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Kia Sedona problems



  • I just bought, today, a used 2002 Kia Sedona LX with 9,500 miles on it. What sold me was the price and the remainder of the 5 year, 50,000 mile warranty. When driving home (about 50 miles from dealership)I noticed when I went over 40 miles an hour and needed to slow down for a light there was alot of vibration and thumping sounds that seemed like it was coming from the brakes, (and my hand on the steering wheel was actually shaking from the vibrations.) It does not have Anti-Lock brakes. Is this normal for this type of van.? Does anyone else have this problem. I traded in a 98 Plymouth Voyager and never had a problem like this. Joanie
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    those brake noises do not sound normal for ANY vehicle. Did you buy this Sedona from a dealership? Did you test drive the Sedona before buying it?
  • Yes, I bought it from a Kia Dealer and I did mentioned that the brakes did not feel right, he said it must have Anti-Lock brakes, but when the Assistant Sales Manager look at it; he said it does not have anti-Lock Brakes and there was air built up from the inspection it went under before they put it up for sale. During my 50 mile ride home it was so obvious that the problem was still there and worse. I called the Salesman on my cell phone and he said "Service" will need to look at them. Gosh, I was thinking, I need to bring in my Kia for service before I even got home. I did not mention in my earlier post, that because my husband was unable to test drive the Sedona with me, I could bring it back on Monday if we are not totally satisfied with the van. Not sure what to do. But my mechanic (I hope) will be able to look at it for me tomorrow.
  • That one's not going to stop you from driving, but you should bring that in for service at a Kia dealer right away. There could be a serious problem with the airbag system, and it might not deploy when you need it.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    80% chance your brake rotors are warped. Although unusual for 9.5K miles, if someone made an extremly high speed "panic" stop (IE mashed the brakes on from 65-75mph and did a panic stop), the heat build up can cause the rotors to warp, esp if they didn't allow them to cool.

    Although this is noisy and gives the jarring, it isn't particularly dangerous, except perhaps a little increased braking distance on a panic stop, and definately worth checking out. Usually when the rotors get warped, the brake pads also have glaze on them from the heat, and that is more of a problem.

    Brake rotors can generally be turned once on a lathe to remove the high spots and reduce/eliminate the "chatter" you feel. Some older (thicker) models can be turned more than once. I seem to recall a discussion on these boards that say these rotors are thin enough that once is all you can turn them. Perhaps HHenry or one of the others can pinpoint that one.

    Bottom line: A complete brake job is cheap, and your dealer will probably do this easily for you. The brake pads prob won't be covered by warantee, but the rotors should for replacements, not turned ones.
  • Does anyone know if there is an easy way to reset a Sedona Radio? Mine has crapped out twice now and it's $30 a pop to have the dealer reset it, since it is just out of warranty.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    1.) Thumping on used Sedona- My Sedona has 32,000 miles and the brakes work fine. I also HAVE had to do some panic stops, heavily loaded. It is most likely abused brakes. Since you just got the car it should be covered under any version of a 30 day used car warranty. It could even be someone in the service dept damaged them " test driving the car" for you. In any case it is a cheap thing to fix. Nep rotors and new pads shoul be less than $ 150 max. And it can be done at home if need be. I assume dealer will stand behind the producrt since you reported it on your drive home.

    2.) RADIO RESET- Question- What do you mean by " RESET" . I have had the power off my radio many times and when I restored the battery connection the radio worked fine. To " reset" the pre=selected channels simply tune to the station you like. Then hold done the number key ) 1,2,3,4,5,6 ) that you wish to assign to the station. Keep it down until you hear the station come back on the radio and you will now see a " STATION # " on the display.

