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Pontiac GTO



  • 100mph = 1700rpms
  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Does anybody have a picture of an 06 Torrid Red with the darker tail lights?

    Do they exchange out easily if I wanted to replace with the 05 style instead?

    I am going to order an 06 as I had to pass on the 05 because no where to store it for 4 months and I just figured why not buy new in the spring rather than have it sitting for another 4 months after it sat on the dealer lot for 2 months and then in the showroom for a month with who knows who messing with it. I guess I prefer them new right out of the box.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Not a Torrid Red, but the new Spice Red for '06:

    I got the CV8-R tails from JHP for $300 shipped back in late May. It took me 10 minutes in my parking lot at work to swap the tails and harnesses - very easy (just don't touch the bulbs - use rubber gloves if you must).

    I'm sure that there are plenty of '04-'05 owners who wouldn't mind switching with you if you don't like them.

  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Thanks Robert.

    I also passed on the 05 because it had some very minor damage that I mentioned previously (slight scratch on the side mirror case, above the rear GTO plastic panel).

    Since I plan to order an 06 I would like to get it right off the truck before it is handled by the dealer. Has anybody accepted delivery right off the truck? They can still do the PDI I would just like to be there to inspect and be sure they do everything right.

    Does anyone know how the order process works? How much down, etc?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    How it works depends on the dealership... many won't take orders for fear you'll bail on the car before delivery. Usually, those that have ordered have put $500-$1000 down. Make sure you write up paperwork that spells out who gets the $$$ if the order is cancelled. Also be sure to spell out, on the paperwork, what you want them to do and not do when the car arrives - remove the Wrapguard, remove the spring compressors and rotor shields, lower the tire pressure, check all fluids, et. al.

    Ordering an '06 will probably take 6 months to actually get your car - may want to talk to dealerships and find out what they have ordered. One good thing with the GTO's relative lack of options is the likelihood that you can find the car you want - exterior color, interior color (on some combos), transmission, 18" wheels are the only significant options - I would have to believe that a dealer somewhere close to you would already have the car you want already coming in...

  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    I want see the car come off the truck and be sure they dont give me a wash I dont want. The rest of the stuff is fine. This would be my first brand new car purchase and I would like it to look and smell new. The 05 I was considering only had 40 miles but didnt have that new car smell or feel - probably because it had been sitting for a couple of months.

    The dealer I have been working with is saying the 06's will start arriving in Feb. Only problem is I really dont want one before march because of the weather. My house is under construction and I cannot use the garage so I have no where to store it. So I have timing issues.

    I read one of your earlier posts regarding replacing the rear speakers. Is this something you would consider easy enough to trust a local family owned stereo shop to be able to do?


  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Did they change the gauges for 2006?


    This may force me to track down an 05.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I don't believe that they've changed the gauges on the '06's - most likely a wrong or incorrect photo.

    I believe those are Monaro gauges:

    Note that the pics on the Forbes Auto site of the blue interior show the '04 gauges...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    If you want to make sure they don't give you a wash, put it in writing that the car be delivered with the WrapGuard still on it. They're supposed to remove that as part of the PDI, along with the plastic covering the interior seats.

    I would sign an agreement stating what they could and could not do (ask them for a copy of the PDI, and say yay or nay to specific steps).

    '06's have arrived at dealers almost nationwide. Several others on other GTO sites have received their '06's today.

    I did the speaker replacements myself, following the instructions posted on another site, and had no issues with it. I'd imagine anyone who does this regularly for a living would have no problems with the disassembly. I'd strongly suggest throwing some Dynamat or other sound-deadening material in there while you have the rear seats/back panels exposed. I plan to do that next year when my car comes out of storage :-(

  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Thanks Again Robert!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    This kind of funny, but GTOs don't have the traditional new car smell that you get from most GM cars.
    It is more of a sweaty Australian autoworker smell than anything else.
  • Did you have the 17's or 18 tires?
    I'm considering a tire replacement too, primarily to get a softer/less hard ride and to enhance winter driving. Of course,I have not yet experienced the BFG's (OEM 17's) yet in the snow, so don't really have a feel for how well they will perform.
    I would be interested to know how your Dunlop M3's handle in the snow so keep us posted. With the ride quality, did you notice if the Dunlop's seemed to cushion ride quality over interstate joint strips for example or bumpy pavement. Also, how is the road noise on the Dunlop's compared to the BFG's...any difference?
  • Robert:
    In a recent post to Zinger, you mentioned something about as part of the PDI, to "remove the spring compressors". If this was not done upon delivery, would this affect the overall ride quality (I'm assuming so). Is there a way to check for this or would it be really obvious if the spring compressors were not removed? Still hoping to improve ride quality!!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Spring compressors - usually orange or black, would prevent the suspension from fully traveling.

    There's a huge difference between my first GTO and my second. I strongly suspect the dealer never did the PDI on my first car... tire pressures were at 60 psi until I figured this out, 800 miles later, and I suspect the spring compressors were left in (until they fell out on their own), compromising the suspension... leading to some of the car's suspension problems (clunking/popping that you could hear AND feel in the front end, during cornering/turns... tie rod ends were drilled out, and it helped, but didn't resolve the problem... of course, that may also have been due to the engine and tranny being dropped and realigned, in an attempt to find the front end creaking and popping noises which ended up being an improperly-assembled firewall).

    Car #2 rides much better. My 1998 Aurora has the best ride, though, and I can certainly feel the difference between the two vehicles. I still have the stock tires and will probably not upgrade them until I wear 'em out (after next year). I run 32-35 psi in all 4 tires, except when I stored my car, I pumped them up to 60 psi to help avoid flat-spotting. Your tires will do that overnight and it will take a mile or two for the ride to calm down...

  • I have 17" wheels and the OEM tires are the B F Goodrich. This past week I was driving across a bridge (four lanes one way interstate) on my way home, about four or more cars were stopped on the bridge from various slides into the guard rails. Traffic was moving at about 25MPH at most. Apparently the bridge was ice covered but you couldn't tell it from my car as their was never a hint of a slip. They closed the bridge five minutes after I crossed.
    Being a cheap accountant, normally I would not buy winter tires but Hammen said it was a necessity for the GTO and I sure believe him now.
    What I am suprised at is that the snow tires are quieter and the bumps are much less pronounced with the snow tires.
    I purchased the tires from after seeing a posting for the site earlier in this topic. One reviewer had said he intended to keep the tires on all year round because of the improved ride. I can understand his view, though I doubt that the winter tire would last long if used all year. Also in comparison to the BFG's on the dry pavement, on a sharp turn there is less squealing and pull out with the Dunlops.
  • As a point of reference I should say that I live in the midwest and have not had a set of snow tires since I owned a Plymouth Duster in the 70's which used Bias Ply tires. Since then I have owned a Firebird, V8 Thunderbird (8 years)and V8 Cougar (8 Years) without snow tires using three bags of sand in the trunk for weight. so I am no expert on tires.
  • drove a 05 gto yesterday, with the 6 speed manual. liked the car very much but like lots of you, i noticed that the shift throws are very long and soft.
    i went online and noticed that several companies are manufacturing short shift kits for the gto and very inexpensively at that (under $200).
    has anyone put one on their gto and did it make a noticeable difference? if so, which brand did you buy and how big a deal is it to install it?
  • Hi Robert,

    Do you have a picture of those CV8-R tail lights? I'd love to see how it looks. Thanks!

  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
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