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Pontiac GTO



  • dickcdickc Posts: 11
    It's been mostly a problem for 2006 models, but could be for some 2005's depending on build date; a very well documented issue of the front struts and/or strut bushing failures leading to inside tire rub/destruction. Take it to the dealer and plead your case for a fix (new struts and/or strut bushings) and reimbursement on your vacation tire expenses to-date. You can peruse LS1 and LS2.coms for this issue as well as earlier threads here too.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    oh yeah, lovegto, this is definitely a problem for some 2005s, such as my "june 2005" GTO. and to answer specifically YES the GTO has specific alignment issues, especially with the 17" tires as opposed to 18s. regarding speed affecting the alignment, i doubt it, but i believe tires wear faster at higher speeds, >>75 for example.
    GM is well aware of the issue: the factory intentionally aligns with negative camber. this makes the handling rather amazing but is not great for long highway drives - result is exactly what you observed.
    it was a problem for my vehicle even though there was no "strut rub" on my car. your dealer can fix it but it requires replacement of some "consumable" bolts. it took the local dealer one week and about $200 labor cost to align my car. later GM HQ actually insisted to pay for this even though it was after the new-car/12k/12-month warranty. (15000 miles in my case - after a drive from MA to FL and back).
    in my case i don't think struts or strut bushings were replaced as they were reportedly not damaged. i did not ask GM to replace the tires - they were ok enough that proper alignment & rotation got them to 25000 miles - at that point i replaced them on my own dime and do not think that GM owes me for that. i understand that some folks have gotten GM to pay for tires too and that may be appropriate in your case.
  • Thanks for the information. Since I have over 23,000 miles on the car and don't particulary care for the Original Equipment tires, I do not intend to ask GM for any reimbursements. I intended to replace the tires in the Spring when I change the snow tires. Possibly to 18" wheels and tires, given the problems associated with the 17" tires I probably will consider it even more.
    Again, thanks for your help.
  • Boy do I have some Pontiac stories..I picked up a 07 G6 GT Hardtop convertible 9/26. I test drove it with the top down (stupid move-but I live in Florida) and I was impressed. However, There was a huge gash on the drivers side window, so the dealer replaced it. 3 weeks, and 2 rental cars later, the damn window rattled so much, I wanted to pull out in front of a BUS!!!! I traded it in for an 06 GTO yesterday and I'm a lot happier. I didn't get a manual and it thanksgiving day so I'm wondering if anyone here knows if the Blaupoint radio can be intergrated with XM radio, or do I have to mount a cheesy display box in my car?? Any guidance would be grealy appreciated. Happy Holidays to all!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You can mount one in the ash tray. Check out some of the pontiac forums where they have detailed writeups on this proceedure.

  • hos55hos55 Posts: 1
    I do not know a GM employee personally. Do you know how I could get a GMID certificate. Thanks for your help.
  • I'm in the market for a new car. I've read alot of reviews both from the automotive press and owners about the GTO, but I have always found these forums to be helpful. I'm looking at a 2006, brand new GTO, burnt orange with black leather interior.

    The salesman(who is being quite good so far) has quoted me a price of 29,117 for this car including the 18 inch wheels. He has also mentioned that his dealership is aware of the front strut issue and also that this particular vehicle was built in late June,06 and therefore shouln't have a problem with the struts.

    My questions are these;

    1. Is the price being quoted high or reaonable?
    2. Does his story about the struts make sense?
    3. If you had it all to do over again, would you still buy this car?

    Thanks everyone
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    1. price looks good to me - looks like that's below invoice price - better price than i got on my 05 6-spd with "employee pricing" & 17s, not counting GM card.
    2. yes, as far as i know.
    3. YES. only caveat is that i thought 05 GTO was going to be a "sleeper" vehicle compared to a Corvette. It's not. If I were to remove the spoiler & put on a 2004 ventless hood, it might be more of a "sleeper" but I've dropped my plans to do that.
  • Haven't visited here in awhile but I'm glad to see the administraters restored this thread to active. I'm also in the market to trade my 04 GTO in on a 06. That's a decent price wotnot, but you can do slightly better if you really push. Good Luck!!
  • I just found a beautiful grey GTO marked down from nearly $34 to $27. Anyone pay less than this for one? What grade of gas does this monster take?
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    $27k is what I paid in 05 after $3000 GM card rebate - so that price looks real good to me when it's without a GM card! The car runs fine on 87 octane but I see a ~10% mpg drop with 87 octane compared to 91+. So I only use 87 octane when the difference between 87 & 91+ is more than ~10%.
  • Thanks for all of the information. I forgot that I can also get a GM supplier discount from my firm. Don't know if it would make any difference or not.
  • Curious as to what "real world" gas mileage, city, mixed, or highway (of special interest to me) you owners of automatic GTO's are getting. I guess there might be a difference in "real world" MPG between 2004 and later, due to the additional H.P., so knowing your model year might help. Thanks!
  • I just found a Impulse Blue auto with matching blue interior with 18's for 28,517. I don't know what to

    I like em both!
  • My average for two years in 2004 with a stick is 14MPG (turning it in this Sat.)
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    6-spd 05 - 27k miles - 20+ lifetime mpg since june 05. i use it mostly for highway driving, where it gets about 23 mpg.
    speaking of gas mileage, i guess we'll never know how the goats would do on the revised epa tests... if there had been an 07 goat, maybe it would have ended up with a gasguzzler tax on the 6spd too, and maybe the automatic gasguzzler tax would have gotten much larger! hmm, maybe there will be lots more cars with gasguzzler tax after the new EPA ratings are established ...
  • Last weekend I traveled from PA to NC and back over 1200 miles, mostly highway and averaged 26.7 MPG with my 23K 04 M6. Mixed rural driving nets around 20 MPG locally. AWESOME powerful car with great mileage and incredibly comfortable.
  • udhamudham Posts: 1

    Dealer offered me a 18" 6sp 2006 GTO for 27580 + tax,title, etc. Does it sound like a good deal. If it matters, I am in central NY, and I do own a non-gm vehicle, i.e. a toyota corolla. Orange w/ black interior.

  • if a new car, sounds very reasonable. rr70
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    FYI there is now a dealer bulletin on replacing the defective (from the factory) struts on vehicles still on their lots. It's predicated on the vehicle's VIN number. Defective struts were used in assembly from mid-January 2006 until May 5, 2006.

    BTW, whomever's dealer told them their GTO was built in "late June" was wrong, as the GTO ceased production in Australia on 6/07/06. What may be confusing to many is that the "build date" stored in the GMVIS (vehicle information system) is the date the spoiler is put on at the port in Benecia, CA (5-8 weeks after final assembly, i.e. after boat transport), not the actual production date in Australia. You can get an idea of the assembly date of your vehicle by looking at the build plate underhood, or the sticker on the driver's door - should have the month/year listed.
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