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Pontiac Vibe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Build your car using this site so that you can see GMS (employee) pricing. Compare the employee pricing with the supplier price before any rebates. The $500 from the dealer is standard. The $1000 is not so that's something to keep in mind when comparing prices as that's money they are giving that you don't have to give up. When I was comparing supplier to employee pricing on the 2009s, there wasn't a huge gap between the two, about $400.
  • kw07090kw07090 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your input, novidriver. I found out late yesterday that GM just added an additional $2000 cashback for the 2010 Vibe. So, I jumped at it (MSRP - $24,260. My cost, after $2500 cashback, $3500 CARS, $1K GM Card, $750 USAA discount, $1000 dealer "coupons" is $14,668. Even w/out the CARS discount, it's about 25% off MSRP.) OTD price, w/ MD 6% tax, title fees, etc. = $16,341. We're picking up the new car tomorrow!
  • Very nice! Now I wished I could have waited a week so I could have gotten my first preference on color for a new Vibe and a model a year newer than I bought! Oh well, it was still a good deal, just not as good as the one you're getting!
  • johnb62johnb62 Posts: 3
    Just purchased one of the last 09's in my area about three weeks ago. Base version, 1.8 liter, automatic, air....Cash for clunker $4500 plus $4000 rebates and GMS pricing I financed $9,696 with $100 down....I love this car. Only 1k miles and am already getting 32.6 in mixed driving.
  • May I ask all the features of your car?

    I got a 1.8L auto w/ air, dvd, power everything, and cargo cover for OTD price of $12K... I'm sure I paid a bit more than I should have.. but I'm curious what extra options your car had.
  • Sorry.. forgot to add that OTD = w/ Cash for Clunkers 4.5K
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    So how much should I expect to pay for a 2010 with the preferred package, Automatic, and AC? MSRP is 20285 and invoice is $19246. It looks like there is still $3000 cashback available. So, invoice minus that is $16246. Should I be able to get it for less than that? Thanks for your help!
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