slow death. Could anyone tell me where to locate it under the hood or if there is any known problems with the horn. Thanks!
  • Well I took my clunkin avenger back to the dealer and now they changed the crank sensor. Apparently these cars have 2 types of codes for the computer.
    Hard codes send an engine light and soft codes make you blow are your money to find out the problem. So the crank sensor sends a soft code. The car hasn't stalled out yet and its been 1 day. So I'm happy there but the terd box has a horrible miss and when I stop or go real slow the idle drops. The dealership says there is nothing wrong with the car, it could be running like crap because it is getting old. OLD? OLD? I almost slapped the jerk. The car only has 118000.
    Well I'm gonna through some good gas in her some lucas fuel injector cleaner, and I'm gonna take for a good rip on the highway. Hopefully that will help and if not it'll blow it up. Time for drastic measures.
  • does anyone know if there is a large cam or a small cam on this distribtors :confuse:
  • Just wondering if you could help me understand what I'm faced with. I have a 96 ES Avenger 2.5, auto. Problem, it does not go into 1st gear. Starts out in second, under complete acceleration from start it goes into a neutral sense for a quick moment, then into second hard. I generally will squeak tires because the engine reved up before engaging second gear. Other than tha it runs down the road great. No slippage in any gear. Shifts fine up and down to other gears.
  • i signed up for this discussion board looking to see if there were any good suggestions on modifications for my 97 avenger that i just bought but i just read all the posts and it was nothing but bad stories......but if there is anyone with any good news that could help me trick out my car let me know :lemon:
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    skavenger, have you looked into the Speedshop Forum? You might find some happier news there:

    Speed Shop: Tuning and Modifications

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  • my 97 dodge avenger "check engine light" has been goping on for over a year. The dealer says it's a sensor and charged me over a bundle to "fix" - a week later it came back on - took it back to dealer and he said there's nothing wrong with the car, just a computer glitch with the sensor. Took it to a mechanic and he said it ws the sensor and wanted to charge me over 100 dollars to reset the computer sensor. Car has not let me down but I am concerned it may when I least expect it. That was all over a year ago. Light is still on. Any clues ?????
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, emoran,

    You might want to ask the folks in the Check Engine Light discussion -- they might have some ideas for you.

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  • Hi, I'm looking to buy a '97 Avenger that's in real good shape. My only gripe is that it has the stock 4-speed automatic transmission. If I were to go ahead and buy the car, is there any way to swap transmissions with a 5-speed manual, and if so, would it be fairly costly/time consuming. What sort of place would I take the car to for that work, just any tranny-shop?
  • jezzijezzi Posts: 1
    I've always really liked avengers, and after my stratus died I was going to buy one. So I did my homework & they apear to be pieces of junk. Please tell me they aren't! Does anyone have anything good to say about them? Because the only "good" things I've heard came from the people trying to get rid of them.
  • i drive a 1995 dodge avenger ES im glad to say i got one of the good ones.i have been the only owner of this car and i got it up to 226,000 miles on it , and its never had any mechanical problems , except for the things you need to replace when a car starts getting old ( water pump, alternator, spark plugs/wires, seals, belts ext ). its been the best car i have ever had, and still do date i put about 100 miles every 2 days. but luck doesnt last forever, yestarday my ANTI-LOCK light came on, the car still drives the same, but when i turn the car off, i hear a vibrating noise coming from under the hood by drivers side wheel , its fairly loud, and i think its the hydraulic module, i have to disconnect the negative battery cable to get it to shut off, but it comes right back on when its re-connected. does anyone have any advice on what i might be able to do ? its thanksgiving and no auto shop is open .
  • i have a 1995 ES with 226,000 miles on it, its been the best car i have ever owned.
  • hey your problem is the wheel bearing its a sealed unit the abs sensor is inside of the bearing so your bearing must have gone out and took the sensor out with it. its a common problem on avengers normally its the rear ones but ya just have the bearing replaced and that should solve your poblems
  • kagerkager Posts: 1
    I don't care what anyone says about the Avenger... mine is now 6 years old now and has 125,000 miles on it. I have yet to put any money into it (I've been the original owner) and have put a lot of miles on it for a 6 year old car... this has been the best vehicle I've ever owned - and I hope to have it another 2-3 years! It's just a good dependable car! No complaints here!
  • Is your O2 sensor bad, or camshaft position sensor bad, It could be numerous things though you need to know exactly why the light is on.
  • i have a 99 avenger ES i jus got it wit 72 000kms on it, i was having a problem with the stario but aperantly it was a fuze problem how ever i hurd some talk about maybe i should take a look @ my condenser that might b short circuting the wiring. Another thing is that it is leaking coolant however the leakin is slow, it leaks a full load in about 2 weeks... i hurd it could b a gasket problem but im not sure, any idea as it wat this problem could be???
  • caleb3caleb3 Posts: 1
    i just got a 95 avenger and i need to know what type of engine it needs?
    need answer fast thanks
  • I have this very problem and a service can be performed to restore them back to crystal clear. I found it by going to yahoo search and entering headlight restoration. Here's what I got You will find everything that you need here.

    Let me know how it works!

  • caleb3 it depends on if you have a es if so the you have a 24valve v6 which is call a 6g73<--thats the motor type its a 2.5 liter motor. also along with that your transmission type is A604 / 41TE this is a stock 4 speed auto for and es. if you have a 4 cylinder the it is called a 4g63 which if you wanted to you can go and get a 4g63 turbo motor out o a mitsubishi eclipse or out of and eagle talon or ranging in years from 92-99 and any one of those motors will bolt right up in there but you will need to change your motor mounts out
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