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Pontiac GTO



  • The 0-60 numbers were released from GM. I can not remember where, I will look for them later. They did list the auto as being .2 seconds faster than the manual.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    The auto trans in the GTO has the same gear ratios, but without the performance algorithm shifting of the vette. The six speed manual in the GTO has similar gear ratios as the vette six speed with the Z51 sport package.

    This 2005 Corvette 6 spd with the Z51 package has a top speed of 186 mph. It reaches 0 to 62 mph in 4.1 sec and covers the quarter mile in 12.sec. The GTO has 5 ft./lbs less torque, GTOs 5th gear ratio is 0.84 to vette’s 0.71..

    In view of the above, the only way, the automatic GTO can outspeed the manual counterpart, is if the driver does not know how to shift manually.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    what about the rear differential? is that the same?

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  • Several months ago I raised the issue of rising gas prices and fuel mileage. Everyone flamed me then saying, this is a muscle car, if you have to ask the GTO is not for you.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    Almost for the 6 speed. 3.42 for the vette, 3.46 for the GTO. Source is
  • If you absolutely need those features then you should buy the Altima. The GTO will never have those options. The GTO is about performance, not electronic gadgetry.
  • September = 2678
    YTD = 8229

    A HUGE month indeed!
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    IMO, the purpose of the GTO is to give the consumers corvette performance without the vette price. Backseat is a bonus. If you keep adding expensive features, then it defeats the purpose
    of the GTO.

    What the GTO needs is a fresh body. A racy modern looking design combining the looks of the firebird and the old GTO. A body design that when you look at the car, no matter how racy or modern the styling is, you can see traces or DNA of the original GTO.

    Though expensive at first. I believe GM will have good returns on the long run.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    "A HUGE month indeed!"

    Yeahh!!! Due to incentives.

    If this scenario continues next year. I could smell the death of the GTO.

    I am willing to pay no more than 25 grand for a cavalier on steroids. That is, next year If I can steal a 2005 6 speed GTO for $25,000, I'll do it.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,386
    If GM killed every model that was being subsidized by incentives they'd have nothing to sell.
  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    You may be right on the A4 v 6M... however regarding the 2005 GTO I asked the same question in several GTO forums... learned that the 2005 A4 GTO automatic has a "launch mode". I am not sure what that means exactly. Anyone else?
  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    Forgot to post earlier! Any news on incentives for October on the 2004 GTO?
  • .9/1.9/2.9 or $3500 cash back.
  • So, you do not like the styling but would buy one for $25k? Have you driven one yet? You must also remember that GM factors rebates into their pricing structures. They know that they are needed to move their cars. GTO will stay and be moved to the Zeta paltform in 07.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Launch mode... my 04 A4 has this as well. Basically, when you put the car into gear, the rear suspension squats down a couple of inches... gets the adrenaline flowing :-)
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    >.9/1.9/2.9 or $3500 cash back. <

    If you finance at the low rates through GMAC, you also get the $3500 bonus. That's a no-brainer (assuming one qualifies)...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    >I am willing to pay no more than 25 grand for a cavalier on steroids<

    If you had ever driven the car you'd know it's not even remotely close to a "Cavalier on steroids".

  • While I agree with you that GTO could use a new body, I'm saying that the body we see today could sell if equipped right, and BTW, GM could add some of these features to the GTO without bumping th cost, for example, on the 500 forums, one poster figured out the difference between 500/montego (montego having xenon and LED) is actually like few hundred bucks.

    And Xenons are very flashy, anyone looking at your lights will tell your driving a modern machine.

    With a few hundred bucks, meybe GM could lower its incentives at least 500 bucks, be making 300 or so extra in profit and give us a better GTO.

    Many of these features really are not that expensive, only the Nav really is, and that could be on the options list along with the lights. I do not think Xenons, even as options, are "Expensive" on a 35K car. And as options it means if you don't want then, you don't buy them and keep your GTO at a more reasonable price point...
  • I agree that maybe the GTO is missing some options, but I believe that GM was trying to simplify the process and bring them over here without any options - just auto or manual.

    The major options that do not exist are-

    heated seats

    That is about all I can think of. For me, I am glad it does not come with a sunroof (I do not fit in most cars with them). The rest of the options I could care less about. Heated seats would be nice since I live in Michigan but I can understand not offering them since most likely half of the buyers live in climates where they are not necessary.

    From what I hear the 05 is only increasing price by very little - less than $1k.
  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    Pardon me bigdaddygoats... but didn't that expire 9/30? Dealer is telling me that it did... and - elId=100502928&setzip=77459&state=TX& - centivesindex.incentives.2.2.Pontiac* doesn't show ".9/1.9/2.9 or $3500 cash back.".
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