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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • mit1mit1 Posts: 18
    i meant worse in the sense that the repair usually is not permanent.
  • rlj50rlj50 Posts: 4

    I just purchased a 1997 Toyota Camry XLE and need to get another keyless entry remote. Is there someplace besides a Toyota Dealer that sells these remotes? If so, any information will be helpful.


  • Sorry, I hit the wrong button (above). mit1, I certainly agree that rattle fixes are usually not permanent. That's why I fear hearing a rattle more than I do some other noises. Not only do they usually return when fixed, more times than not, they don't get fixed in the first place.
  • I sure wish my rattle fix could be as easy as yours, haefr, but mine is in the driver's door pillar, so the belt is fastened while driving. It's inside the plastic panel that covers the seat belt mechanism. I am determined to have a technician hear it if it takes several visits to do so. If I knew how to take off the panel myself and jam some felt or something in there, I would, but knowing my abilities, all I'd do is break the panel or the clips. Hmmmmm, I just thought of something. I have a stethoscope that came with my old blood pressure machine. Maybe I could have the tech use that to locate the noise. ;)
  • Radio buzzing or crackling noise is very annoying. When I push on the faceplate of the radio or right above the radio between the faceplate and clock area it stops, until I take my finger off. I have taken it to the dealer at least 5-6 times since I bought it in 2002. They keep putting insulation or tape around the radio and the grill area. Nothing seems to work. Every time I leave the lot it is appears on the way home. I have about decided that it will be a noise I will have to live with as long as I own the car. I now have 47000 miles on it. I really can't trade it or sell it right now. I just took it in to the dealer for one more attempt to fix it. Now, the dealer and I decided that I should drive it a few days without the grill on around the radio. So far, I haven't heard the noise so it must be in the grill somewhere. Do you have any suggestions on where it needs to be insulated exactly. Please I really could use your help!
  • Radio Area: I have no idea where they put the insulation. I know it vibrates far less than it used to. If it does not do it with the faceplate off they should be able to find the magic spot and correct it.

    Door Pillar: You can try this. It may not be the door pillar rattling / crackling at all. I always thought it was the pillar but when they tefloned the door seals most of that noise went away. Now and then though I'd still here what I thought was noise coming from the pillar. It has gotten worse, now I almost constantly here a crackle / rattle at ears height BUT I have determined it is NOT from the pillar. (or at least the current rattle is noiser than the pillar one so I do not hear it)

    Try this. While driving, when you hear the noise, raise you left arm, place your elbow against the window and apply pressure to the window outward. When I do this the noise stops. I showed the dealer this and they said that, 'naturally the drivers door sill is worn a bit from the window going up and down' and that 'the window has some play between the inner and outter seal when fully raised' and finally that 'since the car is out of warranty any attempt to correct this would not be covered'. Of course my extended warranty would not cover it either...assuming they had a way to fix it.

    I am going to look for some sort of thick slicon goo and try putting it in there. If that fails I may just try another dealer or contact Toyota. Note I get similar noise from the passenger may be the same thing.

    Let me know if your is a similar issue, we may be onto something....
  • ragdollgirl, I am just wondering how big is your noise from the door pillar,
    my situation is whenever I driving over the bump, my car seems will fall apart, i don't even know where the noise come from, the window , the door or else.

    Please keep me posted

  • mine is just a vibration / crackle that is actually coming from the window not seating itself tightly in the seal. If I push on the window it goes away. You may think your is the pillar but might actually be the window too...try pushing outward on it while driving and see if the noise goes away.
  • andrelaplume, can you hear the noises when you are not passing the bumps, just driving on the highway? how do you define the ear level noise? I just want to compare mine to yours and decide if I need to go to see the dealer,

  • I am sensitive to these things I admit it. To be honest those little buzzes, vibrations and crackles drive me nuts. Thats one reason I switched to Toyota...go figure!

    Yes, the pillar area noise happens at anytime, any speed on any road. For the most part if I press outward on the window it goes away. SO it may not be the pillar at all. Or the Window / door seal noise may be louder than th epillar noise so I do not notice it. If you get a fix please'll be the first.
  • My pillar noise is like a clock ticking -- but it only does it going over bumps, not all the time. The most annoying thing has been the times I've driven over concrete roads with expansion joints regularly spaced -- Tick, Tick, Tick, over every joint. Thought I'd go batty! However, the last two times I've driven the car (I don't drive it every day, only a few times a week) the noise has not been there. I'm afraid to hope it has gone for good, but it may be a temperature-sensitive thing. Perhaps the slightly cooler weather has something to do with it. Don't know. It's too early to tell if it will return. The car definitely does NOT sound as though it's falling apart. It's not that bad, really, in the grand scheme of things, but just the fact that it's at ear level makes it audible to me even with the radio on. A noise doesn't have to be loud to bug me to death, as I have very keen hearing. I'll keep you posted as to whether it returns. Good luck getting rid of yours. Actually, the posts about the possibility of it being the door seals or window are interesting. I hadn't thought of that. My noise is only on the driver's side.
  • many are weather sensitive, like I know after the weather drops another 15 degrees or so I'll have to pull out the little stuffed pooch I cram in over the passender dash speaker and into the windshiled to quiet that 'cold weather' rattle. Good car but very cheapened...interesting to see if the redesigned 07 will as crappy in these regards.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "...interesting to see if the redesigned 07 will [be] as crappy in these regards."

    Redesigned anythings have initial QC bugs.
  • sure, but the 'bugs' we are talking about here are part of all model years 2002+ so far. You are right though, a more thorough test drive of a Camry with 6 -7 K miles on it will be necesary before I purchase another. Shame, no problems with the car otherwise, though I'd love to see an AWD model....and don't tell me to get a's 8 - 10K more!
  • slim2slim2 Posts: 20
    I discovered that I can create the rattle we are all talking about by rolling down the window, grasping the vinyl window/door trim that normally borders the window when its up, and moving the trim. It creates the exact noise I hear when the window is up. It's plain old vinyl window trim. Maybe a silicone goo would fix it if you could get in the small gap without getting it all over the door. I tried putting some rubber bands in the gap, but didn't seem to help. It needs a shim or something.
  • I can do the same....but how to fix it...that is the question. I was going to try to get some vascilene in there.....
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    slim2, since you and andrelaplume have apparently both verified the actual cause of the "rattle", might a non-Camry owner suggest you employ the services of an auto-glass shop to deal with the adjustment? While it would entail some nominal cost, you'd probably be more satisfied than with some car dealership flunky sleepwalking his way through a half-baked "fix" so he could get back to pushing his broom. (not all the dealerships' "boys in uniform" are certified mechanics)
  • Not a bad idea but if more and more folks find this is there problem I'd rather call Toyota and point to the posts. With my luck they will eventually acknowlege it but refuse to take care of my car since it was touched by non-Toyota hands!!!

    Seriously, I should try some sort of lube first...then maybe a glass guy!
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Well, you must do what you feel is best. Be aware that some rubber compounds are chemically attacked by petroleum products. Even if the rubber channel liners aren't affected, a lube will offer only a temporary solution if at all. Good luck.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I had a sqeeking problem with the seat in my 05 Camry SE. The dealer could not get Toyota to replace the seat because they are extremely expensive as in thousands of dollors kidding. So, they took it to an interior shop which took the seat apart and lubed it. It worked, no more sqeeks.
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