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Pontiac Vibe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Good luck with your purchase I really like mine. Can you post the information regarding the arm rest as I agree with your research but not willing to pay big bucks to purchase. Thanks!
  • I'm wondering does GMS price vary between dealers ?

    for 06 Vibe with

    17685.15 + tax and fees etc.

    I have never used the discount before
  • Here are the details for the Tall style armrest. What it is is a higher lid
    that uses the same two screws that hold on the original lid for mounting.
    It comes in charcoal grey.

    This is listed as for a 2003 Toyota Matrix but it fits exactly and will
    solve the problem of the low armrest. I have already ordered mine!

    It can be found at Mechanicsville Toyota in Mechanicsville, VA. Can't post the phone number but it is in the 804 area code.

    The part number is 58905-02210-B1.

    Order it by phone, not on their website because you will pay more on the
    web. I paid $76.74 including shipping.

    This is by far cheaper than you will find anywhere else as it sells for an
    average price of over $220.00 everywhere else I have been to.

    p.s. Mine listed for $20,995.00 so I still am happy with the deal. Not worried that it is last years model as I will be keeping it for a long time. I believe I saved about $1000 over this years model in all with the features I got.
  • Thats great and thanks for the information. I am hoping to keep mine for a long time as well.
  • Thanks again for the info on the armrest. Got it today from for $76.83 including shipping and it took all of 2 minutes to install. Definitely is MUCH more comfortable and functional as an armrest and adds another storage compartment. Wonder why Pontiac did not utilize it (unless they were saving a few bucks or wanted money in the aftermarket)? My only human factors complaint now is the fact that the steering column does not telescope (only tilts). Guess you cannot have everything! I have had the Vibe for two weeks now and I must say it is a nice little car. It handles well and is fun to drive.
  • nalnal Posts: 4
    I'm interested in a Pontiac Vibe base model, 5 speed manual. What do people think about the options - is it worth going for all options?
  • hal517hal517 Posts: 8
    Wife bought vibe last week to replace barebones 95 Saturn SL, went with 3 extra’s as below

    Auto Trans, because shifting got old on above after 145000 miles.

    Preferred package , because no cruise got old after 145000 miles

    Sun and Sound Package, because she wanted a convertible by the time she is 45 ... she is 44 so that’s her convertible. :)

    Side air bags and antilock brakes IMO GM should include in base instead of lowering base sticker more. IMO
  • The new armrest is great and I must say the 05 Vibe seems to be exactly what I needed.

    My wife took it on a trip this weekend and also said it is fine.

    I actually only find the lighting system a bit confusing along with all the radio knobs but hey, if I keep it for 18 years like the last one I will have it figured out.
  • I have a 2005 base 5-speed and love it. I test drove an automatic, and my own opinion is that the 5-speed has much better acceleration and is more fun to drive.

    As for options, mine came with the "monotone appearance" package (body color cladding), the "power" package (windows, locks, and cruise) and that's it. It meets my needs. The base stereo is fine, and I don't like sun roofs, so I'm happy. The cruise is nice to have since I do quite a bit of highway driving.

    The only options I wanted that I didn't get were safety-related. Good luck finding any 5-speed with anti-lock brakes. They just don't make them that way, so you'll have to special order if you want them. I was in a hurry and haven't had anti-lock on my last two vehicles, so it didn't matter to me. I agree wholeheartedly that anti-lock and side airbags should be standard on every vehicle and included in the base price. My 1996 Cavalier had standard anti-lock brakes. GM should have never stopped doing that on their vehicles. Shame on them.

    That's my two cents worth. Hope the Vibe works out for you. I love mine and have been averaging well over 35 mpg on the highway with the 5-speed!
  • atlvibeatlvibe Posts: 109
    I just bought an 2006 vibe and noticed that it does not have the cross bars on the roof rack. I have seen previous models with these. I want to mount my my bike rack. Guess I will have to pay extra for these. Anyway, am happy w/ a few exceptions. Buzzy engine, no bite from a dead start performance wise. Sunroof, and excellant stereo make up for performance lost. Great Mpg thus far also. However, I am a litle disgusted that on Gm's web site it list 36 mpg but on the real sticker it's 34 mpg. I know it's small but how hard is to post the real mpg? I think it's a kewl car with the Toyota guts to last. Not quite as modern as the new Civic, but still hip and fresh. The Moon and tunes Vibe is a best buy for the Money.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    why not consider installing a Class II hitch on the back and carry your bike that way? I find it a lot simpler to haul my bike that way as I get older; and I feel it is a lot more secure!
  • Purchased a 2006 Vibe from Ewing GMC/Pontiac in Dallas, Texas....ive purchased at least 15 cars over my lifetime and this has to be the best....

    Loaded Vibe $21,600 they took my 04 envoy which i was upside down $10K and my old clunky 98 jeep that leaks like crazy and gave me $5K...then gave me employee pricing even though it has ended for the public...$2,000 Rebate and 3.9%....and still walked out at $1,000 under window...woulda been much lower if it were not for the envoy...but it dropped my payments by $266/month and cut my gas expenses in 1/2 compared to the envoy.....

    Oh and I recieve free window tinting, free $100 auto detailing, 3 free oil changes.....

    Love the hands free cell phone blue tooth adapter and on star...

