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Kia Sedona problems



  • My speedo has been working intermittently for about a week now. Check engine light finally came on yesterday. Had code(s) checked and PO500 came up. Dealership said that VSS was bad and said that replacement of it would solve my prob. Replaced sensor today and now speedo will not work at all. Anyone know what gives? How can I get my speedo to work again?
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    I forgot to mention these parts may be under warranty.
    this could also explain why you are finding that "NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY PROBLEMS WITH THEM !
  • My mother is having the same problems with her 05 sedona. How has your case turned out? How can I email you?
  • I have pasted this message again as I am hoping someone has experienced this. It happened again today.

    During the warmer months I get intermittent occurrences of raw gasoline smell inside my vehicle. it is not from the road surface or other vehicles. by the time i get it to the dealer they cant duplicate the problem.

    Has anyone heard of this.
    Pss no its not a gas cap.. It is not the obvious.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,636
    Have the dealer check the evaporative emissions system for a loose hose or if the mileage is high, a bad filter element.
  • Thanks. As I stated The dealer can't duplicate it. It started happening around 50k the dealer thought I was imagining it because it could not be duplicated. they looked at the emission and the fuel systems. I mean it smells like someone spilled raw gasoline on the floor. then by the time i I get it to a dealer it,s gone.
    Now I have 111K on it and it's out of warranty.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,636
    Gasoline emits a very strong odor...a little whiff or a few drops of gasoline can smell like a lot...but it does sound like a faulty venting problem if you don't actually see any dripping fuel anywhere.
  • I would look for a leaking fuel injector. On my wife's Cavalier, you could smell fuel very strong in side the car, but not hardly under the hood. Turned out to be a leaking fuel injector behind the throttle-body which was very hard to spot. The O-rings were dried out at 97K.

  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    Recently purchased a 2006 Kia Sedona. Went on a trip that covered Kansas, New Mexico, Texas Panhandle. Winds were extermely hard and creat a howling coming from the A/C vent on the drivers side. Advised dealership that only on strong winds on highway speed would create this problem. Shop foreman then test drives vehicle in town with little wind and states the old "could not duplicate concern". This will occur only at highway speeds where winds are really bad. Any recommendations from anyone would be appreciated. This was not coming from window or door.
  • Just purchased a 2006 Kia Sedona today after shopping for the last six months. The recent $2000.00 rebate set things in motion for us. We actually had a nice experience at our local dealer. My question..............where is the oil filter located on this vehicle?
  • Please, need help. Is the oil filter
    on the 2006 Sedona easy to change? And,
    where is it located?
  • tpcasttpcast Posts: 1
    My sister purchased a 2006 Kia Sedona for her work as a courier. She has put 16000 miles on it in the past 4 months and has problems with the vehicle wandering all over the road. She has had it in the shop many times and they say they can't fix it. She has asked return the vehicle under the warranty as she feels it is unsafe for her to drive. She has gotten nothing but resistance, stalling and down right refusal by the dealership in Duluth, MN. Does anyone have any similar experience with their Kia's and what was the outcome.
  • They probably won't warrenty it if they know she is using it as a "fleet" vehicle. On to the problem, I have the same issue, I have had the tie-rods changed once and the "steering rack" replaced also which comes with new tie-rods.
  • Tpcast, I have had problems with my 2005 Sedona for 13 months out of the 15 months I have owned it. The dealership I bought it from wants nothing to do with me, the service dept requested I not bring my vehicle back there because they cannot duplicate the break problem saying it is normal
    along with all the other problems. So, I had to get a lemon law lawyer. Its the best and only way I can see to get Kia to do anything.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Folks, there seems to have been a lot of discussion here about braking and stalling issues. To make it a little easier for new folks who might be having the same problems, I've moved your recent questions and advice to two new topics:

    Kia Sedona Brake Problems

    Kia Sedona Stalling/Idling Problems



  • 4rivas4rivas Posts: 1
    I had a 2003 Kia Sedona EX. I bought it brand new and had 37,400 miles. I always had the recommended preventive maintenance service done at the dealer, Joe Meyers Kia in Houston. In fact, I took it to the dealer on June 17 for the 37.5K scheduled maintenance. That did not keep the van from catching on fire 2 days later while I was driving with my wife and 3 children. We all got out quickly and luckily no one was hurt. The fire fighters got to the van before the fire spread beyond the engine, so an evaluation of the vehicle could hace probably determined what went wrong, but neither Kia nor Joe Meyers care about what happened. The insurance company looked at the car and totalled it. I will obviously never buy a Kia again. While all cars can cause problems, the manufacturer and their dealership network should show some degree of customer support.
  • betht27betht27 Posts: 28
    I believe there is a technical service bulletin out on that problem with it drifting. Ask the dealer about it.
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Oil filter is under the engine cover on top. It`s where it says oil filter(DRIVER SIDE OF ENGINE). :shades: Anyone having trouble with the second row seat belts? When i sit in the 2nd row seat,if i lean fwd to get a drink from the center table cup holder and sit all the way back. The seat belt would lock and you can`t move,until you unbuckel and have the belt reel in all the way,and then rebuckle. Is this normal or what? :confuse:
  • fmportfmport Posts: 9
    I had posted "fuel salling problems" that I had with my mini van in earlier messages. Long story short, had the vehicle for 12 months, 14,000 miles, left me stranded twice, once out of town and it was in the shop for a total of one month in the year that I owned it. What good is the so called "best warranty" if they can't fix the problem the vehicles develop. I looked into suing Kia under the lemon law, but it was gonna be risky because (according to my lawyer) Kia would send a master mechanic to inspect the vehicle and if he did not find anything wrong, then I would not have a case, and since the vehicle did not stall all the time it was not a risk I was willing to take. I traded the vehicle for a new GMC Envoy XL and I could not be happier. Like they say "You get what you paid for" I was fooled by their warranty, but hey! you live, you learn.
  • Thank you "redptc". I finally found it under the engine cover. I looked everywhere except the most obvious place. I assume it is a canister type. Can I purchase at any automotive parts store, or exclusively from Kia?
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