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Kia Sedona problems



  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Congrats on the new Minivan! Be sure to share your purchase experience with us. What color did you go with?

    '04 Sedona EX
  • xvrmxvrm Posts: 10

    Purchased '04 Sedona LX, Base (no options), in Sage Green. From some angles it looks like it belongs in an Army motor pool ... but I truly love this vehicle. 7900 miles so far. Vehicle drives/rides like a dream. Read that some versions of '05 Odyssey are going for $38000. For that money, I'd have TWO copies of my van, gas and insurance for a year, and cash left over for a vacation in the Bahamas. Are we Sedona owners smart shoppers or what??!!

    '04 Sedona LX
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    We have the Sage green as well...NICE CHOICE!!!!

    Time will truly tell with the Sedona but by early indications of Sedona owners with 50 to 75,000 miles it appears positive.

    I've been buying Hyundai's since '88(bought an excel when I was in College) and we got 150,000 miles from that car and it still worked before we sold it. Considering the powertrain in our Sedona is all Hyundai(Mitsubishi design), I have no doubt this thing will last.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • We also have a 02 Sedona with almost 60k. We took it to the dealer and they replaced the battery. However, the problem did not go away. What did the dealer tell you?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    how long have you had your Sedona? When did your dealer replace the battery-- just recently, with your van at nearly 60k miles? That's good service if they replaced a 2+ year old, 60k mile battery free.
  • I agree. However, it did not solve the problem. Our brake and warning lights come on every now and then. They can't seem to find the problem. They say it is not the alternator but that seems hard to believe. We just had the brakes fixed 6 months ago but we're getting them checked again.
  • Craig, I'm having quite a lot of paint problems on the front end, chips and paint flaking off the bumper. Going to dealer soon. Will reply back.
  • we have an 04 sedona ex with 2500 miles on it and have had a problem with the steering pulsing left to right. taken to dealer for them to tell us they can not duplicate problem. vehicle came with hankook tires. at last visit to dealer they reduced air pressure to 30 psi and rebalanced tires and problem still comes and goes. any suggestions? i don't have any working knowledge of that brand of tire.


    blower motor is now making a humming noise when turned on have not taken to dealer for this problem yet. can anyone tell me what this may be to help dealer with fix.


    also, bought vehicle with abs now getting a strong vibration when having to apply brakes from highway deceleration and peddle feedback seems excessive. anyone else having this problem got any suggestions as to cause before i return to dealer.


    other minor problems such as turn signal switch had to be replaced and recliner handle on 2nd row captain chair had to be replaced with no problem.


  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243


    I think you have bad front brake rotors. When they are not true(perfectly flat) they have a tendency to cause the brake pedal to pulsate in addition to making the steering wheel occilate.



    '04 Sedona EX
  • Has anyone had problems with their transmission not engaging? Last Friday evening, I backed my wife's Sedona out of the garage, then put in drive to pull over so she could get in -- the transmission would not shift into drive. Tried 2nd gear, tried low gear, tried disengaging the overdrive, nothing. Tried again later in the evening - car went into drive. I stopped, reversed, and put it back into drive. Nothing. Shut it off and restarted, and it went into drive and I was able to pull back into the garage. The van has been towed to the dealer, and of course its running fine for them, with no error codes. Any ideas or previous experiences similar to this?
  • Hello to all. I have a 2004 EX Sedona, 14k miles. I just noticed that my rear defrost is not working - not a good thing as we just got 16 inches of snow! The button will push in, but not "stick". Has anyone ever had this problem before? Guess I'll have to take it to the dealer.
  • that is what i was thinking as we had a similar problem with our 2001 malibu from the lugnuts being put on too tight (place where we were having tires rotated were not using torque wrench, just torque gun). had the rotors and pads replaced and now rides like a new car again, but was apprehensive to think that this would be the problem with a brand new vehicle. do you think i should have it checked by an outside source before i return to dealer to validate that being the cause before i get the run around by the service tech?
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243


    I dont think its neccessary to bring your van to another shop simply for a validation. Dealers dont like to be "told" what to replace.....Your best approach is to describe all symptoms exactly. I have had tremendous success offering to buy the service manager lunch. They have never took me up on the offer but the gesger goes a long way. If he or she turns you down simply ask what kind of soda they like....Buy 'em one from the vending machine....They will remember you I promise. After they claim the repair is done, ask for the service manager to go with you on a short test ride to confirm the repairs are done to your satisfaction.


    Let us know OK?



