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Audi TT Problems and Solutions



  • gigi17gigi17 Posts: 1
    I had done a great deal of research on TT's before actually purchasing a
    2002 TT roadster fwd with 37,000 mi last month .. there have been a few minor problems that I resolved with dealer with relative ease. Judging from some of these posts, I feel really lucky so far. That being said, a curious thing I wanted to bring to you more experienced owners that I noticed the other day was a half inch mashed section just along edge of one of my wheels with a small crack down
    the inside of the spoke. I haven't hit any curbs or potholes and cannot figure out where this came from... or even, if it is safe to be driving on ?? Anyone have any ideas or info on such an occurance? Could it be from driving on rough roads?? I am still getting acquainted with this car and have been driving very carefully! any info is greatly appreciated, thx! gina
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    Wow, you've had quite a few problems on your TT. My 02 225 TT convt. is going back in two days from a 3 yr lease. For comparison, I've had similar problems with mine. Mine has burned oil and coolant as well. Both went dry on me in between 10k service trips with no explanantion other than Audi saying the heads on the turbo engines are "porous". I thought maybe Audi is just feigning ignorance, but maybe they're not, don't know what's worse. My TT burns a quart of oil every 3k miles. My gas gauge has never worked either, thankfully my trip meter has so I go by that. The silver lining in all this is that I didn't have to pay for any of this maintenance since I bought new and it was under warranty. I always got an A4 courtesy car so I didn't mind. The only thing I paid for were new tires (Pilots lasted only 24k miles, put on Toyo Proxes for cheap, $500 drive out). The problems never got to me since I knew from day one I wasn't going to keep the car past the lease/warranty. I would suggest you sell yours before you pick up the tab for the next engine. Good luck.
  • fred48fred48 Posts: 1
    I just had the front brakes done on our 2000 TT at 77000 miles.
    The new rotors are drilled. Are drilled rotors factory standard?
    The brakes are making a "ticking" noise at all speeds and a "whirling" noise
    (like a turbo winding down) once the speed is down to about 30 up to a complete stop.
  • daissy1daissy1 Posts: 2
    hey, i saw that your glove box broke too. did you fix it how do i get a new one. its not covered under warrenty
  • I'm really sorry to hear about everyone's TT probs. I have an 02 ALMS Coupe and I LOVE IT. Of course, this is not my daily driver. I have an 05 Tacoma for that. The TT goes on trips up the coast and is only driven on 3 days out of the week. My only suggestion to everyone is if you're going to drive any German car daily, it's bound to have problems and you should consider a Japanese car. That's the trade off for great handling and great looks. TTs are true sports cars..especially the Quattros. I've driven Porsches and BMWs....I prefer my TT over both. I still have a 92 BMW that is in excellent condition....but that's b/c it wasn't a daily driver as well.

    I guess my point is...don't purchase a TT if you're not prepared to treat it the way you should treat any sports car...with care and with a thick wallet.
  • chief8chief8 Posts: 1
    The creaking noise you hear may be the stabilizer bar. They have plastic attachments that shear off and the creak is them rubbing. I had that issue and after the mechanic got tired of seeing me they finally diagnosed and replaced the problem. I have also had the lock fall off in my hand. At first I thought I had gripped it too tight but now I've seen 3-4 posts on that. They gave me a temp fix and I'm treating that box with kit gloves. I had a new one the other day. Pulled the emergency brake up and got out of my car to get something out of the hatch, and pow, the metal tip to the emergency break had popped off and became a missile within the car.

    I have also had to have the power steering arm replaced and the CD player. Still have a slight hesitation and noise when trying to accelerate sharply from the light. Other than that no other real issues. Thank God... Still wish I would have bought the Vette, though this car is an eye catcher, if that is what you want. I drive autobahns in Germany so I'm looking to get from one place to another quickly, in style and in comfort. Think the defects are purely from the cheap Hungarian labor and lack of quality control by Audi. I have almost 70,000 miles and it is 30 months old.
  • sunrise1sunrise1 Posts: 1
    I used to enjoy driving my TT 1200miles in a day from UK to Italy a few times over the summer however the French police are no longer making it fun and targeting British divers!! Fines have just gone up to £500-£1,000 so serious stuff now. I decided it was time to become boring and have cruise control fitted to my 3.2 V6 DSG 2003 model. The garage said this was fine took the car in however have just had a call telling me it isn't possible to retro fit this - v cross. Has anyone else had cruise control retro fitted - pl let me know?

    I have recently had a few problems with the car being unresponsive - the diagnostics has produced a 9 pg error report!! - big problems with the injectors and engine manifold. It appears there is a problem with the settings and the garage are waiting for a new CD to set the car after replacing part. There is obviously a problem here so those luckily enough to have a 3.2 V6 DSG watch out at 30,000 miles.

    I was surprised to read all the problems that some people have had with there 225's. Before my 3.2 V6 DSG I had a 225 1999 model that went back to Germany following the inital bad press and was made up to a 2000 spec - sold the car at 60,0000miles + and had no problems.