    It works every time.
  • I took the van to the mechanic and he said it needs two new front rotors. He was very surprised that with 9,500 miles on it that the brake vibrations were that bad. He also showed me were the driver's side of the van was re-painted. Yes, the dealer will stand by the van and fix the brakes, but I can also opt out of the deal tomorrow morning. I have the remainder of the 60,000 miles warranty on it. Not sure what to do. I just do not want to start trips to the service department with it.
    PS. Did I also mention that the airbag light does not go off at all when the van is on. Carfax came back fine, although I do wonder if it was in an accident.
  • I would not take the van - if it were me. The repaint, the rotors, the air bag light - all add up to a problem vehicle in my opinion. I'd keep looking. Just my $.02
  • arjay1arjay1 Posts: 172
    Why was that low mileage van for sale anyway? Was it someone else's problem? Did the dealer tell you that there had been body work or painting done?
    I agree, this all adds up to a possible problem. I would take it back and start the search again for another unit.
    We have 18,800 miles on our 2002 EX and all is good. We continue to knock on wood, or at least simulated wood plastic overlay!
  • The problem with my radio is not saving my favorite channels. The problem is that my cd player made a fluttering thump noise and then completely shutdown. No power, nothing. Can't use cassette or radio either. I wondered if there was a magical prescription for RESETTING the radio like there is for Hondas, etc.
  • RUN - do not walk! away from any dealer that would sell you a vehicle with a brake condition like that...add in the fact that the air bag indicator light stays on and the van has been repainted on the drivers side...that tells me that there is more to this than meets the eye. Just my opinion!
    Oh, by the way, according to my 2002 Sedona brochure...the front row folding, extendable side table with cupholders was a feature for the EX and not the LX.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Sounds like that van has been in an accident. Believe it is immoral, if not illegal for dealer to sell with airbag light on...he knows that means airbag may not deploy properly.

    Typically, the sensor is bad...if there was an offset crash which didn't deploy the bag, that might be enough to screw it up.

    Also, if you DO decide to keep the van, I'd get another mechanic (from somewhere else other than the dealer) to look over the vehicle. Pay attention to the tires, too, as if it was hit, it may show signs of cupping or being out of alignment.
  • As I was silently driving to lunch today, it occurred to me that there must be a way to RESET the radio when there is a failure, and there is!
    There is a microscopic reset button on the upper right hand corner under the small word "reset", which I thought was for the cd eject...dolt! Anyway, all you have to do is push a toothpick type object into the hole and presto...all better. Two things: I wish the owners manual had mentioned it and I wish I had figured it out before I dropped the $35 to the dealer for "resetting" my radio.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Yeah, but the dealer has a SST (special service tool) to handle these situations professionally.

    In this case the SST is a bent paperclip. Talk about a rip!

    Steve, Host
  • I purchased a 2003 Sedona EX in August. I've taken several trips and have experienced great gas mileage. On one trip from Buffalo NY to New Hampshire (984 miles round trip) I averaged 23.2 miles per gallon. Around town, I average 18.

    Recently, I've felt a vibration on the front passenger side. At first I thought it was a tire out of balance - but the vibration disappeared as I drove for 10 minutes or more.

    The vibration always seemed to be prominent when I first started my van. This seemed to indicate a possible engine vibration. I took the van to the dealer and they kept it for 2 days (I got a free loaner). They said the vibration is normal for Kia engines. Sure enough, the loaner engine vibrated too.

    I just couldn't accept this response since the vibration disappeared after driving. So I performed my own test. While driving downhill with the van in neutral, the vibration was present. Another time, with the van OFF and in neutral, the vibration was present.

    It now appears that I have a vibration that is associated with the front end. It is noticeable by everyone that rides with me. I had the opportunity to ride on the passenger side and the vibration was very prominent. The disturbing thing is that the vibration disappears after driving for a short while.

    I'm bringing it back in for service tomorrow (11/19/03). I'll post the results.
  • anyone have any experience with a slight ticking sound, when fully warm? lifters? fuel injectors?
  • We have an '03 sedona lx and we noticed that it had wind noise coming from the driver's door window. Kia tried to fix it 3 times, by changing a seal on the sliding door, and re-adjusting the window. Finally, I decided to look into the problem more myself. I put electrical tape along the bottom of the window on the outside...and the noise went away....took the tape off and the sound came I told Kia about it and they replaced the more noise! Yay!

    Anyway....just thought I would share..

  • That is a fantastic piece of detective work! Good to hear that it was an easy fix!
  • Funny thing is: When the mechanic came out with me for a ride to make sure the problem was fixed, I told him to tell the service manager(the guy I was dealing with) that the problem still wasn't fixed! I had to! :)

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