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Audi TT Problems and Solutions

lladnarlladnar Posts: 1
edited March 20 in Audi
I bought my 2000 TT two months ago and have had it in the shop for two weeks--all within the last three weeks actually. Three weeks ago I needed a new ignition coil. One week ago the water pump needed to be replaced. Neither problem was serious, but one left me stranded far from home and both have taken the car out of my hands for long stretches. Despite the beautiful design and impressive performance, I do not recommend this car. In fact, I want to tell as many people as possible to avoid the car.



  • 02TT, 225, cab, everything OK until 12k.

    1) Gas leak - turned out seal went on fuel lead from plastic tank. Lucky car did not go boom.

    2) Mirrors shakin like grandma w/too much caffeine.

    3) Unlock car, get in, car turns over but does not start. Realize dash lights not on. Call towing, in the meantime disconnect neg battery cable (with borrowed wrench). Seems everything resets and off we go.

    4) 10 days later #3 happens again.

    5) Same day as #4, driving on interstate @about 85. Flash car in front of me, split second everything shuts down and powers back up. What the ...? Hour later roll down window, happens again.

    Get home, click lock on key and .... nothing. Click unlock, nothing. Open door, not only no dash lights, overhead lights out too. Complete system shut down. Oh well, decide I'll get it towed in the morning. Need to lock car, do it manually for first time with key in door. Forgot something inside, unlock door, open and viola! All lights come on! System back up!

    Took it to the dealer today. Nothing recorded on car's computer. They can't/won't do anything.

    This car's problems remind me of my old Opel GT.

    Oh well, part of a sports car charm. An expensive sports car.
  • I own a 2002 TT -225hp manual. When I accelerate rapidly the car veers to left. Take my foot off gas and car straightens out. Service Dept. checked alignment and steering. Claims the problem is not a problem - rather, reflects steering torque caused by unequal axles. Anyone ever hear of this? I'm baffled.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    yep...torque steer happens because of this. Too bad the EDL doesn't correct this.
  • rarauzrarauz Posts: 3
    Ok... I guess the TT is coming off my "dream car" list...
  • gparigpari Posts: 1
    Audi has just repurchased my 02 TT. The car was a hunk of junk. I had gas tank leaks, alternator and electrical problems, paint defects and on and on. I now have a Nissan 350Z-great car.
  • lovedttlovedtt Posts: 1
    I wanted a TT since they came out and my husband suprised me with a 2001 TT with 12,000 miles for our anniversary!I got the car at the end of July 2002.
    The car has been in service 16 TIMES- 11 times for the same problem! In August the car was leaking gas-took 3 times to get that fixed, then when I am stopped the rpms will go from about 6-12 and the car will feel like it was going to stall. Service told me the cause was everything imaginable but it never got fixed so I continued to bring it back in to try to get it fixed. Service finally told me about the coil problems and I thought that finally the car would be fixed-- well after the coils were replaced the car has been in 3 times. Just got it back today after the main computer, which was already replaced, was reprogrammed! I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Still love the car--just wonder how many more times it is going to go in for service???
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  • My wife is thinking about getting a 2004 225 hp, 6 speed roadster, and I was wondering what problems/solutions has anyone had with the new model year, or at least a 2003. It looks like there have been some bugs worked out so hopefully the car is getting better... what is your experience with it?
  • I realize this is a problems and solutions discussion, but after reading all the negativity, I have to mention that my 2002 TT coupe, 180hp, has had great reliability and performance. I don't deny that the other posters here had issues, but for me, no problems of significance, other than an ignition coil that was promptly fixed by the dealer (a recall item). After 25k miles, I still love the car, still think it's the best looking small coupe on the road (a lot of new models are now copying its design), and still can't see a better buy out there for performance, mileage, hatchback space, and cool design.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    My friend has a 2001 TT roadster and is not satisfied with the OEM Bridgestone tires. Any replacement suggestions? She lives in Washington DC, so there is some foul weather. Thanks.
  • triumphertriumpher Posts: 58
    I am considering to buy a 2000 TT Quadro with 54000 on the clock. The dealer wanted $20950 for it, but after a lot of haggling, I got it down to $19000. The car is a trade in for a new S4 Quadro.

    My questions are: I
    Is this a good/ok price?
    Is this a reliable car?
    What surprises can I expect?

    Can anybody tell me what Audit did to get the output from 180 hp to 225 hp for the new cars? Just freer flowing exhaust )two tail pipes and other chip for engine management (higher rpm, and torque curve in a higher range)?

    Would any of you about there buy this car? It has all the options, Xenon, heated seats, disc changer, etc.

