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Kia Sedona problems



  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    I did see where some people were chatting about the kia loaner car program. Some thought the dealerships were at fault for stopping it and others thought it was a pick and choose who got the loaners. Welp I am here to tell you both of those are incorrect. If ya want to blame someone,blame kia. They stopped the program from what I have been able to find out .They are now doing a situation to where if your car is down,not driveable because of parts ordered,the dpsm is suppose to be called either by the service department manager or the sercive writer to have a rental car possibly gotten for you. Thats the situation. Anyone tells you differently,they are full of it. The loaner program was basically stopped for one major reason and I will use this example .If ya dont own it,you will not take care of it .Meaning the loaner car. You have NO CLUE how many cars were damaged,stolen,wrecked. Pick a situation and it was mostly seen. Kia "loaned" the cars to the dealers to let the new car owners have something to drive. Well it jsut wasnt cost effective so they went to a outside source for supply. A rental car company. If something happened to the car,you as the renter are responcible for it. Abuse problem solved. I also saw where people made the claim that they were able to get salesmans demo cars. Well I aint saying that hasnt happened before .Play the odds though and it will not happen most likely because the sales manager alot of times has to approve that because the demo is the salespersons responsibility. Would you give someone your car to drive,doubt it. Hope this helps out some.
  • kandktkandkt Posts: 1
    I also have a 2004 sedona. I only have 10k miles, and have seen two check engine lights, had the engine replaced at 7k miles, and the same front strut issue. I am working on making Kia buy the vehicle back through the lemon law. I go for arbritation on the 13th of this month. If you want, I will let you know how this goes. They had an independent third party person look at the vehicle last week, and he stated that the front end makes noise, he believes there are faulty front end components, and Kia is still making me go through with the arbitration. Good luck on getting them to help you out with it. They state it is a normal operating noise and no reason to fix it.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Ya I know that light can be a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] but lets face it,you can thank uncle sam for it. Amazing isnt it.
    If I had to play the odds I would be willing to guess that the reason for the light coming on was most likely because of either a CCV or the Purge Solinoid Valve,ie small evap leak or gross evap leak. Just a guess.
    Engine issue,why was the engine replaced?
    Post have already been made in reference to the strut noise.

    Enjoy :shades:
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    Thanks for the suggestion kiatech. I hope that when I bring it in again soon , the problem occurs when its there. Weve now resorted to exposing the little access door near the shift lever and pushing a small screwdriver into the shifter. THere is a little button in there and when we push that, we can shift out of park and get on our way. Cant wait 30 minutes in the driveway all the time!!!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    profanity isn't allowed...I'm letting it slide on the last post or so...but please refrain when possible. We state no profanity in our Membership Agreement and we do get emails in complaining about it.

    Thanks! :surprise:
  • I am sure that I speak for all of us Sedona owners when I say thank you for giving out this valuable information! :)
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    I'm not complaining about anything...I really like our van. It is a 2003 with 39k and going strong. We had the A/C noise and the new hose helped, but the dealership didn't really want to replace the hose and denied there being a problem, even though most of the folks posting at the time were aware of a pretty loud a/c noise at idle. (Our noise started with 500miles on the car). I think KIA has done a great job with the van. Could there be improvements? me a family truckster that is perfect.

    At least two people posted with electrical fires in the dash. Generally, if you compare this with 631 postings for a car that is now 4 model years old, the complaints are pretty few.

    Your comments are valued. Hope you keep posting!
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    Well I just got it last August. 8000 miles on it. This February the check engine light came on, and it ran a bit rough at startup. Problem went away, and no time to take it in. Then recently I noticed road noise I had not heard before, a hum just like tire noise, sounds like I'm driving with offroad tires. I took it in to have both looked at. The Check Light was for misfire on #5 cylinder. They replaced the spark plug. However, they put the car up on some rack where they can run it, and said they found the right front drive axle jumping up and down, so they put in a new axle. Unfortunately it also needs a new rear hub bearing on the same side, which wont come in for a week. So I have to go back again for that. For now the road noise is still the same. It better not be the same when they are finished. Very disappointing for a new vehicle. He said they have been finding bearings damaged by hitting potholes. ????
  • My '02 Sedonas' AM radio reception is quite awful. :cry: I do not drive this too much (wifes' vehicle...she listens to FM) but it seems worse now to me then when we first purchased it. I get signifigant interference around power lines and it also picks up the engine rpm on occasion. While at the surburban dealer for the throttle cable recall, I had the tech look into this. He basically said that they all are known for that and that swapping out with new would obtain the same result. He checked the antenna connection for tightness. I had asked him if there was a noise supressor that may have gone bad but he said that he was unaware of this being a seperate entity. I guess that it is built into the radio. I also notice that the led lighting on the radio flickers ever so slightly on occasion.

    While getting it inspected previously at another dealer in the city, I had asked about this problem. (I could not duplicate it then...probably because I was so close to the signal) He said that what he was doing in situations like this was adding an extra ground connection to the radio.

    Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • I know how you feel, I bought my minivan almost one year ago, and after complaining about the jerky breaking 7 months ago, and having the rotors machined, they now need replacing, and guess what, the warranty no longer covers them. I phoned the dealership to tell them that I would not pay for them when obviously they were a withstanding problem. After the guy on the phone told me how the rotors can be caused to go bad two footed driving, hauling objects too heavy and breaking too fast with them on, etc.. he then agreed to "absorb" the costs, but I'm certain I'll be told differently when they are actual replaced tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find out.
    Isn't it wonderful to own a Kia. I just wish this was my only complaint. My van came with a DVD system, (the main reason I picked this one over the Ford I was looking at), and it was broken before I left the lot for home with it, and broke again after that. I just wasn't ready for that, I never thought to ask myself what am I going to do when the paper work has been signed and the brand-new van has something that needs replacing on it before I leave with it, hindsight aside I should have kept my Malibu.
  • mnkids2kiasmnkids2kias Posts: 10
    Don't rule out wheel bearings or hubs. I have 80m on my 2002 sedona. I have had the wheel bearings both left and right front replaced I think 2 or three times.
  • mnkids2kiasmnkids2kias Posts: 10
    Thanks Tech.

