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Pontiac GTO



  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,395
    Australia is in Europe?
  • LOL Andy!
    2169...If any country outside of the US embraced the concept 60's muscle (big HP engines in a midsize RWD car) it was our Aussie brothers.

    Besides, give me the build quality and interior of that "european" Holden GTO over any POS Detroit iron I ever saw!
  • "Also, if he wants the tax upfront he is scamming you. You pay the tax as you go. And you haven't paid any tax on the residual at the end of the lease. I only put $800 down and that was before the big discounts came out. You can do better than that."

    As it was pointed out by another, GMAC isn't leasing in New York. They are offering the SmartBuy. Since it is "buying" not "leasing", there would be sales tax due at purchase. I think the first poster was confusing the "SmartBuy" with a "SmartLease".
  • Don't you really have real leases anymore in NY?
  • paying taxes upfront in a lease is a bad thing. If you total the car, the tax money you paid upfront will not be recoverable.
  • andys120:
             No, Australia is not in Europe. However, the GTO's platform is an Australian adaptation of the Opel Omega platform which is based in Germany. Germany, the last I knew , was in Europe.
  • gshumway1:
              I have no quarrel with our Aussie brothers.The Holden Monaro is a fine automobile.I am not talking about going back to the 60's and 70's styling for a present day GTO. I am talking about GM's American arm starting with a clean sheet of paper and designing a new vehicle from the ground up.The GTO was born and made famous in the USA and I think it should have been re-introduced as an American designed and built car.
         I disagree with your assessment of American vehicles as POS. I have never driven anything but American cars and most all of them were very reliable vehicles. In fact, my only disappointment was a muscle car that I bought used that had been hammered into the ground by it's first owner. I should have known better. I have read numerous posts talking about the superior quality of the materials and refinement of the interiors of European and Japanese vehicles. However, after looking at numerous pictures of European and Japanese vehicles, it appears to me that they are made of the very same plastic materials used in American made vehicles.
  • The argument between the "Cavalier with a V8" vs. the "Fine European based automobile" will never be settled. The brilliant minds are Pontiac are going after two thoroughly different groups to sell this car to:

    1) The good old boy American who's other car is a pickup truck, loves Camaros, watches Nascar, drinks Natural Ice beer, and just bought his daughter a purdy new Sunfire for her 16th birthday. This person doesn't care how much more refined the GTO is because they don't know any better (probably never owned an import) and simply think it looks like a Cavalier on steroids.

    2) The up an coming later 20's/early 30's-40s college educated professional who wants a tastefully designed car with the build quality of a European automobile but the grunt of all American horsepower. This person drinks Heineken, loves BMW's, invests his money and wouldn't be caught dead in a Cavalier or Grand Prix but is astute enough to appreciate the finer points of the GTO and is actually attracted to the European/Aust. design and knows that the quality is more BMW than Pontiac. This person thinks the boys at the country club will be impressed.

    When you are going after such different groups, the result is that nobody will really be happy in the end except those who realize what the car truly is and bought it for those reasons.

    My 2cents
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,395
    My friend you need to look a little more closely at those plastics.
  • finally got 6-speed barbado blue. thank you all for your kind input.

    it was invoice plus 3500 incentive. i wasted 3 hour last friday while they screwed up numbers (i walked out and went back in tonight), so they gave me an addtional $500 coupon.

    i drove 50 miles home and it was pretty comfortable in ca freeway at around 75-80 mph.

    a lot of power.

    i didn't get very good mileage, but we will see what happens in coming days.

    what kind of mpg should i expect on mostly open freeway driving??
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313 many dealers forget to lower it from the 60 psi it's shipped with, to the recommended 35 psi.

    Mileage depends upon M6 versus A4 - you have the M6, I have the A4. I was getting "around" 18 with my auto, but that was with AC on and mixed city/highway mileage (plus we have RFG, reformulated gas, which has about 10% fuel penalty over non-RFG).

    Unfortunately, my car's been in the shop since 9/9 with a harmonic noise from the firewall, which the dealer, GM, and Holden haven't been able to fix so far - pretty frustrating (since the car's been in the shop more days than I've owned it). Hoping this comes to a resolution soon...

  • GM and Delphi employees can get almost 8 grand off sticker right now. I doubt prices will erode any farther because of the strong lease deals now being advertised. Local dealers here in Dayton Ohio are suddenly moving GTOs that have been setting on lots for months. The 2005 GTO will have 400 horsepower and hood scoops as the only major changes. If the price point stays the same and GM is liberal with rebates, these cars will sell. Gm might not be making what they had hoped to on this car but the car enthusiast should take advantage of a great driver like this at a reasonable price! LONG LIVE THE GTO!
  • Well, I have had my GTO for one week now. Almost 400 miles. I love this car. Easily the best car I have ever had. I find myself going for rides just for fun. Filled the gas tank twice but have not figured out the mileage yet. I have a feeling it is pretty low - but that is what I expected. Especially since I do mostly city driving and I don't shift very conservatively.
    Anyone looking to buy an 04 should wait til next week - 28th-30th GM is offering 0% for 72 months on 04 models.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    With the 24/24 lease for $224 per month plus 1,699, that's 24 x 224 + 1,699 equates to $7075. The other one is 279 x 24 + 0 equals $6,696.

    After two years, I don't think these GTOs are worth 20 grand.

    I heard 8 grand off sticker price. I wonder, just wonder how GM could make money on these deals.

    How could the GTO live a long life? GM could be loosing it's feathers.
  • They most likely are not making much if anything with these deals.

    On the other hand, this car already existed. Just a few things were changed to bring it over here - so it did not cost a lot, development ally, to bring to the U.S. market. And in typical GM fashion, I am sure this car was somewhat overpriced from the beginning - knowing that incentives would be used down the road.
  • andyandy Posts: 23
    where did you get these lease details....i really wasn't in the market for a car, but these deals are getting ridiculously juicy
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    Posts 1563, 1571, etc...
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    With these price markdowns or discounts, GM can still make money, I pity those people who bought their GTOs at, a little bit below, or above MSRP.

    Looks like daytime robbery.
  • i think my dealer screwed up on my lease deal last night. after further review of lease doc, i think the residual dealer used (.63) is too high for 2 year 20k miles deal i've got. I did some lease calc, and payment seems to be about $70-$80 higher than what i've gotten for 2 years.

    i hope they don't call me back today to void the lease agreement!!

    anyone familiar with residual value after 2 years and 40k?
  • The extra mileage you sign up for will not change the residual percentage used in the calculations. In the lease numbers the extra mileage cost will reduce the residual value that the percentage arrived at.

    All that being said, (Based on my net readings) I think the 63% residual is for GMAC low mileage leases (12,000@yr). The rate used should have been 62% (15,000@yr or extra mileages) for your lease. Take 1% of your MSRP,divide by 24, to get ballpark of how much higher the payment should be.

    Dealer may not catch it but GMAC will when they proccess the lease.
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