    I agree the TT's are hungrey on tyres well I suppose it depends whether you drive the TT how it's meant to be - well thats my excuse and sticking to it. Anyway if you want something that sticks like glue in all weathers gives and wonderful quiet then Pirelli P Zero's it has to be and believe me I have had more tyres on my TT's then my credit cards would like. The P Zeros are soft so you do get through them fairly quickly under 20,000 miles however are well worth it yeah!
  • jon_jon_ Posts: 5
    2001 225HP TT Coupe, purchased w/ all upgrades except Navigation...

    I'm posting this so to let others know the problems I've run across with my TT.
    Before getting into too much detail, I still like my car! Its 5 years old and people
    still ask me if its new. :) I just wish it was designed with much higher quality...
    I currently have just under 80K miles and I do ~85% of my driving on freeways. I
    do not drive my car hard anymore (but used to for the first 20K or so).

    List of problems in no particular order (mostly as I remembered them):

    1) If you let the car sit in the garage/driveway for more than 48 hours, you need
    to turn the key twice in the ignition to get it to start
    2) Battery failed - was replaced under warranty. Apparently this is a very expensive
    battery because it is filled with gel or something in order to survive the amount of
    engine vibrations it experiences. Had to be special ordered because there were
    none available where I lived.
    3) The auto up/down feature of the window when you open/close the door stopped
    working for a while. Eventually it started working again... Never root caused. But
    I have a hunch as to why. The trunk hatch has two feet which mate with two
    cavities in the car body. My son (without my knowledge) dumped part of a nilla
    wafer in one of those cavities one day. I didn't notice it because the trunk was
    closing just fine. The day I found the bits of cookie and removed them was the
    day the windows started working again... Weird huh?
    4) Fuel gauge reads more than 1/4 full when car is empty... Apparently this is a
    very common problem and requires the entire instrument cluster to be replaced.
    Oh well, guess I'll be living with this one. At least the distance till empty reading
    is accurate on the trip computer.
    5) At around 45K mi, the temp gauge starts reading high. Used to point exactly
    vertical during operation. Now its typical position is halfway between vertical and
    the next mark to the right. Also, when first purchased, the max the temp gauge
    ever reached was one mark to the right of vertical (under extreme heavy driving).
    Now, with regular freeway driving, the temp will get as high as the 2nd to the
    right of vertical. When this happens, the AC cuts out (I expect that this is a safety
    6) 20K miles on OEM tires (and how expensive are they!?!? oh my!). Next set of
    tires (non-OEM) actually lasted 55K so am happy about that.
    7) Burns oil at about 1qt ever 5K to 8K miles. Before 50K miles, the car didn't
    burn any oil at all.
    8) When you turn the car on, sometimes the tachometer pegs itself all the way
    to the left (further left than when the car is off). It then corrects after 2 to 3
    9) One horizontal line of trip computer display no longer works. Entire top left of
    trip computer display fades to black when temperature outside is hot.
    10) Check engine light came on twice. First for something called a crossover
    valve failure, the second time I think it was the mass air flow sensor. Both under
    warranty and replaced without question.
    11) Windshield breaks easily when hit by a rock thrown up by cars in front. Have
    now had the windshield replaced 3 times. The first time, they had to special order
    it from Europe. The windshield alone cost over $1000, not including labor. The
    last windshield cost about $500 including labor so prices are going down.
    12) Headlight power washer nozzles popped out (each headlight has a pop-up
    power washer with two nozzles on it. Each washer has lost one nozzle. Dealer says
    they must replace entire pop-up device instead of just the nozzle itself... Seems
    costly, I am living with this one). Plus, parts have to be special ordered.
    13) Shocks and brakes needed to be special ordered... Do you sense a theme
    about replacements yet... Can I repeat... Needs to be special ordered.
    14) Felt linings on handles on back of rear seats fell off.
    15) Little compartment where the first aid kit is opens on its own for no particular
    reason. I just reach back and close it. A few thousand miles later, it will open up
    16) In parking lots, they have those concrete bumpers so you don't drive too far
    forward... There was one that had a piece of metal sticking a couple of inches up
    out of it. Well, drove over the piece of metal no problem going forward, but when
    reversed back, it pulled on the front bumper just a little bit (no damage to bumper).
    Underneath the car is a large plastic plate covering the entire engine area. This
    plate fell out a few days later but was still partially attached so it dragged on the
    ground for a while. I was able to put it back on myself.
    17) So far, only one flat tire.
    18) There are two low oil displays... One for when you should add oil, another for
    "stop driving now!". The more severe one just came on one day. I shut the car off
    and checked the oil, it was a bit low but not that low (see oil burning note above).
    Turned the car back on and the light did not come back on.
  • jon_jon_ Posts: 5
    I hope I don't have to add too many replies as more problems that I have come
    to my mind.

