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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227
    I agree with you all the way!

  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    I also agree no car is 100 % perfect, none of rattles & squeak will strand your car, but engine and tranny will. However don't you think that disturbing noises make your suffer, annoying. I could hear loud noises coming all around me whenever the car bumps on the road, especially in the morning. This happened ever since I got this car back in late August. Sometimes I am just wondering I'd better pick a car with leather seat and that maybe better in terms of rattles & squeak, and at least those materials will be different. For spending around 24,000 for this 03 LE V6, am I going to expect those noises when the car is new?

    A friend of mine also got 03 LE V6 in 2002, he had same rattles & squeak, but a lot better than mine. He took it to the dealer twice, who didn't do what he expected them to do, instead they damaged the vanity mirror on the right side. Yes, they fixed some, but new comes up...

    I had my 92 Nissan Maxima before I bought the Camry. I didn't have that kind of rattles...
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    if a rattle bothers you and you can 'reproduce' it at anytime, I think you should give your dealership a chance to fix it, drive with someone so they can hear it never know they may actually fix it, even if the odds are against it
  • ross24ross24 Posts: 5
    I too, wanted to get info. on what Toyota has done to fix problems reported on 2003 models (brake rotors, steering off-center). I tried calling Toyota in California (800) 331-4331 select Opt. #3, but they didn't seem very helpful.

    Rather than addressing refinements done to 2004 Camry models (to fix reported problems with 2003 models), the person I spoke with simply issued a blanket statement that all reported problems in 2003 models were probably fixed in 2004 models (uh-huh).

    When asked for any specific issue related to brakes or steering that was found in 2003, then addressed in 2004, they had none to cite. They wouldn't even acknowledge that the rattle issue was addressed at all. To make sure I got that right, I asked again.. and they said that whatever issues existed with 2003 Camry's probably still exist in 2004 models.

    Although, I'm looking at a 2004 Camry, it would be nice to get more of an assurance that Toyota has made an effort to get the 2004's right.
  • Hi all,
    I bought a 03 Camry SE V6 in May, and have close to 5000 miles on it. The car is great, no rattles at all. The only thing I don't like about the car is the low hanging exhaust pipe that all Gen. 5 Camrys have. I wonder why they make em that way? Any way I knew about that when I bought it.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    I noticed few gen 5 Camry's had really low hanging pipe. I checked on my car 2003, the pipe had moved up higher at least 3". So Toyota must have made the change(s) between 2002-2003.
  • junepugjunepug Posts: 161
    We purchased an American made 2002 Camry LE V6 in July of 2002 and have not experienced any rattles in over 12,000 miles. It is one of the most delightful cars to drive that we have ever had. The only car that I can honestly say was more comfortable was our 1973 Volvo 142 that we kept for 13 years.

    I must also add that I was so impressed by the Camry that I bought a 2003 V6 non LTD Highlander in Oct 2002. It is also a very quiet car with no rattles or problems.

    My only complaint is the bumpers. Just what is wrong with the old steel, chrome bumpers from the 60's and 70's? These new bumpers cost over 350 dollars to have repaired if a bad scratch is encountered. This seems to be true on all new autos, both foreign and domestic. Why must we be so stylish??
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    If you are in the market looking for a 2004 Camry, test drive it thoroughly. Drive it over different types of road surfaces- asphalt, concrete, smooth, rough etc and keep your ears peeled for unusual noises. The Toyota dealer in my town actually allows potential customer to keep the car overnight without a commitment to buy it. You are allowed to put 25 miles in the odometer. I think that's a great idea.
  • Had my car in for a variety of door area creaks/vibrations and rattles. All the door seals were again lubed but this time with a 3M paste. It seams the original lube actually caused the seals to stick after a while making some noises worse. For now a great many of rattles eminating from the door areas are gone. Will a re-lube be necesary...time will tell. I guess the dealer could re-lube at each oil change if necesary...perhaps the lube will last longer as it is suppose to penetrate the seals better. If you have not had your seals lubed, give it a does appear to make a big difference.

    Unfortunately, the vibration eminating from the radio area was not vibrating so they did not pull the face plating and mentioned in earlier posts. The tech said he had not heard of problems in this area but it seams common based on what I have seen on the board. It typically happens when it is hot outside...guess I should have stopped back at the dealer in summer but I waited until I was due for my next oil running back and forth to the dealer reminds me of the good ole' days with my Ford...running back and forth every other month...was hoping to have fewer trips with the Camry.

