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Suzuki Esteem Wagon



  • black7black7 Posts: 1
    does anybody know which way to loosen the bolt holding on the crankshaft pully. One bolt I can't get off. 2001 esteem 1.8L is it threaded right or left
  • suzuki98suzuki98 Posts: 1
    i have a 1998 suzuki esteem it idles low and is sluggish on take off like its choking itself then it will take off and run ok but when you come to a hill it has loss of power no check engine light will come on i replaced the oxygen and cam sensor any ideas
  • Hi, all!

    I'm looking to install a new stereo into my Gal's 2001 Suzuki Esteem Wagon. I can't seem to find any real good information on this process and was wondering if anyone had any pointers as to what to expect from the Factory Stereo system and the Dash mounting that I will be dealing with. I refuse to drop $100+ on an entire manual when all I'm looking for is info on the audio system so, if anyone can send some knowledge my way, that'd be great. Thanks! :confuse:
  • Your camshaft sensor is causing this. Please read my story below.

    I have your answer. I have a 2000 Suzuki Esteem that did the same thing for YEARS. A couple years ago, I finally had to get the car inspected in a county that checked emissions. So I failed it, because of this problem. Your CHECK ENGINE light is most likely on. After spending right at $1000 fixing EVERYTHING that the diagnosis test showed to be wrong, here is the list of parts I had checked out:

    Catalytic Converter
    DO2 Sensor (downstream oxygen sensor)
    Camshaft sensor
    ECG Flow Valve

    Here's the good news... The ECG Flow Valve is pretty expensive, but they did NOT have to replace it. They just took it off and cleaned it in brake cleaner. That was the last part that finally made the check engine light turn off for good. However, the part that CAUSED your problem was the camshaft sensor. They replaced it, and it has never stalled out again. So why did I tell you about all these other parts that were bad/dirty on MY car?? Because they suggested that the camshaft sensor and the catalytic converter being bad may have very well CAUSED the other list of parts to go out. So be prepared if the list of parts I have here are also bad. They might not be, but they could. All in all, go get your camshaft sensor replaced. You can buy them for a FRACTION of the price online. Please email me at if you need help with this. I struggled for about 4 years spending money and trying to figure this out for myself, and I'd love to help you out for free.
  • Hello,

    Im looking in to picking up the esteem wagon. I found one for a good price, however like all good deals it comes at a price.

    Apparently, the wagon will idle but the throttle does not 'rev' the car up (sellers words) Anyone have any ideas on what would cause this? Is it worth buying and fixingt the problem or should I just move on?

  • tdolcetdolce Posts: 2
    Awhile back my wife said her ABS light went on and not long after the light shut off, her car would make a really strange noise whenever she would take her foot off the brake and begin accelerating after the car had been parked and off. She said it now makes this noise whenever she tries to brake on wet or slippery roads.( The noise sounds like a car that tried to wind up but failed on a quick crank. Like air releasing with a failed ignition start). I decided to try it out for myself today on a very icy road and every time I would try and brake....even long after the car had been running, made this sound and the brakes felt strange.

    Does anyone have a clue? I'm thinking maybe the ABS controller module or is there a pump motor that goes with that? Are we talking big dollars?
  • tdolcetdolce Posts: 2
    Any luck? I'm in the same boat....need a stereo for my wife's 01 Esteem wagon
  • with 88k miles, I had to have k frame replaced under warranty due to extreme rust.
    I also have had the front and rear brakes replaced (would not pass safety inspection). I am now experiencing loud clunking noise underneath the car while
    driving on bumpy roads (frost heaves) and grinding noise from the brakes or
    transmission when accelerating up very steep hills and also skipping when applying
    brakes on ice - suspect abs problems. Anyone have these problems? If so,
    how were they resolved?
  • HI here . I hope i'm on the right page..
    I have a 2000 Esteem Wagon.(bought used). 7 mths ago. I had no problems then 2 mths ago my accelerator started sticking after the car would warm up..but wasn't stuck when I'd first start it..( I thought it was froze- winter u know) and the car would rev up between 2500 & 3000 rpm until I put it in Drive- then it would idle fine and rev up again when i stop and put it in park. .we reset the idle - there was a small plunger that was being pushed out too far and pressing against a tab on the spring . where the accelerator cable attaches (not sure what this is called) We bent the tab out of the way of the plunger and the pedal was free at all times and she seemed to idle ok an wasn't reving.. but -she had no guts on hills or take off.. I took it to a dealer an they done an system scan - they say it's the Throttle Body that's causing this. They alsoset the idle and say there's NO ADJUSTMENT left. and that they suspect that IDLE AIR CONTROL is faulty - (is this because of the Throttle body??) Anyone have any opinions or experience on this one - would it be possible that anyone with the same problem has found that it was caused by someting other than the throttle Body? or know where I can get a used Throttle Body?... any info would be appreciated...
  • jeepkidjeepkid Posts: 2
    I was driving down the freeway in my suzuki esteem wagon 98 when all the sudden it just shut off completely I was able to coast off the freeway where I made an attempt to start it and nothing happens no starter no lights it's like there was no battery in the car! The battery is new this year and the serpentine belt was replaced less than a year ago. I have no idea what the problem could be; I was thinking maybe the timing belt, or maybe a pulley has ceased up? I am open to any suggestions I just really need to get it going again.