    '04 Sedona EX
  • rmkiasrmkias Posts: 1
    I have had this happening to my Sedona (2002) twice so far. My suspected it was not engaging in drive because of the extreme cold here (around -15F with the wind chill). When I pushed on the gas a bit more and held it down for a while, it does shift eventually...takes a few seconds. Is it very cold where you are at? Did you find out anything more about this problem? If you have, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Hello all,


    Just bought a 2005 Sedona EX (500 km on it as I write this). Not knowing the car and never having owned a Kia I have questions I am hoping you as experienced owners can help with:


    1) Anyone have a ticking sound from the engine on start? It seems to go away after awhile.


    2)At idle and in gear I have two odd sounds that are very noticeable inside the van. One is the alternator (I know it's the alternator because the whine from it changes as I increase and decrease the load on it)and the noise comes from the right side of the engine. The second is a LOUD tranny pump coming from the left side of the engine (again the noise is noticeable when in gear but not in park or neutral). It's a chugging sort of noise.


    3) The front suspension makes a "tock tock" sound when going over undulations in the road. Not when I do over real bumps, but something like a wave in the pavement. The car is fine over large bumps, handles well and feels tight otherwise.


    4) Did your gas mileage get better after the engine was broken in (I hope)?


    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • RMKIAS wrote:


    I have had this happening to my Sedona (2002)twice so far. My suspected it was not engaging;in drive because of the extreme cold here(around -15F with the wind chill). When I pushed on the gas a bit more and held it down;for a while, it does shift eventually




    RMKIAS - Wind chill has no effect on inanimate objects such as your Sedona. Wind chill only acts on skin by removing heat faster than if there were no wind. Your transmission doesn't care how fast the wind is blowing. If it did there would be a problem every time you got on the highway in cold weather since in effect you would be creating your own wind chill effect.


    We have had a couple of very cold days here in Minnesota so far this year where the high does not get above zero degrees F, (actual temp, not wind chill), and our Sedona has not had any transmission issues. We are expecting the coldest weather of the year here in a few days with highs potentially not hitting -10F and lows somewhere south of -20F. I'll let everyone know how our Sedona does, but so far we are very impressed with how well it starts and runs in the cold, and most importantly, how well the heater works!


    If you are having transmission problems in the cold then I'd get it checked out by the dealer. Perhaps you need a transmission fluid change. When it is time for an ATF change on my van I'll probably put in synthetic fluid since it flows better in very cold weather.


    - Chad
  • I'm wondering if anyone can help me with my problem.

    I have a 03 ex.


    The front passenger side tire keeps loosing traction. It mostly happens when I make a turn or merge into a highway. And don’t even need accelerate that much. If it’s raining…forget it!!! I’ve taken it to the dealer and they cannot determine what the problem is. They’re telling me that that’s the way the car is and there’s nothing they or I can do about it. But it’s really bad! I probably look like a teenager after peeling out on every corner. I know my tires will never last this way.

    Keep in mind I just put new tires on the car (GY triple tread), but it was happening with the hancook’s as well.
  • I have a 2002 Sedona with 41000 miles. My Air Bag light recently came on and I am wondering if it will be covered under warranty?

    My Sedona came from the dealership with 2 leaks, power steering and transmission. It took 3 trips to the dealership to get them fixed. The final trip, I put "3rd time - LEMON LAW" across the repair ticket. Technically, it came with 3 leaks. The right front tire leaked until my wife ran it flat one day and ruined it. The tires are very slick on wet pavement. They are worn out now and getting replaced with better quality tires.

    I've had my Sedona in to the shop twice to replace seat belts. The mid row belts stopped ratcheting, which makes it impossible to use child safty seats. Also, I had to bring it in for a recall to replace the back row seat belts.

    I'd guess my average milage to be around 17 to 18 mpg.

    Overall, I've had more trouble with this vehicle than any of the others I've owned. Regardless, it is still a good value...You get what you pay for!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Sorry you've had so many problems with your Sedona. I'd say you are unlucky, not that you got what you paid for.


    You are the first person I've heard, besides me, who has had seat belt ratcheting problems. We had the same problem with the middle row passenger side belt and it was replaced.
  • I have a 2002 sedona lx with 51k miles. When I first turn on the van and shift into drive and hit the gas and start to move the Brake and Charge Light comes on. The van drives nicely though and when I turn off the car and turn it back on the light is gone but returns when i continue to accelerate again. I went to the dealer and they told me it might be the alternator however the van still runs. Anyone know whats wrong? Both the brake and charge light comes on at the same time. yet the E brake is on engaged.
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