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Pontiac Vibe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hmmm. When I look at the "manage your points" it says 1000.
    But I have had the card for at least 9 years, so I would think I have the old one.
    Maybe a call is order..
    I hate being on hold (who doesn't) so if anyone knows of a way to tell if you are an "old" or a "new" card I would love to hear it.
    Thanks for the help.
    If I could take off $2000, I might just take the plunge.
  • peter72peter72 Posts: 2
    Just bought 2009 Vibe 1.8L (1SA?) with auto, power/AC options and cargo organizer. $15139, plus TT L. Got about 30 mpg for 60% city 40% highway drive.
  • peter72-- where are you located? Did you get dealer financing with it? O%? I'm in philly trying to buy same. Trying to figure out my bottom line. Any other recent buyers out there?
  • peter72peter72 Posts: 2
    I am in MN. I did not take 0%. I saw the list price from my dealer is $1000 more this month. BTW I notice "Toyota" on the side of engine!
  • skedeebsskedeebs Posts: 2
    I got a 2007 with 5000 miles for $12,500. It does not have keyless entry, power windows, but it does have a moonroof. I am really happy with this car.

    I imagine that Pontiacs should get cheaper, what with the brand disappearing.
  • johnrayjohnray Posts: 7
    I got a 2009 2.4 4cyl Vibe GT automatic to drive overnight. It has the Preferred Package (remote entry, pwr doors/locks/window/cruise, etc.) and the Sun and Sound Package (sunroof/monsoon sound/leather wrap steeering wheel, etc.) and the other standard GT features. Dealer quoted me invoice of $21,084.18 minus the current $1,500 cash back ($19,584 plus TTL) (or 0% for 72 months APR) instead of the list price of $22, 165.

    We tried to load it up with things we would normally take in our current 1995 Lumina APV for a week at the beach that we go on yearly, but after just four beach chairs and four luggage with 4 people in it, it was already full. The thing is, we only need the space ONE week a year or a couple at the most. The rest of the time, I would love the small size and good mileage of this compared to a minivan or SUV. Maybe luggage racks and a hitch mounted bike rack would help, but I don't know if even the 2.4 4 cyl. could handle that and 4 passengers, especially going back up the mountain to NC.

    I could maybe live with the decreased room if I was paying only $15K or so, but I doubt even this disappearing brand at the end of the month would go for that little and for a few grand over $20K, I could get a much roomier vehicle with more features, like a back up camera to make up for the tiny window and huge blind spots this car seems to have.
  • govmtrsgovmtrs Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any idea or resource recomendation that can estimate how much prices will drop due to bankruptcy and a badge that is on death row? I'd like to get a great deal since my GM card is offering me the use of all my card points, currently $4700. You would think we could get an "owners" discount since we collectively sent them billions only months ago.
  • use1timeuse1time Posts: 13
    Personally, because it's you I think they should give you the car for gratis. After all, considering that you must have personally paid bundles in taxes to Uncle Sam, somebody owes you something. After you're finished wasting time here why don't you try to get a free house. I understand the banks own plenty of them, You can explain to them how maybe because you have a checking account or maybe even a bank account and how YOU personally as a taxpayer have bailed them out with all those taxes that YOU alone have paid, that maybe you should get some sort of preferential treatment.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Hasn't really worked that way. Between gov't prop ups, and yokels showing up for "once in a lifetime buys", the sales prices on most vehicles seem to be about the same as last year.

    The $19500 vibe usually sells in the low $15000's this time of year. So much less than this represents a "bargain".

    How "nice" of GM to "let" or "allow" all of the points you earned to be used. When they need to move stock they ring the dinner bell, while with popular vehicles and fast movers (i.e. cars that are selling and people want) card credits may be limited .

    Why people get locked into a GM vehicle with this marketing gimmick is beyond me. :confuse:


    Does anyone have any idea or resource recomendation that can estimate how much prices will drop due to bankruptcy and a badge that is on death row? I'd like to get a great deal since my GM card is offering me the use of all my card points, currently $4700. You would think we could get an "owners" discount since we collectively sent them billions only months ago.
  • nypsumdnypsumd Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a 2009 Vibe w/ 2.4, Automatic, preferred package, sun & sound, aluminum rims, fog lights and theft deterrent system.

    The dealer gave a quote of $18,712 before taxes and fees which seems high to me.

    I was hoping to get something in the neighborhood of $17,500-$18,000 out the door for a vehicle with these options.

    Does this seem reasonable? I don't necessarily "need" a new car but have $3,500 from my GM card that may or not survive GM's bankrupcy and I'm trying to see what kind of deals are out there.
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    Purchased base w/2.4, preferred package (power options, remote entry, cruise and rear intermittent), A/C, 5 Spd Automatic, and MP3 radio. MSRP of $20,350. Negotiated a price before rebates of $18,570. Only dealer "add-on" fee was $150 doc fee. So taxable transaction was $18,720. Rebates were then as follows: $500 base, $500 dealer cash, $1000 loyalty, $1000 bonus cash. On top of that I had $3,062 in "topped-off" GM card rebates.

