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Pontiac GTO



  • To each his own. When I saw pics of the '05 GTO late last year I ran out and bought an '04, I thought the hood scoops and rear GTO valance ruined the subtle / smooth lines of the car. My buddies love the scoops and loud (IMO) rear valance, they say I'm nuts for not getting the '05 (400 hp would of been nice). Different strokes, no need to argue.....Mark.
  • Also the 2005 has better abs brakes, bigger front brakes, new C6 Vette motor, vented rear brakes, stronger tranny, electronic throttle control, better traction control & Split dual exhaust. As you said, to each their own. Both years are nice regardless.
  • The hood scoops whether functional or not, is a trade mark of the GTO. GTO's in the old days had the scoops. Only a small percentage had the ram air option. The biggest single critique Pontiac received when they reintroduced the
    car last year was "where are the hood scoops" They were literally inundated
    with e-mails, letters, and phone calls expressing disapointment about this.
    Pontiac listened and remedied this blunder with the 05.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Pontiac listened and remedied this blunder with the 05.

    Actually, the story that I've heard is that they planned all along to have a scooped hood, but could not get a new hood developed and crash-tested in time for the car to come out as an '04 model (ditto the revised rear fascia/separated exhaust). Since '04 was the 40th anniversary of the GTO, they made the decision to go scoop-less... and why there were rumors all during 2004 that the '05's would have scoops and the LS2.

    Hey, don't laugh, marketing folks from Pontiac actually considered putting STICKERS on the hood to give it the appearance of scoops (can you say Screaming Firechicken?). Thankfully that idea got shot down...

  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    dudes, thanks for the historical angle and recent history re the goat hood 'scoops' - my appreciation for them just went up a notch!
  • Whats up Mate
    I have an 04 silver gto, are you still looking for the stock hood?? Also I have onle had the car for 1 week and just yesturday It started misfiring on multiole cylinders. I can not drive it and have to get it to the dealer tommorow... it has 5000 miles on it. Have you ever had a problem like this??
  • Does anyone have a problem with their gear nob itself rattling while 2000rpm or higher?? Mine seems to be doing it alot.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Does anyone have a problem with their gear nob itself rattling while 2000rpm or higher?

    I have heard of folks having this problem, yes. Some dealers will replace the shifter, others say that this is "normal" and refuse to do anything about it. Typical GM dealership service... it's like tossing a coin as to whether they'll fix it or not.

  • hows it goin mate. I live in California and just bought a 2004 GTO. I love it but it has a misfiring problem right now. I will try to find any way I can to get it looking like the monaro it really is. Any advice would be much appreciated. I know a lot about both cars, I am an aussie and have lived here for 4 years. I saw the Vauxhall in England at a car show in Goodwood and I liked it although too much flare on the body , I like the 04 gto cos it is sleak and not too over the top on the body kit... I am thinking about getting a functioal hood with the scoops.. is this easy to do?? Good to hear another aussie has a gto out there
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    I read on that GM is reviving its rwd plans...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Not sure where you are in California. DMS in Dublin (SF Bay area) seems to be an ace dealer and they definitely have the '05 hood for under $500 before paint.

    JHP,, can set you up with everything you need to Monaro-ize your car (front fascia, badging, et. al.).

    Hope you get your misfire issue sorted out,

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I read on that GM is reviving its rwd plans...

    Yep. See my post from a couple back. Looks like we will see a next-gen GTO in MY2009 or so, even though the current model will definitely die after MY2006.

    With the way Pontiac's investing in GTO racing, no way they will let this platform die and not come up with a suitable replacement, unless GM is hurting more than anyone realizes (and we know they are hurting, just not how bad)...