    Ok the timing belt.

    I have done many tb's but as you know each type or make of vehicle has it's own circumstances. I still want to do this . I know I can save some $
    I just didn't want to have to buy the manual.

    The gas smell.. Some of you have wrote and mentioned some possibilities.. ie loose cap cat converter.... no no no no no . I have been there done all that.

    This is raw gas like if you spilled it on the floor strong raw gas! My wife and family think were going to blow up.

    I used to work at a ma and pa service center so I know enough that this is not right. It can't be wet gas though because it tends to dissipate quickly.

    It seems to come in the air vents like its coming off the fuel rail or something. I have given the dealer as much info as I can
  • mnkids2kiasmnkids2kias Posts: 10
    I was told to move this from minivans / Kia Sedona to here by suggestion. Can anyone help?

    During the warmer months I get intermittent occurrences of raw gasoline smell inside my vehicle. it is not from the road surface or other vehicles. by the time i get it to the dealer they cant duplicate the problem.

    Has anyone heard of this.

    Also I now have 79,000 miles on this vehicle. I refuse to pay the dealer to replace the timing belt.
    I intend on doing this myself. Does anyone know of where I would purchase an aftermarket belt and could I pay someone to mail me the installation procedure from a manual.?

    3. to reply to some of the topics.
    I have also found that the pulsing brakes may have more to do with the rear drums…. I even had a dealer service rep tell me they were fine. At 270000 mi and then at 33,000 tell me the brakes are shot. He also told me that Kias don’t have automatic adjusters… It’s a DOT requirement that they have those. Anyway I fixed those brakes myself.

    4. My 2002 Sedona gets really bad mileage 17 hwy if I am lucky Dealer said it was normal.

    Also now the air bag indicator has come on. about 5 months ago I had trouble with the A/C and heating cluster. At that time I also had my windshield replaced.
    Could a wire have been loosened?
    Another forum I saw where someone said this was due to the switches in the safety belt couplers..... what what do they have to do with an airbag system. They must be thinking of the seat belt light instead. or could someone comment?

    My AM Radio stinks also especially when my cell phone charger is plugged in. It almost seems like old cars when you could get Impedance mismatch on the antenna and you had a trim capacitor to tune calibrate the antenna to the radio.

    In most of these issues the dealer has tried to blow off my concerns

    #4261 of 4265 Re: 2002 Sedona Gas Smell [mnkids2kias] by claires HOST May 04, 2005 (1:01 pm)
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    This forum is for the discussion of the features, attributes, etc. of the Kia Sedona. You might want to post your question in the Kia Sedona Problems discussion to see if the folks there have answers to your problem.

  • mmaxtellmmaxtell Posts: 3
    The hubby and I just bought our 2005 Sedona last night. We fell in love with it as soon as we test drove it. Only one problem so far, check engine light came on. Hubby said he turned it till it clicked like he was told to do, but the light is still on and won't go off, so I'm calling the dealership today.

    Hopefully, this doesn't keep occuring, lol.

  • Hi folks
    I bought a new 5 speed manual Carnival (I am in Australia) last July and am very happy with it.We bought it because we wanted room as we trade at antique fairs and the seat removal and 2 sliding doors is ideal to get heaps of stuff in the thing. Nothing has broken or fallen of the vehicle. OZ has the 2.5 litre petrol motor in them which is OK but not startling although it cruises very well above the speed limit when it is safe to do so.The only problem(s) I have with it, and the dealer can't find them, is an intermittant rattle which seems to come from the left front wheel and a clunking noise which comes from the right font wheel the first time it is used each day. This clunking only last for the length of our drive way and doesn't come back for the rest of the day. In the old days I would have said that it is a lack of grease in the CV joint (ah la Mini Minor) but the mechanics shrugg me off as knowing nothing as they are the experts. Has anybody else had experiences with these noise?
    Cheers from OZ :)
  • mmaxtellmmaxtell Posts: 3
    only when the hubby drives it?

    Yesterday I took the gas cap back off and put it back in according to the dealership, drove it for a little bit and the check engine light went off (yippee). Unfortunately, when the hubby drove it to work last night it came back on. Only thing he did that I don't do is use the cruise control.

    Could that be causing an issue? I really don't want to have to take it to the dealership if I can avoid it.

  • dean5dean5 Posts: 5
    I have a 04 and it did the same. Ours was caused by some sensor in the filler tube for the gas tank. It only happened when I filled up the tank - I like to fill it until I can see it. The dealer told me that when it clicks off I should not try to put in any more gas.
  • dean5dean5 Posts: 5
    I had the same issue with my 04. It was shifting really hard between 3rd and 4th. Dealer stated that there was a TSB on this which required the trans computer to be re-programmed. Fixed it for about a day then it came back. Currently KIA has ordered a new trans for us for there is some sort of defect that is causing the hard shift.
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Our Sedona caught on fire today May 20, 2005 sitting in Mcdonald's parking lot while my wife and two children were inside Mcdonald's. There is nothing left of the inside of the van.
  • nowrenchnowrench Posts: 1
    So far, so good! Is there any thing I should be on the lookout for? How has service response been. Are the dealers taking care of business, as far as Service goes?
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