    Nice auto.....if your looking for a fair deal try this dealership i was treated terrific.....
  • I am checking out a 2005 Vibe GT at the dealership my brother is a mechanic at. I work for a company that makes me eligible for GM supplier discount. They are asking 16995. As far as I know it is a base GT, it appears to be monotone blue. It has 350 miles on it. I own two old Jeeps and have a Mazda Tribute also in my household. Would I be eligible for any rebates? I will put at least 5k down and finance the rest for 36 months, no trade-ins...Jeeps are for the trails. Only incentives I have seen right now are for '06 models, 500 cash allowance or 4.9 APR 36 months. Should I request rebates or just make a lower offer? This is my first non- private party purchase since I've been driving, 12 yeqars. I have some pull I guess since my brother works there too...less BS to deal with.
  • jstant01jstant01 Posts: 65
    Sounds like a good deal to me. That price is about what I paid for my base Vibe. Personally, I'm not a fan of the GT, at least based on my test drive experience. Throw in the fact that it requires premium gas (or at least highly recommends it) and I quickly lost interest since the car I was driving at the time also required premium.

    Another factor to consider is that your resale value will likely remain at least a bit higher because you will have a 2005 that doesn't start racking up miles until 2006. That happened with my last car - a 2000 Ford Contour SE. I bought it with 70 miles on it February of 2001, so when I traded it in, the miles were "low" for what's expected of a 2000 model year car.

    If you're OK with the GT engine and six-speed, I would say go for it! Hope you like to live in high-RPM land! :-)
  • bernhardbernhard Posts: 1
    Re: arm rest, how much higher is't does't come forward longer?
  • I am only interested in the GT. I have not test driven any Vibes at all but the extra HP and six speed manual are what I'm interested in. It is a base model GT, it has a CD player but doesn't even have power windows. I haven't had a vehicle with power windows in years so I'm sure I can manage. I will try and talk it down to 15500. Resale value doesn't bother me much either. I also have a very short commute currently, 10 miles round trip. I'm lucky if I put 5000 miles a year on my daily driver. Thanks for the reply. I'm almost positive it will be in my driveway this Saturday, I'll post pics when it is.
  • jstant01jstant01 Posts: 65
    I'm sure you will enjoy the car immensely. Hopefully you will have test driven it before buying. If you've browsed the forums, you've undoubtedly seen that the GT doesn't exhibit a whole lot more horsepower than the base Vibe until you wind it up above 5500 RPM or so.

    I test drove both, and actually thought the GT felt more "sluggish" in "regular" driving than the base Vibe with a 5-speed. The automatic, of course, felt the most sluggish of all.

    Just wanted to pass that along in case you hadn't heard that yet. I've heard that the GT engine is sweet for those who like to drag race and wind up their motor.

    Looking forward to the pics!
  • bryanwbryanw Posts: 12
    I'm picking up a new 2006 Vibe tomorrow from Forbes Pontiac Buick. It's a base model with auto transmission. I'm not interested in power windows, locks, ABS brakes etc. It's just more to go wrong down the road. I got $803.00 off list price and $1000- credit from the Car Heaven program for scrapping my tired 85 Chev. This made the whole deal appealing and the sales people were very low pressure a real reversal from the high pressure wheelin' n' dealing days of a few years ago. I think the Vibe is the only good product GM has to offer these days. :shades: Bryguy
  • The GT is in my driveway. Drove it Saturday...very fast! Completed the purchase and sales agreement after the drive. No power windows or locks, 270 miles. $16,300 + tax/title/registration + 72 month/60,000 mile extended warranty. I put $7,000 down, no trade-in, 4.9% financing through the local credit union ends up being $350/month for 36 months. I'll drive it less than 8k miles/yr and plan on keeping it. Hopefully it's ok these days to drive a car with under 500 miles over 55 mph, or close to double that :blush:

    EDIT: I didn't use any rebates or anything, not sure if I could have since it was an 05 that was listed as used although it had only 270 miles on it. It was a GM demo that was brought to auto shows I was told. Carfax tells me it was sold at auction to a dealer in ME and then a few months later again to the dealer I found it at in MA.
  • cutehumorcutehumor Posts: 137
    I got three quotes out of 15 pontiac dealers who responded. I guess the dealers don't want me to shop their quotes around. So I went to the lowest one today. I was with the internet sales manager for two hours today. We test drove a 2006 vibe. wife didn't like the salsa color. so he looked it up on the computer to find one in either abyss, neptune, or moonstone. he found one at another dealer said he could swap it only cost an extra $60 to tow and for gas. Of course he wouldn't tell me where the car was located. He's offering invoice for the car and invoice for the options ( 4 speed auto, preferred package, monotone appearance package) which brings it to $17868. Edmunds TMV= $18197. MSRP for car and options = $19015. However, there's a $500 rebate on the vehicle. this dealership told me there is also another $500 conquest rebate on the vehicle if you own an import which I do (the other dealerships didn't mention this in their quote but this one did) Another $500 for GM march madness if I buy a Vibe built before 10/12/05. He had no luck finding one with my options closeby. So here's the jest of my deal: Invoice price -$500 rebate -$500 conquest rebate + $60 swap vehicle+ $249 doc fee + TTL. He snuck that doc fee at the end. When he said that, I asked about advertising fee he said there was none. Then said "I'm not trying to screw you over, we charge $249 doc/processing fee for every deal" One thing that concerned me was that when he was looking at cars in the area built before 10/12/05 for the march madness $500 rebate and the cars built in 2006 he was confused at the invoices and had to ask another salesman. The invoice of the car increased by almost $200 of the newer built model but the MSRPs stayed the same on both with identical options. good deal? This will be my first brand new car that I ever bought. Thanks
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