    Please advise! Thanks a million for all your friendly help out there!
  • I am looking at the 2005 TT coupe. I see many complaints with 2001, 2002 models. I don't see any comments regarding 2003,2004. Does this mean people aren't seeing problems with them? I too am very leery about repairs- I really don't need that headache. I am hoping consumer reports will test this car again soon. It got poor ratings in 2002. I wonder if many of the problems with 2001 and 2002 problems showed up 3-4 years into ownership or did they start happening right away?
  • The dealer repaired the Check Engine light problem as a warranty item although I'm out of warranty - perhaps my long talk with the service manager about 3 repairs in 6 weeks had an effect. The 3rd repair was also related to the emissions system. The invoice states that the dealer replaced the "over-run cut off valve". Apparently there are 100+ items that can trigger the "check engine light" to come on.
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    I live in the Los Angeles area, but my wife drives our 2001 TT Coupe (180hp with 5-speed manual) on snow occasionally through the grapevine while commuting between L.A. and Bakersfield. We have this car since new, and the OME was Michelin Pilot Sport, which were noisy and hard. But handling and treadwear were excellent. After 3 years and 45000 miles, we finally had to buy new tires. We decided on Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3, which we have since last summer. With 6000 miles on them, we are totally satisfied! They handle just as good, if not better than the Michelin. They are quiet (we finally can listen to piano sonatas while driving) and very comfortable. We will have to wait and see its treadwear though.
  • I purchased a 2005 audi TT with the 3.2 V6 and DSG s-line. I am having a problem with a clicking sound in the rear wheels. I think the brake shield is rubbing against the trailing arm. Also, their is a loud popping sound coming from underneath the car. The dealer says its the ABS pump and there is nothing they can do about it. Anyone else having problems?
  • ok, I've been reading the forums, and I'd like some thoughts on my problems:

    2001 TT convertible, base ball inside, black outside... big engine, the whole bit.

    The fuel guage has NEVER worked. If it wasn't for the digital count down, I wouldn't know when to put in gas...

    51k miles: NEW engine. Now, I'm happy they gave me a new engine for $50, since it was under warranty, but they had the car for 4 months to do it... why in the heck would I need a new engine? Audi service says "we don't know".

    56k miles: Blowing smoke and back fireing like crazy. Audi service says "can't find anything wrong".

    57k miles: Oil light (looks like a genie lamp) comes on, flashes. Audi servce says "needs oil". Needs oil? How could a brand new engine need oil in 6k miles?

    57.5k miles: Temp light on and blinking. Audi service says "bone dry. no coolent at all, no leaks , no cracks... no idea where the coolent went, but it's bone dry".

    ... ok...

    58k miles: Oil light flashing again. Audi service says "no oil" this time. Where's the oil? Audi says: "don't know. bone dry, just like the damned coolent. No leaks, no puddles under the car... just all the oil is missing".

    First nice day in northing east, I put the top down, hit the button for my glass wind screen to come up, nothing happens. Audi service says "it's broke, needs a $1500 part, not covered under warranty". So, I bought a big time expensive option, and it's not covered when it brakes. I ask Audi, well, how did it break, it's been down all winter? Standard Audi answer "I don't know".

    Don't even get me started about the tires...
  • so, last night I get home and reach over to open my glove box to get out my digital camera to take it in the house, and the entire lock assembly falls off in my hand!

    Now I can't get my glove box open.

    Marcib: to answer your question re; burning oil. I smell it and see it too. These cars suck.
  • brugrebrugre Posts: 4
  • debbie7debbie7 Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm thrilled to find this site. I would like to tell you all the history of my car (since so many are asking if others have had the same experiences) and ask about a new problem.

    purchased new 2002 180 hp coupe June 02
    first week fuel leaked out. In shop 20 some days replaced cracked fuel tank, and fuel lines
    engine coils cracked first winter (before the coils were recalled so more time in shop)
    electric problems began within first year. Hard to start, battery replaced twice. Service engine light came on and dealer just turned it off. Final electric repair was over a year ago (after a third letter to the manufacturer to repurchase my car) and it has been running since. I do not believe the instrument cluster was replaced in the last repair but I need to check my paperwork tonight since there is so much info in this forum about that. Currently it takes 3-4 times and a lot of revving to turn the car over when starting and the window movement is erratic. This AM I took it in to repair a tire and I'm told by my rear brakes are completely worn and would not pass inspection. I have less than 20,000 miles on the car and have never had problems with brakes (so I know it's not my driving habbits).

    I've only seen one post about brakes from Aceduce57. Did your brakes wear down? What was the outcome? Anyone else out there with brakes that wore out fast? It's all so unbelievable for a car so pricey. But I think this forum has been extremely helpful and I'm going to persist in getting the car repurchased. What a painful procedure!

    Thanks for any input, Debbie
  • This is just a warning to anyone who is thinking of buying a TT. I have a 2001 225. The first 30,000 miles were great, but then the front suspension started to creak. The dealer was seemingly baffled and simply kept pouring grease on the problem. Jump ahead a couple years and the car has 48,000 miles and is 50 months old. The dealer is issued a service bulletin that recommends replacing the tie rods ($400). Audi won't cover it because it's off warranty even though the problem has been documented for TWO years. I feel this is total [non-permissible content removed]. But while I'm arguing with them the gas gauge fails, the air conditioner bearings begin to rattle ($700), the rear view mirror starts to shake and the glove compartment lock fell off ($900). Okay, so I'll live with some of this crap because I simply can't afford to fix it and I've gone around and around with Audi. Now the car has 50,000 miles on it and the power steering rack just failed. I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem. If this happens to you aim the car off the nearest cliff and jump out before it goes over because it's an $1800 repair ($2500 at the dealer who really doesn't want to see me anymore). This car has been babied so it's not a case of a car that's trounced to death. In my opinion, these are beautiful cars that belong in the Museum of Modern Art. Just take it there and park it. Whatever you do, don't drive it because it will break and it will cost a fortune to fix. As soon as I can drive it I'm selling it.
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