  • I know I'll sound like a weeny here but the brakes, motor, tranny, etc. on the '04 were plenty enough for me. The drive by wire system also was on my list of reasons to jump on the '04, I would of appreciated a better traction control unit though. Let's face it, unless you are taking the car to the track (road course or drag strip), in day to day driving the difference between the '04 and '05 are mainly cosmetic especially when driven as a grand touring car. The improvements you speak of are well appreciated by me, I own a track car and know a thing or two about what it takes to go, stop and turn faster. Also to be honest, the GM Fire Sale last December made the decision pretty easy for me.
  • If I got a great deal on a 2004 I would have bought it over my 2005 no questions asked. I did get employee discount & 1k rebate on 2005 so I was happy.

    All mfg are going to the drive by wire. It has been used sucessfully on the C5 Vette since 1997.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    hey there skippy! yeah, if someone was local i'd consider swapping my 05 hood for an 04. i see you are in the golden state though... and i'd still have to get it painted. so if i do go for a hood swap it will probably be part of a full "stealth makeover" like that ex-nascar dude did. but i'm so busy that i probably won't have time to do jack squat to the car other than drive it and bring it in for whatever regular services though. if i could wave a magic money wand i'd get it all done, but every dealer visit is a major pita in my too busy workin-slug/makin-the-donuts life.
    i never had any misfiring problemo. i gotta remember to check the oil though. at work today a dude reported his pal had a CTS-V that was a quart low after 2000 miles, blew a tire, then blew the tranny. ouch. my LS1 Z28 burned a quart about every 6k miles even after it was broken in. none of my LT1 Z28s ever burned a drop of oil, but burned plenty of rear tires of course, oh yeah. i wonder whether the LS2s burn any oil, especially when new.
    australia - i gotta visit that down under place some time!
  • I have an 04 and as soon as i get it back from the shop I am going to slowly turn it in to what it really is... the monaro from my home land Aus!! It will still be the gto which is a blend I love but there are some things that Aussies do better with the car. The hood and the wing deal is one of them. Imonty gave me a cool website check it out and youll see some wings that are much more stealth like.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    i hear ya, ausstar. i do see them thar stealth spoilers on jhp down under - nice! i might call those folks to get the aussie rear bumper piece which doesn't say "GTO". GM seems unable to provide me with the american rear bumper part which says "GTO" - maybe they are too busy building 06s with any such new parts they produce.
    at first i was considering a stealth makeover to avoid attracting boy-racer drivers. but the real problem seems to be that the car attracts cops even when i drive it exactly the same as i've driven my volksy TDIs for the last 80k miles. i drove Z28s for decades too so i know that f-body/goat drivers have to play by the book more than 'generic' car drivers do. i'm trying, really! i don't think a stealth makeover is going to solve my "cop magnet" problem with this goat. my latest strategy is to avoid driving in the fast lane here. (the *right lane* is the fast lane). the mass cop who tagged me last week was so irate that i thought he was going to lose it and punch me out - this despite my total respect/honesty with him, and following all the rules-when-pulled-over 'by the book'. i've never had luck with mass cops, although it's been 16 years since one last bagged me. they must feed those guys cranky-pills at the barracks or something. they scare me.
    if driving the car 60 mph on the highway is the only way to avoid tickets, i'm going to have to trade it! waaaaah waaaaah waaaah!
  • whats up Monty. This the aussie that replied to you the other day about my GTO in the States. I am going to turn my gto into a monaro HSV gts or something along those lines. Do you know any good reliable sources in Aus that can ship me the ready painted body kits?? My Family is all In Perth and my Dad wants to use the car for Australia week that he organises in LA in Jan- Feb. I figure I need , aswell as the body kit, the steering wheel cover and replacement badges and maybe the plastic engine covers.
    Thanks mate
  • What a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]... you might want to have the exhaust toned down a bit. thats the problem I have as everyone can hear you even with the stock sound... but I love that too much to quieten it. Maybe turn it into a Cadilac Catera coupe.. cops might think twice then.. ha ha what colour is your car again?
  • no that s exactly whats happening. I got my 04 that has 5000 miles on it for 25K, and that was from a dealership. The employee discount thing is kicking everything down. I got the car at about 6K below the original sticker just because they sell for less on the net
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