    I did forget too mention one other problem. There is now a slight whistling of air
    through the drivers side window when it is fully up. When going through car
    washes, a slight mist of water gets into the car through that window. This is new
    within the last 5K miles.

    My wife and I are planning on buying a minivan soon and I have to make a
    decision about which car to trade in. Either the very-reliable-but-bland-looking
    Honda Accord with ~130K miles or the somewhat-problematic-but-very-cool-looking
    Audi TT with ~80K miles. Choices choices. I am having a very hard time
    deciding. If I trade in the Audi, I think I'll regret it later on. Then again, if only I were
    able to look 40K miles into the future! :)
  • ash4153ash4153 Posts: 3
    can anyone tell me if there is a way to turn out the airbag warning light on the dash ?
    according to my local Audi dealer there is no problem with the airbags, its just a fault on a electronic unit called a ECU ( i think thats what he called it ! ) . anyway to replace this unit just to turn the light out on the dash is either £250 or £560 depending on which one the car has fitted ! HELP ! :cry:
  • Hi,

    I think I have a similar problem to you. I'm a UK owner of an early TT and find the car is extremely hesitant when it's cold and ticks over a bit lumpy for a few minutes. It also 'lurches' along slightly. This is only for the first mile and then as soon as is warms up things are fine. Audi delaer can't find out what is wrong, computer readings are fine. Have even left it with them for a cold start and they still can't trace it. Have had a new air mass meter and now a coolant temperature sensor all to no avail. Have you any more news on what your problem is?


    Jason Harris
  • ash4153ash4153 Posts: 3
    i've solved all my TT problems now.... i've sold it !!!
  • cvdbcvdb Posts: 1
    Can you tell me which non-OEM tires you used (the ones that lasted you 55K). After 2 expesive speeding tickets I will take it a bit easier and will therefore consider going with alternative tires :-) Please also let me know if you experienced any performance impacts.

  • jon_jon_ Posts: 5

    For the tires that went 55K miles, I was using Goodyear Eagle RS-A. But... They had a lower speed rating than the OEM tires and I wasn't using the stock size (225/45R17) that came with the car (and unfortunately, I don't remember the size anymore). I didn't notice any performance difference other than that the Goodyears were noisier on the road (and my speedometer wasn't totally accurate which may be a problem considering your prior tickets :) ). I now have Sumitomo HTR+ in the proper size. I bought these strictly because of price (<$500 total). I do notice a difference between them and the Goodyears. I don't know the technical way of describing this but when changing lanes (or just turning hard) I always felt an instant response with the Goodyears. With the Sumitomos, it feels like there is a small lag. I only noticed this for the first week or so and am assuming that its still there but I become used to it.

    Hope this helps,
  • I've had my 2000 TT for about 3 years now. Presently it's at 50K miles. Since getting the car this is the list of things that have gone wrong with the car.

    bad cluster, replaced twice (extended warranty)
    faulty radio, replaced (extended warranty)
    wrong fuel guage reading, fixed (extended waranty)
    peeling upholstery, fixed (not covered by warranty)
    burnt out headlight fixed (not covered by warranty)

    Things I still have but not fixed:

    rattling with interior moulding on rear window
    side view mirror that does not heat up (not covered by extended warranty)

    I have a "popping sound" too that's coming from underneath the car somewhere as I switch from first to second gear. Any ideas what this could be? I took to the dealership, but they had no idea. Thanks.
  • I have the same problem my air bag light is on on my audi tt . can any one tell me what to do ????/ :confuse:
  • Can anyone tell me if there is a way to turn out the airbag warning light on the dash ?
    according to my local Audi dealer there is no problem with the airbags, THANKS :confuse:
  • the only way to turn the airbag light out on the dash is to replace the ECU. depending on which one it is it will cost you £261.80 or £560 plus Audi dealer will charge £170 for fitting plus the VAT ! but any desent mechanic can fit it a lot cheaper than Audi. only other option is to live with it as it doesnt mean the airbags are necessarily faulty. but if you come to sell it you will have to get it done anyway..... as i did ! luckily mine was the £261.80 one
  • I currently own a 92 celica (love it - but toyota has discounted it) and am in desperate need of buying a new car. I finally have the means to afford a nice sports car and have looked into the TT. My main concern at this point is the tires. From what Ive been reading it comes with summer stock tires, which Id have to replace with All Season tires (I live in NY). Is this car worth the additional cost before I even pull off the lot? Any suggestions? Ive also looked at the cheaper 06 Eclipse but am reluctant to buy a new remodeled edition teh first year out.
    Any help would be appreciated!
  • I should probably count my blessings since I have had practically no problems with my 2001 180 Roadster. Recently, when closing the top the latch appears to not fully engage the "closed" sensor or micro-switch unless I grab the handle with two hands and really force it with all my strength. Unless I do this the dash light indicating a partially opened top stays on and the windows do not automatically roll up all the way. Anyone ever have this problem and how did you fix it? :confuse:

    David G.
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