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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I completely apologize if my comments were rude in anyway. That was not my intention.

    No, I am not a Toyota Rep. I have never worked in the automotive industry and have been in a similar situation with rattles as many on this board.

    BUT, what I try to do is put myself in the dealers/Corporate shoes if at all possible. EVERY car I have ever owned from Corollas to Passats have had some rattle or noise that drove me CRAZY. I always return to the dealer and ask them to drive the car and find the rattle AND fix the rattle. MOST of the time the dealer comes back with with "cannot duplicate problem/noise". If the car still has warranty mileage left I drive the car and hope the rattle gets worse so the dealer will be able to eventually hear the noise. I am always persistant and ask for help from the service manager.

    On my current 2004.5 Passat, I had a rattle in my dash since the first day I owned the car. It took 3 visits to the dealer, them removing my dash until the rattle was found. It ended up being a clip in the dash that was broken.

    But, at no point, even if they could never find the rattle, did I expect a new car because of a rattle in the dash. Could you imagine the expense that manufacturers would incur if every customer that had an undetectable rattle received a new car. That's just not practical.

    As far as it being a safety issue, I would think it would be very easy for the dealer to determine if the rattle was a safety issue or just a "rattle".

    Unfortunately, you did not like my comment and therefore thought my post was not constructive. My apologies! But sometime the truth is hard to swallow.

    Good luck with your Camry!!! :confuse:
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    How is this for a rattle record:
    2005 Avalon - 18 different rattles including ball bearings rolling around below the floor!
    Enough to put you in a lunatic asylum.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That would drive me crazy as well. Though I'm not sure how one can count 18 seperate rattles. Sounds fairly impossible.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    Wanna bet?
    1. Front passenger seat - insulate internal wiring harness.
    2. Rear seat when not fully-reclined - secure seat adjustment mechanism.
    3. Driver's side door pillar - panel clips not properly installed.
    4. Rear right "C" panel - loose, secure and insulate.
    5. Rear window parcel shelf - unsecured wiring below shelf.
    6. Rear right welding in trunk below rear windshield.
    7. Moonroof when open - adjust moonroof.
    8. Moonroof wind deflector - install rubber "stops".
    9. Area around roof console/map lights - remove roof lining and insulate.
    10.Rear roof lining tapping against roof - remove lining and insulate.
    11.Console - insert insulation between panels.
    12.Dashboard area below steering - secure and insert insulation.
    13.Driver's side door panel - insert insulation.
    14.Rear left passenger door - adjust and tighten Torx screws.
    15.Ball bearings below floor - you won't believe what I did.
    16.Catalytic converter and exhaust heat shields (3) - bend shields away from contact areas.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That stinks!!! But, I thought you said 18 rattles? You only listed 16. So, I guess I was right!! ;)

    Just kidding! Obviously all those rattles were not detected at one time. They appeared throughout the life of the car, correct? My Mom has a 2005 Avalon as well and the only defect my dad found was one of the tail pipe covers was installed crooked. No rattles in theirs.

    Other than the rattles, do you like the new Avalons?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Sure glad I bought a 2000 Taurus SES (Duratech DOHC equipped). It is still rattle free, though I did have one rattle issue when under warranty-replaced sway bar links and it has been good ever since. Otherwise, not a single squeek or rattle after 6 years and 59K miles. Not bad for an $18K price (tax, title and license excluded)
  • faldocfaldoc Posts: 83
    My friend had a 750iL with rattles. Could not be fixed by BMW dealer. It was not made in USA. My 75% US made Camry had a bad transmission, which was made in Japan. Otherwise, the car seems to be well made. All panels fit and finished well, no rattles except for my lunch box, which was made in USA. ;)
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    Well, point 16 actually covers 3 rattles - catalytic converter heat shield and the 2 heat shields above the rear mufflers!!!
    This happened over a period of 10 months, and these together with the transmission/hesitation issues, clunky steering and obnoxious sulphur smell added up to the Avalon being deposited on a used car lot before its first birthday.
    Glad to be rid of it!!!
  • debbi2612debbi2612 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone - just got my '06 LE in February - all was fine until a month or so ago when this buzzing started near my right ear - from reading your great posts on 'rattles and vibrations' I have come to the conclusion it is a window seal. If I hit my window button once - enough to get it down from the seal, it stops. But as soon as I can get my hands on silicon spray - I will try that - I was thinking I was gonna go insane if it can't be fixed as I am picky about noises in a car - and I DID call Toyota twice about it and the techs told me "hmmm don't know what it could be - bring it in" - well, I have no TIME for that and no time for a DEAF tech to drive it!

