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Scion xA



  • You're not describing your problem in the entirety. You've not mentioned which gears, at what times... Does it do that AFTER it's been in use?
    The Honda Element that I had began doing that after it had already been in use, like if I were parking (PARK) or had turned off the car somewhere only to turn it back on within 20 minutes.
    The dealership told me it was the throttle body sensor and needed replaced. Basically the RPMs were slightly higher and I hadn't noticed, and that they weren't reading at rest when the car was not in use, so then I was not "allowed" to shift out of park.

    That was my problem, so what exactly was yours :confuse:
  • Even though I bought an xB. I did test drive a xA 1.0 and was very impressed. However, those tires had very limited shelf life. The moonroof was awesome in that car.
  • it's cool that you test drove an xA RS 1.0 in that beautiful Absolutely Red color! I knew better than even trying to trade in my '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 last fall when the xA RS 1.0 was in stock at the nearest Scion dealer to me at the time. I did stop and look at it when the Scion employees were gone later at night, though. It looked very cool. I have heard that those tires wore down too easily...but that can be dealt with pretty easily, though expensively.

    Sometimes I look at the Scion xB and it starts working it's mojo on me! I can see why you might like it, I just can't get into that square-everywhere design. The xB does look better than a middle of the road car like Toyota's Corolla, though. It's better to have a car with some design integrity to it and the xB is an original, I'll say that much about it.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • At 6000+ miles came my first expenditure besides petrol. We got a flat but since the car still handled well, drove for some time while the rim shredded the inside of the tire. It could not be fixed. The local tire shop could only find one maker (Goodyear) who makes the original equipment tires. $87 plus tax later he suggested that when I replace the tires, I should go to a slightly larger size, at a much lower price. Anybody else have this experience?
  • hal9001hal9001 Posts: 28
    I had that with snow tires: they weren't readily available in the stock size and would have to be special ordered. I had them put on the next size up (195??). They will make the ODO read about 2% too slow...but I don't race around here in the winter anyway...
  • I'm choosing accessories and would like input about the Auto Dimming Mirror. Is there a problem seeing pedestrians in the city? Any other problems? Any cheaper solutions? I have difficulty with glare, but don't want to pay $295 unless it's a good feature. The Toyota dealer told me that nothing could be put in after market because the wiring is in the roof. True?
  • I love the auto dimming mirror. So much better than a std mirror. There is a mood lighting option and it also works to open my garage door - super. I haven't had much experience yet with the auto dimming, but I did experience it working once and it was great. I can't yet answer your ques on pedestrians, but I don't anticipate an issue.
  • does wire through the roof - so they are speaking the truth
  • Fairway Toyota/Scion provides free tires for life to the original owner. Yes, I've used this on my 2003 Avalon with no problems. Like the old Jack Benny Midas commercials, I'm gonna be using a whole lot of tires free of charge!!
  • Hi: My name is John, I live in San Francisco and I am the proud new owner of a bouncing baby Scion xA. I've only had it a week, but so far, I think it's a great car.
    Details: Flint Mica, AT, 17" Momos,iPod-friendly Stereo, armrest, spoiler and has side airbags. Gets 30mpg so far.
    For a little car, it sure feels big inside.
    The only thing I don't particularly care for is the sun visors. Too small!
    I think it looks great, but I would like to go ahead and
    get the lowering springs. Will it make for a stiffer ride?
    Also, can I expect my gas mileage to improve with time?
    I know the automatic is EPA rated at 38, but I'm sure
    that was going 55 on a really flat highway:-)
    Any advice for this new xA owner would be welcomed./John
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Your mileage is definitely good. On a mostly free-flowing highway commute, with only a few blocks of surface street at either end, I got 35 mpg with a stick shift xA, and 32 mpg with an automatic Echo.

    The more surface street driving you add, the more your mileage will get pummeled.

    17" wheels are not mileage friendly; weight!
  • Just took my Scion xA on a long trip from Minneapolis to South Carolina and back. Averaged about 34 MPG going 70 - 80 mph most of the time. It was fairly comfortable; a little rough, but I keep about 38 psi in the tires. What I REALLY missed was cruise control. If I go on another trip like this I will put in an aftermarket unit. I already installed a door lock/unlock device: it cost $29 from JC Whitney as opposed to the $500 security system you can buy from Scion...what a rip!!!
  • Hi Hal,

    I'd like to ask you about that JC Whitney automatic door opener you got for your xA. How does that work? Is it an easy install? I also thought the $500 security system was a rip so didn't order it.

    Also, can you tell me if, when you open the lid on your CD holder (the box under the heater controls), does it light up at night? Mine lights up when I open the door but not when I'm driving and want to see what CD I'm pulling out.

    I like this little car overall!

    I don't think I'm going to lower mine (ride might be too harsh) but it could use better tires and maybe I'll get the shock tower brace as well as CAI and cat-back exhaust....but not from TRD....too expensive!


    Joe aka Shiftright
    Maintenance & Repair Board
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Hi all. I hope you can clarify something for me. Losing my mind here haha.

    On the 2006 xA, I understand that there is an iPod plug standard, near the gear shift. Is that right? So, I am confused about what the accessory stereo with iPod capability does. Is it:

    WITHOUT the extra stereo option, your iPod will work through the speakers if you plug it in, but you have to use the iPod to control song selection.

    WITH the extra money stereo, its controlled through the steering wheel?

    Is that right? Overall, could I go buy a 2006 xA and be able to hear my iPod through the speakers, right away, without buying any extra options?


    Also, how is the 4 speed auto? Is the overdrive switch a sturdy item? Most cars don't have OD switches anymore...
  • That was my understanding...that without the iPod capability you don't get any controls or display on the radio or steering wheel but you can still listen to the music, yes.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    is that the same for the tC? Scion's 800# can't even answer the question for me, can you believe that? ;)
  • I would like to hear from anyone who has an xa or xb and their experiences driving in snow, and inclimate weather. Is it just not feasible to take it on the roads in snow? Have to say Im impressed with the car, but am wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get a vibe or matrix with AWD. Would appreciate anyone's feedback.
  • FWD with good snows is pretty acceptable. Snow driving is at least 50% driver, 25% tires and 25% car.

    Unless you are in perpetual snow conditions that are severe, AWD doesn't make a lot of sense for the amount of time you use it.

    I've had the xA out in very nasty heavy rain and wind, and it's fine even with stock tires.
  • To add to Mr Shift_right's comment. I own a 2004 Toyota Yaris, which is essentially an XA which weighs about 400 lbs less. I drive in snowy Canadian winters, and don't have a problem. I have Nokia snow tires from Finland, and they are one of the best. I see many 4 wheelers in the ditch. Great rubber is worth more than 4WD...
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