  • pt58pt58 Posts: 3
    My 2001 1.8 wagon runs well but the idle is a bit erratic when I stop. Anyone else have this problem that they fixed? Thanks
  • pt58pt58 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 GLX+ and my mileage is usually spot on the 20 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway. It has a really inaccurate fuel gauge so I use the trip odometer and calculate how far i go on a gallon
  • pt58pt58 Posts: 3
    Check Craig's list. There's a guy who put all the manuals for the Suzuki on a CD for 10 bucks!
  • allinaallina Posts: 1
    when you come to a hill it has loss of power no check engine light will come on i replaced the oxygen and cam sensor any ideas I have that problem. Do You now what it is??
  • Mine holds itself back while going down hill's as well as loses power when climbing...I have 't found out what causes this yet.. but someone told me the other day that it has something to do with the oxygen intake sensor.. I'm not sure if that's the same sensor as the oxygen sensor.. but i'm getting it checked out anyway..- i'll let you know what & if I find anything out..It definately has something to do with the fuel - it eats it when she's like this..there are times when mine seems to work normal...does yours?
  • how do I adjust rear brakes automatically? 2002 suzuki esteem
  • replying to my own

    I found the answer to my problem... :shades:

    the Catalic Converter on the pipe was plugged..replaced it and 'Away I go!'....the 2000 wagon has 2 converters ..1 on the manifold and 1 on the pipe,, it also has 2 oxygen sensors...(I didn't replace them) hope this helps others who are having probs with their Suzuki's.. :)
  • I have a 98 Suzuki Esteem and it stumbles as you touch the throttle (off-idle). You have to be very slow with any change of the gas pedal or the engine will die. It has a bit of a scrambled egg smell and is using more gas than normal. It never shifts into OD on the freeway. It does not appear to have any miss (particular cylinder issue) or plugged exhaust.
  • dglovedglove Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Suzuki Esteem Wagon GLX 1.8 Litre. Bought it February 2000.

    I have been searching Pick N Pull for "cheap" replacement body parts. Specific parts I seek are the front bumper cover, hood and front left fender. I bought the car new and have acquired small dings, dents and scratches. So, I'd like to re-fit parts, paint and keep this car which only has 70,000 miles. This car has been great and I see no reason not to pretty it up a bit and keep driving it.

    Models with similar parts are hard to find. I was wondering if anyone knows of other Makes/Models that have body parts (especially hood/bumper) that would be inter-changeable with a Suzuki Esteem Wagon. Or, if you know a reliable site that can pinpoint what Suzuki models/years will be a sure match for my 2000 hood, 2000 bumper cover and 2000 fender.

    thank you.
  • This rattling is caused by a loose exhaust pipe. normally at high speeds and idling the engine is where this rattling is heard. it almost sounds like someone is banging with a hammer from under the car. The exhaust pipe is only about a 1/4 of an inch away from the cars under carriage, this is an engeneering flaw that has been causing our headaches. When the exhaust supports warm up with the engine, it causes the pipe to hit the cars undercarriage making that rattling noise. I fixed my Esteem by exchanging the exhaust supports with polyurethane supports and tying the pipe to the cars frame.
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