    Finally, We have had a few abnormally cold days the last few weeks. On two occasions I heard a horrible thumping type rattle from the passenger air vent area in the dash. It went away when the car warmed up. Of course it did not do it when the car was in, however the tech said he has seen a number of cases where the metal speaker frame bumps some platstic part in the dash creating a thump. He did not want to rip mine apart until he heard the noise. It will no doubt return as the temp drops. If you have a noise in this area, you may want to mention the speaker.
  • The cold weather and a variety of rattles that appear eminate from the dash where it meets the windshield are back now that it is getting cold. I think this is the same problem 'corrected' in early spring which required with removal of the cowl just under the wiper blades and a gasket replaced. Perhaps this 'fix' only works heading into warmer weather and not into colder weather. I am furious and I guess I'll need to schedule another visit with the dealer...This Camry is catching up to my Mystique in terms of irratating visits to the dealer. I had a fair summer with the car...biggest disturbance was the buzzing that eminated around the radio. Now I have that, this dash/windshield noise, a new noise that clatters up front on the passenger side and of course the normal door pillar rattles...

    Toyota.... Oh what a feeling!
  • Assuming it is true that they finally worked the bugs out of the 04s...they appear to still offer the dealer no solutions on the 02-03 rattle issues?
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    when you go to the dealer for fixing the rattles & squeak will the dealer offer you a loaner? I can't work without a car? I am thinking of visiting the dealer this month while having oil change. BTW, the car rattles since I got it new, now 2500 miles on it, becomes even worse (maybe it's the weather).

  • rhdrocrhdroc Posts: 22
    I've also noticed that peculiar rattle that originates somewhere in the area where the inside dask meets the windowshield. Never noticed it when I test drove the car before the sale but that was back in early September when it was still quite warm in PA. It's not really that annoying to me but since it's the only rattle to show up so far, it does stand out somewhat!! On the other hand, this is a great car overall.
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    I think there might be a fix for your situation,
    there is a technical service bulletin issued for creak/tick noise at base of windshield, might be worth a shot taking it to the dealer
  • this was the first rattle I got fixed. Actually the solution eliminated a myriad of rattles. After it was fixed I was only left with door pillar rattles and buzzing from around the radio. This was the one area the dealer appeared to know how to fix. It involved removing the plastic piece (cowl?) under the wiper blades that run the length of the windshield and then putting some sort of gasket or something underneath it. I noticed this all winter and had the fix performed going into spring. The tech even pressed here and there on the cowl (with me in the car) and you actually heard rattles that appeared to emenate from different parts of the dash. After the fix, the noises were gone. WHAT QUIET BLISS! It lasted thru the summer and into the fall. Ironically a new dash noise appeared this fall so I stopped by the dealer and rode with the same tech. Of course the noise did not occur. I told him as long as the windshield/dash rattles did not return my nerves would be fine. He said he did not think they would. Well, guess what? We had some real frigid temps the next week and the windshield/dash noises were back worse than ever! What I do not know is whether the noises will always be a part of the car in frigid weather or if the gasket just wore out again. I'll be returning to the tech for another try soon.

    I any event it is worth a trip and be sure to point out the cowl. You may even want to sit in the car and have a friend push here and there and see if you hear the noise in the car. If so you will then be able to demo the noise to the tech.

    By the way, WHAT YEAR IS YOUR CAR?
  • rhdrocrhdroc Posts: 22
    Mine is a 2003 V-6 LE. It has about 2500 miles on it thus far.
  • buzzhd, each dealer is different, i don't see my local toyota dealer doing that yet.
    but luxury division of toyota motor corp. does offer free loaner if you've scheduled it to have your vehicle serviced.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    so the answer is NO, that's suc*!
    till I buy the lexus? maybe in another five years...
    usually how long does it take to fix the rattles? a day or so?
  • varies by dealer...I am unsure a rattle fix would ever quallify for a loaner...would have to read the warranty...perhaps the Lexus warranty is better...I have found different dealers have their own ways of doing things.....When I owned my Merc, if I scheduled service...usually a week to 10 days in advance, they'd give me a loaner...not much help if it was an emergency as the they likely would not have a car. They did however offer a shuttle service to drop me at work and pick me up when my car was done. I do not think my Toyota dealer offers a loaner...though I have not asked. I know they used to only offer a one way shuttle but now offer a two way which is nice...not as a nice as a loaner but.....

    Of course I bought the Camry to limit my trips to the dealer...who'd of thought I have just as many as the Merc.....bacause of all the rattle issues...
  • 02 and to a lesser extent the 03 Camrys have been somewhat rattle prone. My 03 Camry had two distinct rattle, coming from the two front doors. However, they just mysteriously disappeared about 3 months ago. I haven't taken my car to the dealer to fix it. I was just thinking whether the so call fix could actually make things worse in the long run
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