    Price before Tax/Tags/Title then was $12,658 and OTD was $13,994 (7% sales tax plus $25.50 temp tags and title).

    Oh yeah, also have $400 in Citibank Drivers edge rebates which is an "after sale" mail-in rebate (applicable to any car sale whatsoever) and will see 28% of the sales tax (.28 x $1310 = $367) come back to me in the form of the Obama fed income tax stimulus passed last February!

    It is a great time to buy if you're in the market. The Vibe was not my first choice but probably my 3rd or 4th and the money talked. Mileage certainly not the best in this segment and driveability as many have pointed out nothing like a Mazda 3. Just felt it was the best value all things considered. Very pleased so far
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    Just saw your post after I submitted mine. If you read above this you'll see what I purchased. The dealer I bought from (Buckles in Urbana, Ohio) also had a 2.4, A/C, auto, Preferred, sun & sound, and aluminum rims for exactly $1545 more on the price than mine. It did not have theft deterrent or fog lights. Hope this helps.
  • triple_itriple_i Posts: 4
    Thanks to all who have posted in this forum. I gained a lot of knowledge reading your posts prior to making my decision to buy.
    I bought a 2009 1.8L with the Preferred Package, A/C, A/T and the Audio System with AM/FM Stereo, CD and MP3 Playback. The Smokers Package was included but was the only thing I did not need.
    Had a great buying experience with O'Neil Buick Pontiac GMC in Warminster, PA that I documented in the Dealer Sales Review area of CarSpace.
  • ruin92ruin92 Posts: 3
    Triple I-

    Do you mind me asking how much you paid? I'm looking to buy the same model with the same features at O'Neil this weekend.
  • dancer9dancer9 Posts: 2
    Looking at new 1.8L with auto/ac/prefered package in the color we want (Navy). Have dealer at $15,200 after rebates ($500 on car, $2000 loyalty and $500 gm to dealer) with no doc fee. Also have the $5000 "bonus" offer with the GM card, so my net cost before tax is $10,200. Is the $15,200 a fair price ignoring the GM card? I'm not looking to steal the vehicle, but obviously want the best deal I can get. I offerd $15,200 via an email to multiple dealers and he was the only one to accept it and have the exact vehicle we wanted. Others were close, so clearly I'm in the range. As I see it, he's still getting the holdback for the most part. Dealer at this point does not know I have the GM card money, but shouldn't care as it ends up as real money to him (but is funny money to me). We don't need a new vehicle. Ultimately the daughter will be the driver of it in a year or so and the ABS, Traction Control etc. is very appealing over what I might find used, and the warranty is a plus. Not worried about GM not being here in a few years. Thoughts?
  • triple_itriple_i Posts: 4
    dancer9 -
    $15,200 sounds like a very good price to me with the options you listed. There are usually one or more additional options like cargo cover, cargo storage system, MP3 playback, etc. but it sounds like you are at or even under invoice price. I considered invoice price a good deal. You are correct that the GM card earnings will not matter to the dealer.
    ruin92 -
    O'Neil was great to work with from the negotiations (invoice) through delivery of the vehicle. I have even received followup calls just to see how I like the Vibe and whether I have any questions.
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    Thoughts??? BUY IT! I thought my deal was great.

    Tell me about your $5K "bonus". I've never received an off better than topping off my card to the max. I have the "old" GM card where you get 5% of purchase up to $500 per year with a max of $3500 but not limited by make/model. What card do you have?

    Just curious.
  • dancer9dancer9 Posts: 2
    Picking it up Saturday!

    I don't know if this was for everybody or I was selected as I have over $8K in earnings. I have the card that doesn't limit earnings, but does have the redemption limits. The offer let you do up to $3K on some cars and $5K on others. The $5Ks were mostly big SUVS/Trucks, some Caddilacs and every Pontiac (Even G8). Pretty much everything else GM was 3K except the Camero. Had to have that much on your account of course. I had a special code in the mailing. I also logged on to check my earnings where it listed it as well. It expires 6/30.
  • triton101triton101 Posts: 1
    I got a new 2009 Pontiac Vibe with these specs from Zubor Pontiac in Taylor, MI:

    1.8L engine
    Automatic Transmission
    Preferred Package
    Air Conditioning
    MP3 Aux Stereo

    Base price $18,077.00 + $79 doc fee + $1112.36 Tax + $23 Title/Reg - $4,309.06 in Bonus GM Card Earnings! - $500 Dealer Cash = $14459.30

    I'm happy! :)
  • Peter72, Which dealer did you use. You got a great price. I want to look at 2.4 L
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