    If I have to live with my window cracked a bit I guess I will, but what about in the rainy season? HA! All in all I LOVE my new Camry LE - it's my third ('91,'00, and now '06) It's a sexy looking car. FRIENDLY-looking!!! The new Camry looks a little scary to me - evil-looking grill, and too 'bunchy' in the body. By the time I'm ready for another new one, I'm sure they will have changed a couple more times. ;)
    This board is great!!!!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Glad you're enjoying you new Camry (minus the noise). Though I can safley say I have never heard a Camry called sexy! ;)
  • debbi2612debbi2612 Posts: 2
    Thanks - I do love it - well, I never thought of them as sexy either until the other day I was coming out of the grocery store and there she sat... sun glinting off just so,(Desert Sand color) wheel at a rakish angle, and the way the slanted cat's eye lamps looked at me, and the sleek lines...well, that word popped right into my head!

    As for the noise, I have yet to buy a can of spray. I just touch the window button and it stops. I can live with it. Just thankful I don't have some of the problems I've read about here. ;)
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Lube and lube and always comes back. I can't wait to see if any rattle posts start showing on 07s. How sad they could not get something so simple fixed in our generation Camry.

    My wife's 06 RAV (new design) has two really bad door pillar rattles as well. No solutions so far but more and more folks are starting to experience it. Hope we don't have to wait till 2011 for them to go away!

    Fine car otherwise...wish it were AWD though!
  • Can't wait to see if the '07s rattle? Mine does!

    Bought my LE on July 9 while it was raining heavily outside. On the sunny 10th of July, with 75 miles on my new car, a loud metalic creaking/rattle sound could clearly be heard from the door pillar right behind my left ear. The kids in the backseat could even hear it.

    Wednesday, July 12, car is dropped off to see if the problem can be fixed. The mechanic heard the sound before we even left the lot, so it is considered to be a "verified" sound. I was sent home with the crappiest rental (bare bones Ford Focus). That evening I had a message on my answering machine stating that they were having problems locating the source of the rattle, "that these things could be tricky," and to keep the rental until further notice... No good news so far today...

  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Hmmmm..on our new RAV we have something VERY similar. If they do not fix it try this. Where the upper pillar plastic meets the lower, apply a little pressure, it quiets the sound in the RAV. I have not had it to the dealer yet, but they were not able to fix another know the saying...fool me once....
  • I got to bring my camry home on saturday, but the creaking was worse than ever. The car went back in today and the dealer gave me an '06 Corrola to drive because they don't know how long this will take to fix.

    And because life is full of irony... the corrola has the exact same annoying noise! Maybe I should ask for my '05 that I traded in back. ;)

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    At least the Focus was more fun to drive!! Just kidding!!
  • Hello, I've recently bought a Camry 2000 (106K miles), and when it is in rough roads, it creates a rattling noise.
    But this noise is gone when I drive in the smooth road.

    What may be the reason? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks a lot..
  • My 2000 Toyota Camry was rattling and it was found out that the heat shield was causing the issue, and the mechanic removed it because they said it was rusted out. Is this a concern? Is there a safety issue here now that I do not have that heat shield? Please advise!
  • I have 30k on my 05 LE and it runs great with fantastic gas mileage. Here is the "but" part of the problem. When the engine is cold and upon start up, I get a very noisy rattle from somewhere in or around the engine compartment. Once the engine warms, the rattle stops. I have checked the heat shields on the front of the engine (exhaust manifold/pipes), the shield on the electric fan and the shield around the catalytic converter. I checked all of the nuts and bolts underneath that I could get to and cannot find anything loose. Anyone else having this problem and found a solution?
    Thanks, Jollygreen (HH-53).
  • Our Camry is older than yours (96) but it makes a similar rattling noise until the engine warms up. The dealer service dept tech told me it is the a/c clutch making the noise but not to be concerned about it. So we've been listening to it, until the engine warms up, for about 9 of the 11 plus years we've had the car. A/C works fine and has never been serviced.
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